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Creating a wetsuit for surfing is not an easy task – first, you have to find the perfect combination of warmth and flexibility, then you need to find a balance between breathability and warmth, while keeping the maximum freedom of movement at the beest possible durability. And the list goes on! Xcel’s main focus has been on creating the perfect layer around the body for athletic individuals, and they have surely mastered the art of it.

Compared to other wetsuit brands out there, Xcel’s focus is rather performance orienated, while the main aim has been on the surfing industry. You’ll find shortys, tops, jackets, springsuits and hooded fullsuits for the harshest oh elements.

xcel wetsuits brand logo

Founded in 1982 by Ed D’Ascoli – Sunset Beach, Oahu.

a specialized wetsuit brand that offers premium wetsuits for surfing, diving, and any other water recreation– or water sport. Compared to their main competitors, the many giant surf brands in the industry, Xcel stands out by their specialization in wetsuits only, which makes them a choice for knowledgeable individuals who prefer a solid production made by a tight-knit brand.

It is far too easy to forget the fact that it is the small dedicated bunch of folks who create a performance-level wetsuit, and luckily, Xcel has managed to put their name in the game. Xcel wetsuits are being used all around the world by beginner, intermediate, and lifelong surfers alike. If you are not familiar with Xcel wetsuits just yet, stick around, and hopefully, you’ll get a brief overview of their brand.

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Surf / Dive / Freedive

Models – Axis / Comp / Infiniti / Drylock

For – Men / Women / Youth

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Technologies Used
Xcel Men‘s Surf Wetsuits
Xcel Women‘s Surf Wetsuits
Xcel Youth‘s Surf Wetsuits
Size & Temperature Guide


About the brand

The main goal
of Xcel Wetsuits is to offer the best-value, performance wetsuits by using the latest knowledge and research in development and innovative design.

Their wetsuits are made with maximum stretch, durability, and sealed-seam constructions in mind.

Another key factor they’ve been implementing is one of the most important factors for a good wetsuit – is to offer unparalleled fit. In the world of wetsuits, custom fit is where everyone is thriving.

Xcel has voted as the “Wetsuit of the Year” in 2007,2008,2009 and 2020!


Axis / Axis X – Entry
Comp / Comp XMid
Infiniti / Infiniti LimitedPerformance
Drylock / Drylock XHigh-end

Axis X – Comp – Comp X – Infiniti – Infiniti Ltd – Drylock – Drylock X

Xcel Surf Wetsuits & Technologies

Axis – Entry-Level Surf Wetsuits


Sealed warmth and strength

Axis is Xcel’s entry-level suit that comes in the most popular forms possible – from shorty spring suit, wetsuit jacket to hooded fullsuits. The Xcel Axis 3/2 is probably their best-selling springsuit due to the unbeatable value and fit. Here are some of the reviews from the Xcel Axis 4/3 wetsuit reviews from Amazon:

– Love this suit! A challenge to get out of, but worth the fit warmth, and agility! Thank you!
– Excellent item perfect fit. Fast service
– Wetsuit seems well made, especially for the price. I’m 6 ft and 200 lbs and found the Xl to be a perfect fit.
– I’ve used this wetsuit for years for surfing, windsurfing and SUPing. Gone through 3 or 4 in the past 10 years, and I keep getting a new one when the old one starts splitting at the seams or the inner Lycra lining starts to delam, It is comfortable, easy to put on/take off, fairly durable. Pretty warm for a 4/3 in Northern California winter ocean water. With a 2 mm neoprene hooded overshirt for the colder months, this suit is good for year-round water play.

Thermo Lite

  • Neoprene – Japenese limestone, Nanoprene Lite technology
  • Dope Dye Yarn
  • Glide Skin Collar
  • Watertight zipper
  • Water-based clue


  • Shorty
  • Long John & Short John
  • Jacket
  • Top


  • 3/2 – MSRP $185
  • 4/3 – MSRP $195
  • 5/4 – MSRP $215
Xcel Axis 5/4

Axis X

Chest zip and back zip

  • Axis X 3/2 – MSRP $230
  • Axis X 4/3 – MSRP $245

Axis Comp – Mid-Entry


Increased blood flow with the ultimate flexibility

While the Comp series resides at the entry-level price tag, these wetsuits offer one of the best value one could find on the market. Comp series is where Xcel’s chest zip wetsuit start to begin along.

  • One-piece front and back panel
  • Thermolite
  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone
  • Reinforced FusionX taped stress points
  • Watertight zipper


  • 3/2 – MSRP $214
  • 4/3 – MSRP $225
  • 4.5/3.5 hooded
  • 5.5/4.5 hooded

Comp X

Increased blood flow with the ultimate flexibility

Technologies: TDC, Channel Flex


  • 1/0.5 short – MSRP $105
  • 2mm Long-Sleeve springsuit – MSRP $205
  • 3/2
  • 4/3
  • 4.5/3.5 hooded
  • 5.5/4.5 hooded


Phoenix is Xcel’s

  • Channel Flex upper body
  • New Plush Thermo Lite Infared
  • 100% Ulta Flex lower body


Xcel Phoenix 3/2 – MSRP $280


Infiniti – Performance wetsuits


Ideal core heat production

Infiniti by Xcel is a premium-series wetsuits with a full range of fullsuits, hooded jackets, boots, gloves and wetsuit hoods. The build quality is well above average, making the Infinii, and Inititi Ltd the second-best surf wetsuits by Xcel! The most notable technology is obviously the Radiant Rebound Chest and the Channel Flex.

TDC = Thermo Dry Celliant – Fast Drying, Naturally Hydrophobic, Lightweight

  • Thermo Lite
  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Neoprene
  • Radiant Rebound Chest
  • Channel flex upper body
  • 100% ultra-flex lower body
  • Glide Skin Collar
  • Dope-Dye Yarn
  • Back-Knee Flex Grooves
  • FusionX tape


  • 3/2 – MSRP $300
  • 4/3 – MSRP $320
  • 5/4 hooded –

xcel infiniti 4 3mm wetsuit

“As someone who surfs up to 3 times in a day, this suit has been a durable, reliable, and flexible option. The 4/3 is phenomenal for the cold winter mornings in Southern California and I have worn this suit in 48-degree water comfortably in far Northern California. I absolutely love this suit.”

Kevin Schulz


“By far one of the better suits I have ever worn. The perfect combination of warmth and flexibility. I have worn this wetsuit on very cold mornings in Ventura and was super warm and comfortable!”

– Trevor Berry

Infiniti Limited

Reflected internal head production

Technologies: Radiant Rebound, Channel flex


  • 3/2
  • 3/2 back zip
  • 4/3
  • 4/3 back zip

Drylock – Top-shelf wetsuits


Unmatched warmth and performance

Technologies: Celinant Black, Channel Flex

  • 3/2 – MSRP $395
  • 4/3 – MSRP $400
  • 4/3 hooded
  • 5/4 hooded
  • 6/5 hooded – MSRP $480

xcel wetsuit 4 3 hooded

DryLock X

Water-tight construction with unparalleled warmth

Technologies: Celliant Black, Channel Flex

  • Drylock X 3/2 – MSRP $485
  • Drylock X 4/3 – MSRP $500
  • Drylock X 5/4 hooded – MSRP $560

best xcel wetsuit



Xcel Women’s Wetsuit Overview



  • 3/2 Back Zip – MSRP $175
  • 4/3 Back Zip – MSRP $185
  • 5/4 Back Zip – MSRP $210
  • 5/4 Hooded – MSRP $245

womens xcel 5 4 3 wetsuit

Axis X

xcel front zip wetsuits

  • 3/2 – MSRP $225
  • 3/2 Back Zip – MSRP $215
  • 4/3 – MSRP $240
  • 4/3 Back Zip – MSRP $230


  • 3/2 – MSRP $200

xcel 3 2 comp tdc eco wetsuit

Comp X

4.5/3.5 Hooded – MSRP $380

xcel comp x wetsuit review


  • 3/2 – MSRP $300
  • 4/3 – MSRP $300


  • 4/3 – MSRP $400
  • 6/5 hooded – MSRP $450


Xcel Surf Wetsuit Size Chart

Men, Women, Youth

Down below you’ll find a selection of size charts in both imperial and metric, cm and inches! If you are looking for the size of the gloves go through to their official size chart!

Men’s Reef & Wetsuit Boot Size Chart

Women’s Reef & Wetsuit Boot Size Chart

Men’s Wetsuit Size Chart

xcel mens wetsuit size chart

Women’s Wetsuit Size Chart
xcel wetsuit chart for women


Xcel Wetsuits Thickness & Temperature Guide

Compared to most other wetsuits, Xcel wetsuit temperature chart varies a little as each brand has obviously their own recommendations, but in general, their suits are known to be warmer than most other suits on the market! So their 4mm can feel the same as 5mm suits made by their competitors.

xcel wetsuit temp guide
Image credit: Xcelwetsuits.com


Are Xcel Wetsuits Good?

Xcel wetsuits are well above average, orientated towards the performing athlete who values comfort, durability, and the innovative technologies used. Xcel wetsuits are also known to be warmer regards their own thickness chart.

How to maintain an Xcel wetsuit?

You can help maximize the natural product life of your wetsuit by:

– Rinsing your product after each use with fresh, cool water (hot water reduces neoprene flexibility).

– Hanging your product to dry inside-out on a plastic or wooden hanger in the shade (sunlight damages neoprene).

– Occasionally rinsing your product in non-bleach, mild laundry detergent sudsy water.

– Avoiding heating or folding your product (that includes leaving it in a crumpled heap in the back of your car).

– Wetsuits should never be ironed or put in a clothes washer or dryer.

Where to buy Xcel wetsuits online?

  • Xcel – Official retailer
  • Amazon – New & Old, discount Xcel wetsuits
  • evo – Xcel wetsuits



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