Boots, Hoods, Gloves

Wetsuit Gloves, Hoods, and Boots


We all love paradise surfing!


We don´t live in paradise where we could wear our boardies and sunscreen when going surfing.

But as the years go by – surfing becomes more popular and wide-spread around the world, especially where the weather is not as ideal – as where the surfing got its roots from.

If you do not live in Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, or the Southern Americas, your “hometown” surfing conditions can be rather harsh than mellow.

What next?

1Toughen Up

2. Get some extra layers

Are you seriously thinking of skipping those swells and waves because of the cold water?
Of course, it is dangerous and foolish to go out in the cold water unprepared but what you can do – is to get a proper gear for the weather, which in 2018 doesn’t cost you a fortune anymore.

If you already have a proper wetsuit – Good, now go and check out the following gear to keep you from losing body heat.

Price guide

$ = $1– $50
$$ = $51 – $99
$$$ = $100 – $150

Thickness guide


Which type of wetsuit hood to buy?

What size is right for you?

How thick does it have to be?

TYPES of wetsuit hoodies.

There are four main types of hoods or so-called hoodies to warm your little head. Not counting the hats, which don’t usually contain the neoprene – the material most of the wetsuits are made of.

Billabong Furnace Carbon Gbs

wetsuit hoods review



Full head with a neck with a beak.

The warmest since it is connected up until the chest inside the wetsuit. The peak comes handy as well whenever there is some sun or high UV rating out there. Some models are adjustable as well to have a real snug fit so no water could crawl up near your neck.

PRICE range $

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Henderson Lycra Hot Skins Bib Hood

Diver style full head with wetsuit hood.

This design is without the peak as a sun protection. Widely used among divers where the peak would interfere with the goggles. You can sure get this type when you are spearfishing and surfing and don’t want an extra hood for each occasion.

Great for sailing, water sports etc.

PRICE range $

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O’Neill Beanie

Great for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Wind- or Kitesurfing where the chance of spending time under the water is not very high. Beanie is a great accessory for spring sessions.

Price range $

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Neosport Premium

Beanie with a neck strap.

Comes super handy on windy conditions where you don’t want that cold wind to blow over your sweating head. Respect your brain and embrace the cold with warmth.

Price range $

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TYPES of wetsuit booties

Here are four main types of wetsuit boots or booties, reefies, socks, or whatever else you have ever heard.



High Top Side Zip Rugged Sole

The most advanced model comes with a rugged sole, a convenient side zipper, and a high-top design. Plenty of engineering behind that bootie, suitable for those adventurous hard-core surfers out there who take no expectations in performance. Those soles look so well-made that I would personally take cautious standing on a board without making a ding on it.

Price range $$

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High Top Side Zip Soft Sole –

Next is the one step down from the previous model. A more comfortable high-top side-zipper boot, which does not have a rugged sole as previous. It is more relaxed and probably won’t be as durable when walking long distances on rocky terrain – but would be perfect and comfortable on the surf.

Price range $

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O’Neill Tropical Dive


Then there is the mid-heel reef/diving shoe. Good for rocky bottom reef-break, sand-bank surfing, kayaking, etc. This is a simple slip-on shoe that will give you more feel on board and some protection when hitting your feet on the rocky reef bottom. Another difference from the previous model would be the lack of zipper.

Price $

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Rip Curl Reef Walker


Then there is the low-top reef shoe. Very convenient as this shoe will not only protect you from the razor-sharp reef, but it also gives you an extra good grip on the board. Can be used for snorkeling, kayaking, and what-not other water sports. A must-have when you are a surfer and planning to do some serious exploring now and then.

Price range $

Price range $

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TYPES of wetsuit gloves

There are a few different types of wetsuit gloves to choose from, whether you are windsurfer, kitesurfer or “original” surfer. If you already know the thickness you need, the rest is easy. There are “knobbed” soles and normal ones. If you are into board riding and need the grip on your waxed board, choose regular rubber neoprene gloves without any plastic knobs.

Hyperflex Access Glove

Probably the most widely used glove. It is a standard slip-on model with some excellent flexibility and sealed seams, glued and blind stitched for extra warmth and durability. Hexgrip Palm provides positive traction on boards and bars as well. A go when looking for a good all-rounder for surfing, diving, spearfishing, and any other watersport.


Price range $
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Neosport Five Finger

This an excellent all-arounder again with some padded palm area for standard grip. The difference from the previous model is that it’s got an adjustable wrist strap for an extra tight fit. Great for surfing, kayaking, wind-, and kite surfing, spearfishing or like the ad recommend that it is excellent for boating, cleaning gutters, pond and why not aquarium maintenance”.

Price range $

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Artisan Griller 12

The Artisan Griller 12 is the state of art ultra waterproof and flexible glove for surfing well overhead waves. Not really. I Just added this pair of bad-ass Griller gloves here if the article got too long and you guys got bored. Anyway don’t buy these for surfing, they are “Heat Resistant Insulated Neoprene Gloves For Smokers, Fryers & Grills For Cooking & Handling Turkey Fryers, BBQ’s, Pulling Pork, Home Brew Tasks.”

PRICE range $

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Rip Curl Flash Bomb Mitten

For extra cold conditions!

  • Gel grip lined surf mittens
  • Aqua ban Plus sealed
  • Double E4 neoprene
  • Quick-dry flash lining

PRICE range $$

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Hey I hope you found that guide useful. PS – Make sure to take care of your gear to keep them up-to-date for a good amount of time.