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Thule SUP Taxi XT – REVIEW

The best way to transport SUP on car

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About the Brand

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Founded in 1942, Sweden
Motto: “Bring Your Life”

Bring your board
Bring your bike
Bring your skis
Bring your gear
Bring your kids
Bring your love
Bring your dreams
Bring your passion
Bring your life. 

Long story short, Thule has been one of the best brands that produce all sorts of transportation accessories that are very durable and super easy to use. Thule has a premium brand status and many brand-loyal customers

Thule products have an excellent warranty policy although that’s not the first thing to note since most of the time the products stand the test of time EXTREMELY well! Also, as the products are of high quality, they hold their price rather well when selling second-hand. A lot of people around the world still use 10-20 years old Thule cargo boxes, roof- and bike racks!

As I have worked as a Thule salesperson myself and I am aware of the engineering


Thule SUP Taxi XT (810001)


Maximum load: 25 kg / 2 stand-up paddleboard / 3 surfboards
Dimensions: 86 to 102cm x 17 x 16cm / 6.2 x 6.2 inch
Weight: 7.6 kg / 16,8 pounds
Loading width: 70 – 86 cm / 27″ inch – 34″
SUP carrier: Lockable
SUP on the carrier:

MSRP: $299

Thule Roof Racks

To use the Thule SUP Taxi – you will be needing the roof rack set-up (in other words: crossbars). No worries if your car has no roof rails, most cars can be fitted with crossbars solutions.

Thule makes the top of the range of innovative transportation solutions – especially the roof racks.

Roof racks, bike racks, ski/cargo boxes – you name it! Every real outdoors person knows or has come across Thule products. There is no other way around it!

I recommend getting Thule roof racks as I have been working at a Thule store for quite a long time where we sell and rent all the accessories.

If your car has no roof racks: check out the Thule fit guide. Enter your car’s details and go from there. Roof racks are incredibly versatile accessories to your vehicle and are designed to be in use all year long and 95% of the cars today can be fitted with roof racks! Even the 2-door coupes (that have an extension kit)

Will Thule SUP TAXI fit my car’s roof racks?

Most likely, yes. Thule SUP Taxi can be used on most of the roof racks since the carrier attaches over the bars. Squarebar or Wingbar, and most likely any other brand’s roof racks are compatible with the SUP Taxi.

hippie van and surfboard on the top

Does Thule SUP Taxi fit on other brand crossbars?

As long as the bars are 10cm (4inch) full with a thin profile – then yes because The SUP Taxi does not go inside the T-track.

Thule Vs. Yakima

Why prefer Thule over one of their main competitors, Yakima? Well, Thule has been in the leading position producing outdoor transportation accessories from the very beginning, since 1942. Yakima makes alternative solutions to Thule product ranges at a more affordable price. Thule to me, personally – is exceptionally durable, merely looks unique that goes with all the car models, and has lots of other accessories to be brand loyal for.

Yakima is one of the closest brands to Thule, which is widely preferred in the US. Also, their design and styling are quite different on the whole product range – looking more bulky and dark.

Yakimas SUPDawg model is quite similar to the same locking mechanism but lacks the softened cushion on the saddles.

Anyway, The SUP TAXI XT is the best stand-up paddle board carrier that’s easy to use and stands the test of time!

How To Transport A Stand-Up Paddle board?

There are only a few convenient ways to transport one of the heaviest watercraft for surfing. If you are fortunate enough to live right by the sea or any body of water – tucking the board under your shoulder will do just fine, but most of us have to think of an alternative way in most cases carrying the board by car.

An alternative to carrying a standup paddle board is getting an inflatable SUP or using the SUP Bicycle Carrier.

SUP must be fastened correctly, referring to the owner’s manual. The first thing to overlook is the solidity of your car roof racks. Once the racks are in place, install the SUP Taxi. Video descriptions can be found down below.

surfboard sticking out of roof

How to Install the Thule SUP Taxi XT?

The crossbars should have a minimum length of 24″ (610mm) between the front and rear bars for optimal weight placement.

All Thule products come in incredibly easy-to-follow picture guides, and the racks are fully assembled. Most of the Thule range is “tool-free,” which means you do not need a tool for assembly – and if you do need, the tools are always included.

It is up to you whether you like to place the SUP Taxi in the middle of the crossbars, or either side.

  • Placing in the middle of the racks you’ll get the best aerodynamics when driving
  • Putting on the side of the racks will make it easy to load/unload the board

It is best to install the board upside-down for the best aerodynamics and less wobbling while driving.

thule sup taxi recommendations

Watch the demonstration video HERE
The user manual can be found HERE

Security and locking

Thule SUP Taxi can be locked – both the carrier and the board, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your SUP carrier. The straps that hold down the board have a strengthened wire inside the belt against cutting it through with ease. Most roof racks these days can be locked as well!

thule sup carrier features

thule sup taxi xt close up from the side


  • Note: Maximum speed allowance for Thule roof-mounted accessories are limited to 130 km/h – 80mp/h
  • Note: When carrying another two to three feet on top of your car – make sure you get used to the extra height on the roof. Some parking lots and entrances have height limitations!
  • Note: You can use extra straps to secure the nose or tail of the board from wobbling when driving on the highway. The straps can be attached to the towing hooks in the front or the rear side of the car
  • Note: As the boards are generally overhanging over the roof – keep a safe distance from walls and doors vertically.
  • Note: When the SUP is attached to the carriers, make sure you can safely open the rear hatch. Some electronic doors can break the board or the mechanism of the lid. By pushing on the hatch Close Button while it’s opening – you can also stop the hatch from coming up!
  • Note: Some cars have a high skylight roof that opens up wide and might hit the racks.
  • Note: When installing the carriers, it is recommended to place the locks facing the passenger side of the car. It is safer because there’s generally less traffic on that side.


Can you go through the car wash with the roof racks and SUP Carrier? The answer is no. Not even through the brushless sensor-washers. Why? It’s because generally the length between the sensor and the pressure washer is not aligned with the accessories on the roof. If you need to get your car washed – uninstall the board and the carriers. Going through with the racks should be fine, but some car-wash stations that use the rotating brushes can get stuck between the racks.

Can I transport shortboards/longboards as well? Yes, multiple boards by using soft lining (A pad or a towel) between the boards to prevent the pressure dings.


thule sup taxi safety guide


What’s in the box?

Thule SUP Taxi comes with two SUP carrying platforms. No need to install anything, besides attaching them to the crossbars. Thule SUP Taxi already comes with integrated staps – so you won’t need to shop for extra!

What’s the closest product to SUP Taxi that’s good for carrying the SUP in your car?

Thule DockGrip (895), is very versatile, safe, and easy to use. With the Dock-Grip, you can load up to three boards, a dinghy, canoe, or a kayak, or use it to transport anything else since there’s no carrier strap height or width limits!


A choice for a maximalist!

Look – if you want the best that’s out there – THIS IS IT. You can’t simply go wrong with Thule in all of their product range as well. The XT version is Thule’s improved version of the previous Thule SUP taxi. It is pricey compared to using soft padding tie-down straps but is most likely one of the best carriers out there. Many other brands have created similar carriers, but Thule’s history and the updated version of the XT are a guarantee that it’s very well thought out and continued.

Where to buy?



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