surfers and astrology signs

Surfer types explained by their astrological sign

Although surfers are known for their slightly alternative approach towards life, there’s no direct relation between pseudoscience and surfing. Moon causes tides on earth – and that’s as close surfing gets to astrology. By the way, let’s not confuse astrology with astronomy here.

We are also not going to talk about horoscopes here, but instead, we’re placing the whole world’s population into 12 square boxes. This post is made in conclusion after countless interactions with people from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, religious beliefs, etc. I strongly recommend taking it with a grain of salt. Have fun!



March 21 – April 19

Starting off with the restless Aries – the one who likes things to go their way. It is actually the only way, whether it will be right or wrong – there’s no open discussion about it. When you are surfing a wave and an Aries surfer suddenly drops in on you – it was your mistake and their right of way! I wouldn’t even get into an argument as they do everything to win, and they have that restless determination to stand up for themselves.

Aries is probably the best surf buddy since whenever you ask them out to go surfing, they are already packing their stuff before answering. They are determined surfers who like to get things done, and surfing is just another medium for them. Luckily for Aries, surfing is quite an intense workout therefore there are many experienced surfers amongst this zodiac sign.

surfer in front of a wave

What kind of surfboard Aries ride?

The stronger the better – they need the surfboard to be a proper tool, not good-looking sports equipment. As they are simply one of the best surfers due to their determination, they expect the board to be as worthy. Besides winning, they also love to have fun, but they don’t exactly know how to do it. That’s why Aries is rather uncomfortable on a beater surfboard. Even if they use one – they’ll probably break it right away after paddling into the sketchiest and most demanding waves out there.





April 20 – May 20

Business or pleasure? There’s no in-between for a Taurus surfer. They usually go surfing to make new business contacts or to brainstorm new strategies. The third option for them is to simply let loose. And by letting loose – they go over the board and probably surf to exhaustion.

They take pride in everything they do and only hang out with the folks that are useful to them. Is that a bad thing? Well no since they like to connect the dots and make the world a better place.

surfer exiting a wave

What kind of surfboard does a Taurus ride?

Taurus is an ambitious sign who likes to progress. Therefore, their choice of surfboard comes down to maximizing their performance. You’ll often see them on the latest 5-fin performance shortboards, rarely using a fish or a longboard. If they do ride a longboard, they are probably about to become business leaders soon and need to learn how to steer something large and heavy. They try to implement everything into their business lifestyles.





May 21 – June 21

Geminis are much like Libras – they go surfing to socialize, and have fun. The main difference between a Libra and Gemini surfer is that Geminis are constantly trying out new tricks, and restlessly crave to try new surf spots and the latest equipment. They probably love other sports as much as they love surfing which makes them somewhat ‘less of a surfer’ for die-hard surfers like Scorpio.

On the line-up, Gemini surfer is probably the one to chat you up or smile when you caught a good wave. They are social creatures, and surfing for them is a place to connect. Although not among the most active surfers due to their broad spectrum of other hobbies – they do make good surfers just because they want to meet new people and explore something new.

surfers in the water

What kind of surfboard Gemini rides?

As this zodiac sign is known for having multiple personas – they likely have a SUP board (both inflatable and rigid), and every other board type as well. One day they rock up with a single fin, the next day on a twin-fin fish. When everyone’s riding a quad, they’re probably out there with a thruster or a 5-fin set-up. When the surf is flat – they are out on a kayak or participate in completely different activities.





June 22 – July 22

Cancerians are known for their need for comfort, warmth, and stability. That being said, surfing can be a huge step out of their comforts zone. When they’ve taken that leap, they are obviously more seen on the safer side of surfing. When the surf is 5ft and taller – there are no Cancerians around. Although a water sign, surfing can be too intimidating and dangerous for them. If they do surf – it is on a SUP board they bought so that their whole family could have fun on the calm water.

stand up paddleboarders

What surfboard is best for Cancerian?

Stability and comfort – a Cancer zodiac sign most likely rides a soft-top foam board or a longboard. In an extreme case – they’d give it a try on a mid-length and regret it instantly. Why? Because it kind of resembles riding a shortboard which expects you to ride in fast and hollow waves. Cancerians favorite surfboard is an inflatable paddle board – it’s compact, cheap, and safe.





July 23 – August 22

Elegant, gracious, proud – Leos are the fanciest surfers around. They like action, success, and being in the spotlight. They are probably the ones who drive a flashy Mercedes-Benz with surfboards on the roof (or a cabriolet with boards sticking out). If there would be a collar polo rash vest, Leos would be the only one to wear it.

Now jokes aside, since they have the urgent need to succeed and show others their greatness – they become spectacular athletes.

surfers walking to a beach break

What surfboards fit best a Leo sign?

Leos like shiny and expensive pieces of equipment – therefore they are most likely the ones that grab the most expensive boards on the store. They don’t order one online but rather walk in the store to show their presence. “New, no discount please”. They use a surfboard to show off their talents. Maybe a little over the top, but they have zero nerve when it comes to performing in front of a huge crowd.




August 23 – September 22

Virgos are perfectionists and clean-freaks who are never happy, even with the perfect result.

Virgos have the skill to arrive at the beach in a way that their feet never get dirty. Their surfboard is packed in a totally cleaned-out surfboard sock that’s probably placed inside a carry bag. A Virgo’s surfboard is perfectly waxed, all the excessive residue is wiped out. Since they are thrived by cleanliness and perfection, they only ride clean waves and couldn’t settle for less. Their wetsuits are always clean, dry, and zips are pulled all the way up, and even tucked perfectly inside the designated zip pocket.  If you see a surfer in a white wetsuit – that’s a Virgo!

breaking wave

What kind of surfboard is best for a Virgo?

Virgo surfers definitely ride epoxy surfboards due to the brighter white compared design compared to fiberglass boards. The surfboard type, length, and manufacturer are not as important as the cleanliness of the board.





September 23 – October 22

Libra surfers use surfing as a way to communicate and make new friends. They never go out to surf alone, but love surfing in the crowds. On a surf break it’s quite easy to spot a Libra – you see them going back and forth between two surf spots. When a Libra spots a good wave far ahead – they start paddling towards it, regret doing that halfway there, and probably paddle back to the spot they were before.

Whenever there’s a misunderstanding in the line-up, they know the most diplomatic way to solve it. You never see a libra paddle for your wave since they know the rules, and make their best so that everyone could enjoy the waves – EQUALLY.

surfers contemplating

What kind of surfboard fits a Libra surfer?

The Libra’s riding style is more professional, so to say, therefore they are not dwelling into both extremes – a beater board nor a shortboard. They probably ride a hybrid surfboard – its best for both worlds! Choosing a surfboard can be the most difficult task for them since there are way too many different types available.





October 23 – November 22

The dark and intense Scorpio looks surfing and waves like an obstacle to cross. They question everything and like things to go their way. Scorpios learn through mistakes, and there’s a lot to be made when surfing. It is hard to spot a Scorpio surfer since they are probably the first one to go in before the sunrise or the last to get out after the sunset. The more elements and dangers there are to the sport – the more they enjoy it.

They make great surfers due to their determination and need to succeed. Succeed = better themselves by stepping into the great unknown. They are most likely going to survive the most dangerous situations since their whole life has basically been a battlefield.

huge waves in Somo

What kind of surfboard does Scorpio like to ride?

Only the fastest boards allow maximizing a Scorpios’ performance. They are not into the in-between types like hybrids, but like a surfboard to perform on one task only, and in the best possible way. By design, they prefer sharper outlines and bold brands.





November 23 – December 21

When a Sagittarius decides to go surfing – they expect it to be wild, fun, and free. Nothing else, just those three requirements. A regular day at your local surf beach won’t satisfy their need for freedom, therefore the best day at surf for a Sagittarius surfer is a weekend getaway to somewhere new and exciting. In the line-up it is quite easy to spot the Sag, they have a big fat smile on their face, basically all the time.

Although not the most persistent, their constant need for new experiences makes them great all-around surfers for sure.

scooter rack on a scooter

What kind of surfboards does Sagittarius prefer to ride?

As surfing is most likely their 10th hobby, they’ve already probably ridden more different types of surfboard than you have.





December 22 – January 19

For a Capricorn surfer, everything is about optimization. They overanalyze everything – Which is the shortest route to the beach / Where is the most active sandbank, etc. Ask them for the best surf gear deals and you are introduced to a full list of compared products (with aftermarket values included). For a Capricorn, it’s not even the time that’s the most valuable asset in life, but it’s how they can cut corners and save an extra buck.

As a sportsperson, Capricorn is an analyst with the best hard-working traits. A lot of effort, but not as much smoothness. They’ve probably did read a book on “How to surf” and learned from there. They can be strong swimmers, but their style of surf is a little too rigid. Once Capricorn learns to relax (which they never do), they could finally let go, and go with the flow.

surfer going in

What surfboard fits best a Capricorn surfer?

Best surfboard for a Capricorn is a second-hand surfboard that they got a super good deal on. No way a Capricorn is going to buy a new surfboard! Well if they do, it better come with a hefty discount (probably less than what the surf store paid).





January 20 – February 18

Aquarius is a free-spirited individualist who likes to mind their own business. Otherly known as the Water-Bearer, an Aquarius is actually an air sign. That being said, you’ll see more often wind- or kitesurfing. Due to their individualism and clever manner, they have mastered surfing in their own quirky ways. They feel free to give out pointers on how to improve your surfing, but not are as great when it comes to accepting recommendations to their own.

Naturally intelligent and friendly, they do make exceptionally great surf buddies for life!

surfer in a distance

What surfboard is best for an Aquarius?

Since Aquarius surfers have their own specific riding style, a custom-shaped surfboard is the only acceptable option. They can be the pioneers of new technologies and shapes of fins and surfboards due to their constant need to explore new methods.





February 19 – March 20

Finally, the might fish itself. A Pisces surfer lives in his own underwater world with their own thoughts. They are dreamers who like to learn new things – and surfing is one of the sports that comes naturally to them. One of the friendliest of the bunch – a Pisces likes small to medium surf, and a lot more laid-back riding style. They would actually much rather go diving than surfing, and often think about what’s going on underneath them on the line-up.

They can get mentally carried away when surfing, and when you happen to see a surfer who is separating from the main group, watching to distances for 10-20minutes without catching a wave – it’s the Pisces surfer. A Pisces surfer is having more fun in their thoughts and looking at the ocean than surfing the actual wave.

mental benefits of surfing guide

What kind of surfboard is best for a Pisces surfer?

Fish surfboard describes the Pisces zodiac sign best – it’s humble, simple, and quite versatile if they’ve learned some of the basics of surfing. They can be great on a shortboard in 10ft waves, just to prove that they are the natural talents of surfing, but a Pisces is way too humble to get into such extreme conditions.



Conclusions: Although I’m not an expert on how all this ‘astrology stuff’ works and have the tendency to forget names and other important factors, I’ve managed to remember people’s date of birth. Take it or leave it, or do you want to guess my astrology sing?

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