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Surfing and Health

Surfing is far from simply being a workout – It is a lifestyle that opens new doors, and helps you to improve your mental and physical well-being.

It is can be quite a demanding sport to be constantly good at. If you’d still like to surf after your retirement – there are plenty of ways to do that. Check out the variety of articles in order to take care of your health while enjoying one of the most rewarding recreations on this planet.

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7 Dangers to Surfing
Natural & human-caused.

Surfing & LSD
Read how psychoactive drugs have evolved the modern surf culture.

Surfing And Eyes
How to prevent the red sting and keep your eyes healthy as a surfer?

Surfing and Ears
Tips on preventing the swimmer’s ear.

Health Benefits of Surfing
Check out the 20+ physical and mental benefits that surfing has to offer.

Surf Fitness
How to be at your best and maintain a lean physique.

Surf Safety
Guide to staying safe in the surf.

Injuries In Surfing
The most known surfing accidents and how to prevent them.

Surf Sunscreen
The most important safety precautions in order to take care of our largest organ – the skin.

More Hobbies Related to Surfing
That helps to become a better surfer.

Most Common Surf Accidents & Injuries
And how to prevent them?