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Car’s Roof Racks 101 – An Absolute guide to car’s roof racks. See how simple and convenient it really is
Thule SUP TAXI – A stand-alone product review of the #1 SUP carrier for your existing roof racks.


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This article is written in honor of our beloved surfboards

May their way from home to the waves be safe and smooth!

Let’s be honest – It’s not JUST a board. Everyone has a special connection to their boards, whether they admit it or not. A real surfer knows how to treat their surfboard properly! Surfboards are shaped for those massive powers on the ocean, yet so fragile to the dings and dents outside of it. Here you will find ways to transport and stock your board on and off its glorious duty.

The following is an introduction to some of the most known ways to store and transport your board — Wall racks, ceiling racks, bicycle, car scooter racks, DIY surf racks, etc. A wide selection to choose from for sure!

Surfboard Racks


A useful and practical surfboard wall rack in your house is a smart and decorative way to store your surfboard. It is up to you to find the most suitable place for it, whether it is in the garage, verandah or why not in your living room. The board/s you have right now are shaped to blast through on those waves, so why not respect them by getting a suitable wall rack. Or even better – make one by yourself. Like you, maybe they also want to have some quality horizontal time and chill out in a well-presented way like a simple wall rack can offer. Anyway, here is a list of some of the cool-looking surfboard wall racks.

If you or any of your mates know how to drill a few screws in the wall – you are pretty much set installing the racks. It’s that simple!

Horizontal Surfboard Racks


Minimalistic surf wall rack for home/garage use

Check it out on AMAZON

Check it out on AMAZON

Slightly angled Triple wooden wall rack

Check it out on AMAZON

Solid metal rack for three boards

Check it out on AMAZON

Slightly angled single-board hook-set in solid gloss black

Check it out on AMAZON

Simple ceiling wall sling

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Vertical Surfboard Racks

An excellent choice when your wall or floor storage space is limited – or you prefer the boards to stand tall!

Five-board vertical storage

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Vertical invisible wall rack

Check it out on AMAZON

DIY Surfboard Wall Rack

This guide might have given you plenty of ideas to go to any supermarket or a specialized store that sells construction-related products. Just get creative and make your very own surfboard rack! It is that easy, get your creative side rolling and find free storage space at your home to


For the best fuel efficiency when transporting a surfboard on a car, place the surfboards upside down, fins facing upwards and on the rear-side of the vehicle – surfboard nose facing forwards. This way there’s the least wind resistance and wind-whistle when driving on high speeds.

Should you get cross-bars, or choose a soft-padding roof rack for your car?

CROSS BARS + Surfboard Carrier

Roof-racks are quite universal accessories that you can get for almost any car make and model – a hatchback, sedan, wagon, pick-up truck, etc. I would personally recommend the Thule racks since Thule has been making on the greatest, multifunctional transportation gadgets for nearly 70 years by now. Besides surfing, you can fit other large items on the roof in the future as well – like ski boxes, bicycles, etc.


Specially designed surfboard racks for cross-bars are the safest way to transport a surfboard on the car roof.

SOFT-PADDING Universal Surfboard Racks

Does not cost a fortune and can be fitted easily on most cars. The soft-padding surfboard racks stay quite low on the roof as well. On a downside – this can scratch your car roof to some degree!

Creatures of Leisure Wrap Rax

Here is the solution that fits on most four-door cars that allow for stacking up multiple boards on the roof without any cross-bars. It is an excellent product by Creatures of Leisure. I have personally used the Double Wrap Racks and liked it. The most useful thing about is that you don’t need roof-rails and installing and re-installing the Wrap Rax is rather easy.

The only sketchy factor about this type of racks is that the straps will be hanging around inside the car – which might block a rear mirror view or annoy proper head-space for the back seat passengers. Anyway, simple to install and remove option, total thumbs up for it.


  • Don’t need roof racks for car
  • Very soft padding
  • Stays low on the roof
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Simple solution, high overall price compared to solid racks + surfboard carrier
  • Fits a board with a board bag
  • You can tighten the board well
  • Can load up to 2 boards on a Single version, and four boards on a double


  • Might seem a bit dodgy compared to professional Thule racks
  • Not 100% solid
  • Have to fiddle around with excessive straps inside the car
  • Fits only on 4-door cars
  • Takes some time to get it installed and attach the board safely

See the single and double Wrap Rax from AMAZON

Thule Board Shuttle (811 XT)

An option for a severe surf enthusiast. The Board Shuttle is another awesomely and technically well-designed product by Thule. Thule specializes on roof racks and transportation gear, so that’s a high selling point right there. The board shuttle is one of the most advanced surf racks for your car available today that will probably last forever.

Thule Board Shuttle features and includes:

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Flip Fit Brackets that fits on all Thule Rack Systems, round bars and most factory racks (no loose parts)
  • The telescopic design delivers a custom fit for board widths up to 34″ (70 cm – 86 cm) wide
  • Dual loading design allows for the transport of two boards with maximum stability
  • Includes board tie-down and center straps 2 x 400cm /15′ with buckle bumpers to transport board securely and protect vehicle finish
  • Fits Thule Aero-Blades and square bars
  • Fits Thule X-Sporter Pro with the X-Adapt 12 adapter (sold separately)
  • Weighs only 2.6 kg / 57 pounds
  • Load capacity 50 kg / 110 pounds


  • Made by Thule – One of the most innovative transportation gear manufacturers out there
  • Good quality, soft padding
  • Sits firmly
  • Comes with a pair of tie-down straps with soft padding


  • You’ll need crossbars
  • With great quality comes great price

Check out this product on AMAZON

Thule Aero Surf Pad (804)

thule surf rack

Check it out on AMAZON

  • Sizes: 18 inch / 24 inch
  • No-fade UV resistant fabrics for long term durability
  • Split bottom pads with sewn-in hook and loop strap wrap around Thule rack systems, round bars, and most factory racks
  • Convenient, flexible bungee cord at pad ends to cinch the pad to the bar
  • Straps sold separately
  • Foam padded interior, UV coated exterior, hook and loop middle strap, bungee cord end straps
  • Two pads in a package
  • Fits Thule AeroBlade, Rapid Aero, and Xsporter / Check out the model for Square Bar and Round Bar (802)

Thule SUP Taxi

surf roof rack thule

If you want one of the best surfboard racks on existing cross-bars, check out our Thule SUP Taxi StandAlone-Review. The SUP Taxi can be locked and fitted on most cross-bars and is probably THE most advanced surfboard rack you could ever ask for your car! No worries when you have a shortboard, the SUP Taxi width can be adjusted!



Well done! You are one lucky person who lives so close to the breaks that you don’t even need a car to drive to. If you already own a bicycle and a surfboard, then the last thing you will probably need would be the surfboard racks for your beloved push-bike. Forget about cycling down the beach with a surfboard tucked under your shoulder – it is a BIG No-No to your back and spinal disks. I learned it the hard way that put me off from the surf for a good chunk of time.

Surfboard rack is a straightforward, convenient, and uniquely practical way to transport your surfboard to the beach. It might take a little time to get used to maneuvering with „board on the board,“ especially in public spaces and in strong winds. Once you feel comfortable, you have chosen the best way to get to the beach when the surf is up.

Why ride your bicycle to the beach with a surfboard on the side racks?

  1. Great warm-up
  2. Unlike walking to the beach with a board bag, you are sitting down on a saddle and enjoying a faster way of commuting
  3. Unlike driving your car to the beach, you are saving money on fuel, AND you don’t have to worry about anyone pinching your car keys while you are away on the sea
  4. Cycling is cool and simple, just like surfing
  5. Pedal to the metal like there’s no tomorrow

Whether you have a short- or a longboard, the bicycle rack design is pretty much the same on most models.  A bicycle surf rack usually consists of two u-shape metal tubes that have soft covers to keep your surfboard from scratches during transportation.

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There are two main ways to attach the rack to your bike:

Saddle-post side mount racks

Most used way of transporting a surfboard on your bicycle

 Two-part surfboard bicycle side-mount rack


MBB Longboard Rack

Amazon’s Choice!


Carries surfboards as long as 12ft!

The MBB Longboard rack by Moved By Bikes features a wide range of head tube sizes and frame configurations. Suitable for all bicycle types out there. Load capacity: 25 lbs / 12 kg. We also recommend getting a cable lock (preferably without a key – which is another thing to worry about when surfing)


  • Sturdy design
  • Soft padding
  • Quick installation
  • A popular choice on scooters as well
  • Widely used in Indo
  • Cheap and easy solution
  • Fits on most bikes available
  • Fits most available boards
  • Great workout cycling down the beach before jumping in the surf


  • Takes some time to get used to
  • You’ll need to get extra tie-down straps for safety

Give it a go and check it out on AMAZON

CSR Max for Longboards
Independent Bicycle Surfboard Rack

Independent rear rack with two surfboard holding hooks

Easy to install, securely attached to your bicycle rear rack. Fits larger board up to 10ft


  • Integrated rack included
  • Simplistic and effective construction
  • Stainless steel components
  • Lightweight
  • Soft paddings
  • Includes hold-down straps


  • Can’t think of any at the moment


Check it out on AMAZON

SUP/Surfboard/Longboard trailer

The Mule Surf and Longboard / Paddle Board Carrier Transport System

mule sup surfboard carrier

Why not tow your surfboard rack behind your beach cruiser? This solution is for the passionate brothers and sister who prefer the simple route to the beach by a bicycle. Zero-emission! Packs in a 12×24″x3″ travel bag for easy storage. Nose piece has handle + strap, pocket for wax, leash, and personal items. Tube tires with mag wheels.

Read more on how to install it from HERE.


  • Unique
  • Saves side-ways clearance
  • Inflated tires to adjust for the terrain
  • No tools needed
  • Universal wheeled tail part fits all surfboards
  • No assembly required
  • No wind resistance when cycling


  • Need extra care when cycling through crowded spots


Check it out on AMAZON

Hope you found that article useful. Be respectful to your board and get a rack!