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Surf Gear Guide

Down below you’ll find a small selection of surf-related items besides wetsuits and surfboards. There isn’t much around, but we’ll be uploading this page as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!


8 Electric Devices for Surfers
In a sport with no electrical assistance needed.

electric surf accessories


Surfboard Travel and Cover Bags
Different ways to protect your board while traveling.

Surfing Bags & Backpacks
Yes, there are surf-specific backpacks!

Surfing Accessories
Gadgets for surfers.

Surf Wetsuits Reviews
101 guide & introduction to different surf wetsuits.

surf wetsuit types

Surf Photography
Different ways to take photos in the surf.

Surf Lock Guide
Surf padlock to store your valuables when surfing.

Surfboard Racks
Different ways to store a surfboard.

Surfboard Roof Rack Guide
Which set-up to choose on your car plus the best carriers reviewed.

Surf Watches
Tide & GPS watches reviewed. Surf watch history included.

Surf Sunscreen
Skin is our largest organ and here are some of the popular products and recommendations for protection.

Surf Wax Guide
How to wax, what are the ways to wax a surfboard.

Beach Cruiser Bicycles
Something to along with the surf lifestyle.

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