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Surf Advice

Here’s a guide to beginner and intermediate surfers who are after some basic advice in the world of surfing. Surfing can seem extremely difficult in the beginning, and hopefully, this guide will ease some of those complications so you could enjoy riding the waves faster.

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Surfboard Volume Calculator
Need to know the volume of your board by knowing the stock dimensions only?

Selling / Buying 2nd Hand Surfboards
Check out what to look for when getting a pre-owned surfboard.

What Kind of Surfboard Should You Choose?
Guide to Types, Sizes, Materials, and Preferences.

surfboard types


Surfboard Materials
Find out how surfboards are made.

How to Clean a Surfboard?
Part of the regular maintenance before selling or re-applying new wax.

13 Things To Avoid Doing With a Surfboard
Have a look.

fragile surfboard


Surfboard Size Guide
 Overlooking knowledge of the importance of picking the right board.

16 Different Types of Surfboards
A quick overview.

How To Clean Your Surfboard?
A correct way to do it.

How to tie a leash rope on a surfboard?
A picture guide.



12 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Surf Wetsuit
Read more to maximize the lifespan of your wetsuit.

surf wetsuit safety guide

MEN’s Size Charts
for the most known brands and models.

WOMEN’s Size Charts
for the most known brands for surfing.

YOUTH’s Size Charts
For toddlers, groms & grommets.

Wetsuit Care 101
A complete guide to taking care of the surfing wetsuit.

Wetsuit Guide
Check out the best models available.

12 Different Types of Surf Wetsuits

Surf Wetsuit Thickness Guide
Recommendations by 7 popular surf brands.




Travel With a Surfboard
101 Guide

Surfboard Roof Racks
Best models reviewed.

Surfboard Racks for Bicycles
A few different types and heaps of models to choose from.

Where to store your valuables when surfing?
Ways to keep your keys safe.



VARIOUS Surf-related

7 Dangers to Surfing
Natural & preventional risks to the sport.

How To Surf
101 theoretical guide to beginner surfers.

Surf Safety
Guide to staying safe in the surf.

Improve Your Surfing Skills
How to catch more waves and become a better surfer.

Surfing Websites
Essential websites you have to know as a surfer.

Surf Forecast 101
Know-how to understand surf reports.

Surf Etiquette
A must-know guide to unwritten rules of surfing.

Surf Slang
Find out the meaning behind the slang. Another must-read to every surfer.

Surfing and Keys
Where to store your valuables when surfing?

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