Surfing 101 Guide

Down here you’ll find a selection of the most popular articles published:

SURFBOARDS (All Reviews)

Surfboard Volume Calculator – Need to know the volume of your board by just knowing the stock dimensions?
Selling / Buying 2nd Hand Surfboard – Check out what to look for when getting into the pre-owned surfboards
Surfboard Size Guide – Overlooking knowledge of the most used surfboards

WETSUITS (All Reviews)

MEN’s Size Charts for the most known brands and models
WOMEN’s Size Charts for the most known brands for surfing
YOUTH’s Size Charts – by 4 most preferred brands
Wetsuit Care 101 – A complete guide to taking care of the surfing wetsuit


Travel With a Surfboard – 101 Guide


Surfing and Eyes – How to prevent the red sting and keep your eyes
Surfing and Ears – How to protect your ears and prevent the surfer’s ear
Benefits of Surfing – Check out the 20+ physical and mental benefits what surfing has to offer
Surf Fitness – How to be at your best level and maintain the physique
Surf Quotes – Surfing can be as mental as the physical side of it. Check out some of the best perspectives to the sport
Surf Safety – Guide to staying safe in the surf
Surf Injuries – The most known surfing accidents and how to prevent them
Surf Sunscreen – The most important safety precaution in order to take care of ourselves


Surf Safety – Guide to staying safe in the surf
Improve Surfing Skills – How to catch more waves and become a better surfer
Surfing Links – Essential websites you have to know as a surfer
Surf Forecast 101 – Know-how understanding the surf reports
Surf Etiquette – A must-know guide to surfing etiquette
Surf Slang – Explained the meaning behind the slang. A must-read to every surfer
Best Surf Brands – Every surfer must know