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Surfing 101 Guide

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Surf Gear Guide



18 Different Types of Surfboards
From fish to gun boards explained.

Which Type of Surfboard to Buy?
Learn how & why to prefer a certain surfboard.

Surfboards Guide
101 Knowledge of surfboards.

Surfboard Volume Calculator
Need to know the volume of your board by just knowing the stock dimensions?

Surfboard Size Guide
Overlooking knowledge of the most used surfboards.

Best Surf Brands
Every surfer should know.

different surfboards





Surfing under the Influence
History of surfing & psychoactive drugs.

How to Clean Your Surfboard?
Check for damages & give it a good clean every now and then.

What Not To Do With Your Surfboard?
Tips & tricks maintaining your board the right way.

Selling / Buying 2nd Hand Surfboard
Check out what to look for when getting into the pre-owned surfboards.

How To Attach a Leash?
A basic guide.

How Much Surfing Costs?
Price teardown.

surfing cost

What is a surfboard made of?
Basic materials used in 2022.

How to Surf?
A theoretical approach to such complex recreation.





TOP 19 Surf Wetsuits Brands
Surf-specific manufacturers reviewed.

surf wetsuit brands


MEN’s Size Charts
for the most known brands and models.

WOMEN’s Size Charts
for the most known brands for surfing.

YOUTH’s Size Charts
by 4 most popular brands.

Wetsuit Care 101
A complete guide to taking care of the surfing wetsuit.

What Not To Do To Your Surf Wetsuit?
Tips to keep your wetsuit for a long time.

Different Types of Surf Wetsuits
From short john to heated steamer.

surf wetsuit types

ALL Surf Wetsuit REVIEWS
Found at the bottom of the page.




Travel With a Surfboard
101 Guide

Guide to Surfing in Somo, Spain
A conclusion after a 4-month stay.

Indo Surf Charters 2021
See what to expect from a 10-year stay on a surf charter.

travel with a surfboard





7 Dangers to Surfing
That might go unnoticed.

Surfing and Eyes
How to prevent the red sting and keep your eyes.

Surfing and Ears
How to protect your ears and prevent the surfer’s ear.

Benefits of Surfing
Check out the 20+ physical and mental benefits that surfing has to offer.

Surf Fitness
How to be at your best level and maintain the physique.

Surf Quotes
Surfing can be as mental as the physical side of it. Check out some of the best perspectives on the sport.

Surf Safety
Guide to staying safe in the surf.

Surf Forecast
Basic knowledge on what to look out for.

Surf Injuries
The most known surfing accidents and how to prevent them.

Surf Sunscreen
The most important safety precaution in order to take care of ourselves.

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Improve Your Surfing Skills
How to catch more waves and become a better surfer.

Surfing Links
Essential websites you have to know as a surfer.

Surf Forecast 101
Know-how understanding the surf reports.

Surf Etiquette
A must-know guide to surfing etiquette.

Surf Slang
Explained the meaning behind the slang. A must-read to every surfer.