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SOL Paddle Boards Brand Review

Inflatable whitewater equipment as their main focus – SOL paddle boards are a popular choice among those who are after a high-quality product with a vibrant design. It can be easy to mix their somewhat simple design to mass-produced cheap boards, but they sure aren’t! The SOL SUP as term is known to be a mid-range, hand-crafted inflatable board with plenty of high-tech features. In this review – we are going to overlook their whole range.

sol paddle boards
Launched in 2013
  • Focused on inflatables products only.
  • 4 classes – Classic / GalaXy / Carbon / Extra thick 8″.
  • Almost all SOL boards bundles come with a 12V electric pump and a hand pump.
  • 8 disciplines
  • 5-year board warranty.
  • 7-year warranty on seams.

What sets SOL paddle boards apart from others is the great number of boards designed for white-water paddling, and even their casual & all-rounder boards have the capability to tackle some more demanding waters with ease. You’ll also get an electric inflator and a hand pump (with a pressure gauge) which is an awesome extra on stock bundles.

  • SOL = God of the Sun
  • Headquarters – Telluride, Colorado
  • Team riders – Abe Herrera, Logan Opsahl Hopp, Chris Johnson, Rich Harrison Brian Copanas, Jess Burchill

Besides a wide variety of paddle boards, they also sell a few inflatable kayaks, inflatable tubes, an inflatable couch, and much more. You’ll find many accessories according to your needs – spare parts, electric pumps, carbon & aluminum paddles for paddleboarding & and kayak conversion blades as well.

A yoga paddle board deck – what an invention


sol paddle boards




All-around / Yoga / Fishing & Expedition / Touring / Racing / Multi person / River surf & ocean surf / Whitewater

paddleboard size chart
Average paddle board sizes & weight capacities – Read more




SOL boards collections & features

Classic (Mid-range)

  • SOLra 5’5″ x 23″ x 4″ – Prone River Surfing
  • SOLjah 6’6″ x 33″ x 6″ – River & ocean surf
  • SOLriverocho 8’6″ x 36″ x 6″ – Whitewater & smaller paddlers
  • SOLatomic 9’6″ x 39″ x 8″ – Whitewater / All-around two-person
  • SOLshiva 10′ x 36″ x 6″ – Yoga & All-around
  • SOLtrain 10’7″ x 33.5″ x 6″ – All-around
  • SOLsumo 11’4″ x 36″ x 6″ – Fishing & Expedition, Touring
  • SOLsombrero 11’4″ x 41″ x 8″ – Fishing & expedition, multi-purpose
  • SOLfiesta 15′ x 5.5″ x 6″ – Multi person


GalaXy (Mid-high-end)

  • SOLrivershine 9’6″ x 36″ x 6″ – Whitewater
  • SOLtrain 10’7″ x 33.5″ x 6″ – All-around
  • SOLsumo 11’4″ x 41″ x 8″ – Fishing & expedition, multi-purpose
  • SOLsonic 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ – Touring & Racing


Carbon (Premium)

  • SOLrivershine 9’6″ x 36″ x 6″ – Whitewater
  • SOLtrain 10’7″ x 33.5″ x 6″ – All-around



SOL Train – series overview

Size – 10’7″ x 33.5″ x 6″
Weight – 27 lbs
Volume – 300 L
Weight capacity – 400 lbs

The SOL Train SUP is an average-sized inflatable paddle board for the widest variety of users – yoga, fishing, exploring, etc. Comes with two sets of bungee cords in front and rear (10 D-rings in total) and with a sharp nose outline – the Train is a highly-capable all-rounder that’s designed by whitewater professionals.

When the average all-around paddle board has a round shape and about 10’6″ in length and 30″ – 33″ width, the Train stands out for a wider & sharper outline. If you are looking for a smooth SUP paddle board that can be used in calm and demanding whitewater, look no further from the Soltrain. You can choose between three levels of technologies, while the Classic is already above-average compared to standard SUPs.

Check more about out the accessories and different classes shown below.

sol train sups

Features & includes

  • 2+1 grab handles
  • 2 x bungee cords
  • 10x D-rings
  • Available in three technology features –
  • Includes a 3-piece Carbon Blaster paddle, 4’6″ unbreakable 4.6″ center fin, Eco rolling backpack, waterproof cell phone case
  • 2x front & rear bungee tie-downs
  • 2in1 Roll & Carry strap
  • SOL Kayak seat compatible tie-down attachment points
  • Oversized Metal Towable D-Ring
  • Anti-slip diamond foam deck pad
  • Raised rear surf kick for added performance


  • Phantom no-glue construction

GalaXy SOL Train (MSRP: $1,199)

  • GalaXy stringer system
  • Camber underfoot technology

Carbon GalaXy SOL Train (MSRP: $1,299)

  • Increased max capacity – 475lbs
  • Carbon-reinforced sidewalls
  • Camber underfoot
  • Continous tip-to-tail rocker design




SOL Sumo – series overview

Size – 11’4″ x 36″ x 6″
Weight – 35 lbs
Volume – 375 L
Capacity – 550 lbs

The Sumo is a premium SUP available in three classes/technologies – Classic, GalaXy & Carbon. If you are tired of waiting for the best conditions for paddleboarding, the Sumo is a slight upgrade from the already capable SOLtrain.

Designed for touring, fishing, and yoga – it can sure take a bunch. The 550lbs weight capacity makes it a great two-person paddle board with the availability to use it for more than just cruising on flat waters. Available in three technologies, all of the SUP bundles come with an electric and a manual hand-pump with a pressure gauge which are super convenient. Although not a specific 2-person paddle board, it can make a great family paddle board for sure.

sol sumo sups


  • SOL carbon blaster 3-piece adjustable paddle
  • 2 x 3″ fixed side fins
  • 8″ unbreakable center flex fin
  • 24″ printer rules to measure fish size
  • Fast fin-release system
  • Eco rolling backpack
  • Waterproof cell phone case
  • 14 gear tiedown points
  • 12V electric inflator and deflator
  • SOL dual-action hand pump with gauge
  • 2 x 2in1 Roll & Carry strap
  • SOL kayak-seat compatible tie-down attachments points
  • Oversized metal towable D-rings
  • Anti-slip diamond foam deck pad
  • Raised rear surf kick for added performance
  • Repair kit
  • 5-year warranty

Classic ($1,249)

  • Phantom no-glue construction

GalaXy ($1,249)

  • Phantom glueless construction
  • Camber Underfoot Technology

Carbon ($1,399)

  • Phantom glueless construction
  • Carbon-reinforced sidewalls
  • Carbon GalaXy Stringer system
  • SOLrocker technology – rocker-to-underfoot camber to rocker




SOL Fiesta (MSRP: $1,999)

Size – 15’6″ x 66″ x 6″
Weight – 69 lbs
Volume – 1000 L
Capacity – 1,600 lbs (544kg)

If this board would be a hat – it would definitely be a sombrero. Mega inflatable boards by SUP-specific brands have become an increasing trend, and we are interested to see how far can they push the limits in the next decade.

Any single SOL paddle board has a great degree of technical construction built into it, and the SOLfiesta is no exception. SOL is a premium SUP brand with a focus on whitewater SUPs, and the Fiesta is a 15′ paddle board at its best.

Not designed for flat and calm waters only – It can be used by two people on river rapids comfortably, or up to 8 people on flat water. The Fiesta is a highly durable, highly capable mega iSUP. Don’t get fooled by the laid-back Rastafarian color schemes!

sol fiesta paddle board
Phantom glueless construction


Features & includes

  • 3-piece aluminum paddle.
  • 8″ center fin, 4 x 3″ side fins.
  • Waterproof case for a phone.
  • 14 x gear tie-downs.
  • Oversized metal towable D-dring.
  • 12V electric inflator & deflator.
  • Dual-action hand pump with gauge.
  • 5-year warranty.




SOL paddle board accessories

  • Inflatable couch
  • River & snow tube
  • Eco rolling backpack
  • 1″ removable side click fins

  • 2″ Side click fins
  • 4″ removable side click fin
  • 3″ unbreakable removable center flex fin
  • 4.6″ unbreakable removable center flex fin”

sol accessories


  • 8″ unbreakable removable center flex fin
  • Fast fin release system
  • Ocean & lake coil ankle leash
  • Quick-release straight river leash

  • Quick-release river leash
  • Surfboard & paddle board locking system
  • 12V electric inflator & deflator
  • Dual-action hand pump (with gauge)

  • 12V High-pressure electric pump
  • Hand pump hose
  • Schrader Valve Adapter
  • Waterproof Cell Phone Case
  • SOL repair kit





Are SOL paddleboards worth the money?

SOL is competing with many big watersport companies in the competitive and fast-growing paddle board market, and they indeed are worth the money. Their boards offer a good value for the money, averaging at the $1,000 price range.


SOL vs other paddle board companies

What sets them apart from others is their specialization in inflatable products only by producing a good handful of whitewater/river-specific boards. They also hand-craft their selection and sell them independently, plus offer a 5-year warranty on their boards. That’s quite a good sign that creates trust.

SOL is also one of the few SUP board companies that have made their main priority to stay FUN Рtheir  disciplines, color schemes, and surprisingly good-value product that simply puts a smile on your face.

paddleboard brands review


What are the downsides to SOL paddle boards?

After going through every single product, we couldn’t find anything remarkable to point out in a bad light. Since the brand is focused on inflatables mainly, some customers would like to see a solid paddle board in their listing one day. If not a solid paddle board, maybe a fishing SUP. Who knows where will they be focusing in the next five years?


Why has SOL focused on inflatable paddle boards only?

Inspired by whitewater rafting – there are not too many solid stand-up paddle boards mixed in the sport. Inflatable boards have more thickness, more give, and they are lighter in weight which all comes in handy in unevenly moving waters. When comparing inflatable paddle board vs solid among the all-purpose field, it must be the compact size that makes shipping & using so much easier.


Stay tuned, we will be updating this post anytime soon!


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