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Retrospec paddleboards overview

With over 650 dealers across the US – Retrospec has slowly but surely entered the outdoor/recreation market all around the world. Founded in 2009 in China – Retrospec offers ultra cheap paddleboard bundles along their inflatable kayaks and inflatable docks.

Retrospec brand logo
Logo of Retrospec

More known by their cycling & outdoors’ gear – they also offer a wide variety of inflatable SUPs at great value. is basically a one-stop-shop for active individuals that are after a great value product – nothing too fancy, but good enough to be taken out and enjoy the outdoors with a wide grin. After all – these are paddle boards, right? The brands’ focus is all about simplicity – to live and experience the outdoors at its finest without spending a fortune. Apart from their 5 different SUP types, they also have a range of inflatable docks and kayaks as well!

retrospec sup dealer map
Retrospec dealers



Brands’ focus:

  • Skate
  • Training
  • Water
  • Bike
  • Outdoors

Although there’s only five activities listed – Retrospec has covered the most popular recreations by offering a ton of freedom for the skillset that fits the majority. They have one of the best prices which allow anyone to get into the sport without spending a fortune. There’s also plenty of feedback to rely on as well.



Let’s have a look what they have for paddleboarders!

Retrospec paddleboards & the water equipment

We got the idea of highlighting the Retrospec paddle board selection after creating the TOP 45 SUP Brands. After seeing their Weekender model all over the web – we had to look into their reason for popularity.

Their current range available in 2023 consists of all-around, touring, kids’, yoga and party-series paddle boards. With the unbeatable price tag you’ll also get a chance for a 50-day return, 2-year warranty and free shipping. The good news is that you shouldn’t be as concerned about the price/quality ratio as they’ve collected over 20k+ reviews to rely on!

retrospec sup selection
Retrospec SUP selection




Other accessories

Due to their broad range of water equipment – you have the chance to purchase paddles, fins, a carry bag or a dual-action pump separately. There’s also an electric pump if you have more inflatable equipment that needs to be ready in a fast speed of time!



Retrospec paddleboard range

Weekender / Weekender Plus / Yogi / Tour / Crew / Nano


Weekender 10′

retrospec weekender 10' inflatable sup board kit
All-included in their most popular board bundle

The brands’ longest-running popular board for all-around purposes – the Weekender.

Ideal for recreational paddlers who are looking for a platform to get out and about on the water. At under $400 with even better discounts on top – there’s a chance to upgrade it for the Weekender Plus in case you need something more durable. The deal comes with everything included you’d expect from a complete iSUP bundle – dual-action pump, leashes, fins and a carry bag. There’s also the repair kit that comes handy sooner or later!

What’s awesome is that you can choose between 5 different colors schemes, and there’s also over 1,000 reviews to back up its purpose! Available on Amazon and hundreds of local retailers.

  • All-around paddling
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 30″ x 6″
  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Weight limit: 275lbs
  • 6-point bungee
  • Available in 5 colors!

Weekender Plus 10′

retro weekender plus rolled up
Super compact Weekender+

Slightly heavier yet more durable- the Weekender Plus is a step-up from the original Weekender.

With small upgrades made here and there – the main difference is the double-layered PVC construction which slightly increases the max capacity up to 300lbs! Three cool designs available in pastel colors which you are more likely going to see from the water.

  • All-around paddling
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 30″ x 6″
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Weight limit: 300lbs

Yogi 10′

retrospec yoga board
33″ width makes it the most stable 1-person cruiser board

Best $300 to spent if you are into Yoga!

Good luck finding a better way to improve your balance, mental health and coordination than with the 10′ Yogi! A perfect companion for anyone who is after a stable yet sturdy platform for practicing Yoga on water.

  • Yoga/cruising
  • 10′ x 33″ x 6″
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Weight limit: 275lbs

Compared to other Yoga SUP boards on the market – the Yogi is placed right in the middle with its dimensions, weight and accessories packed in the bundle.

Tour 11′

retrospec touring sup
Best performance board out of the range

Retrospec has also released a touring board at super value!

By dimensions – the 11′ Tour is packed with essential features to be taken out on more demanding rides. Available in Adriatic Blue – the single fin touring SUP comes with a 3-piece paddle that extends from 66″ to 83″ and packs as small as 34″ when taken apart.

  • Touring
  • Dimensions: 11′ x 30″ x 6″
  • Weight: 29lbs
  • Weight limit: 275lbs
  • 15cm single layer PVC dropstitch technology
  • EVA textured foam
  • Recommended pressure range: 10-12PSI
  • Valve type: H3
  • Assembly instructions can be downloaded from Retrospec’s Owner’s Manual

Crew 12′ / 16′

retrospec multi person sup
Available in 12′ and 16′

Categorized as party SUP – the Crew-series is available in two dimensions and in one color scheme. Although it can be paddled by two persons with ease – it can accommodate up to 5 persons on one board.

  • Multi-person paddling
  • Dimensions: 12’ x 45” x 8″ / 16’ x 52” x 8″
  • Weight: 32lbs or 50lbs
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs or 1,200 lbs
  • Materials: 500D PVC top, 1000D single-layer PVC bottom


  • H3 valve type
  • Waterproof smartphone case
  • 5-fin set-up (slide-in set-up)
  • 15cm double layer PVC dropstitch technology
  • 7x stainless steel D-rings


retrospec kids sup
Awesome kids’ SUP

Here’s a great example of what a perfect kids SUP board should be like – lightweight, right dimensions and positive colors.  The 8′ Nano bundle comes with everything needed to be get kids excited to be out on the water. Soft yet great traction EVA textured foam with 4 stainless steel rings and a bungee cord on the top – it is a perfect starter SUP for kids, featuring A-Z at a superb value for money.

  • Kids’ all-arounder
  • Dimensions: 8′ x 30″ x 4″
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Weight limit: 140lbs


  • 500D PVC top
  • 1,000D PVC bottom

Is Retrospec a good SUP brand?

Among other 50+ popular SUP brands on the market – Retrospec stands out due to their great value boards at entry-level price range. Best suited for ‘sunday paddlers’ – there’s enough positive reviews online to rely on when you tend to doubt the quality behind the low price tag. They have covered the main disciplines that fit the average paddlers needs – from all-around to yoga, touring and as a bonus – paddleboards for kids and multi-person paddlers as well!

Retrospec compared to other SUP brands

The good part about Retrospec is #1 the price, and #2 the selection of boards. While most other entry-level brands have only an all-around board, sometimes a touring or a yoga board as well – retrospec has kids’, touring and two multi-person SUPs available as well. They are a great paddleboard brand that’s widespread all around the world by now, allowing many newcomers to get acquanited with paddleboarding without spending a fortune. There’s also many designs to choose from – which again is an important part as well.

The good:

  • Kids’ and two multi-person SUPs available
  • Numerous designs
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Large brand with many other activities


  • Best-suited for slimmer paddlers – for example the average all-around and touring board width is 32″ – Retrospec has 30″
  • Not as technical for serious paddling

What’s in every Retrospec SUP package?

Inflatable Retrospec SUPs bundle includes:

  • Paddleboard
  • Pump for inflation
  • Carry bag for transportation
  • 3-piece paddle (2x on their multi-person platform)
  • Repair kit
  • H3 valve
  • Smartphone case
  • Fin(s)
  • Coil leash


To sum

Retrospec is great choice for the average paddleboarder. They’ve nailed naming their main board series the Weekender – as their boards are indeed best for Sunday paddlers. For anyone who’s after a high-tech board for daily use – Retrospec might not be the best solutions. Although if taken proper care of – their boards will last a long time without a problem! Available on the web and many stores across the world – take your time to read some of their reviews or make your way to the closest local dealer. Retrospec offers one of the best value for money!

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