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Connelly Paddle boards – a quick overview

Based in Lynnwood Washington – Connelly is one of the oldest watersports brand that evolved out of making wake skis back in the 60s. Back then, they were the first to produce skis out of white cedar and mahogany, even after the introduction of fiberglass in the 70s and 80s! Connelly also claims the Big Easy water ski design in the 90’s and V-Step innovation in the 2000’s – making them a true niche specialist with a long history. Fast forward to 2023 – Connelly produces wakesurf equipment, towables, floaties and even kneeboards. They also make paddleboards which obviously go a long way with their dedication to fun times by the water.

Connelly Skis brand logo
Since 1965

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Wakeboards / wake skiing / kayaks / paddleboards / pedal boards / kneeboards / towables / platforms / floats

Although their selection of stand up boards is not as wide compared to SUP-specific brands – they do have an interesting take on paddleboarding. Solid & inflatable boards – they are the masters of all-around boards. An average Cconnelly stand-up paddle board has mid-range features you’d expect from brand that’s been around for that long. They have kids boards from 8’0″ to 11’6″ touring boards. Heck, they even have two inflatable boards that have a propeller mount on the deck! Let’s have a closer look!



Connelly paddleboards – SOLID

Classic / Highline / Echo / 3D Softy / Neptune / Navigator / Voyager

connelly solid paddle boards
Navigator / Voyager not pictured



  • 9’9″ x 31″ – 155L volume
    25,5lbs – 210lbs max capacity
  • 10’9″ x 32″ – 190L volume
    29.5lbs – 230lbs max capacity
  • 11’6″ x 33″ – 220L volume
    30.5lbs – 260lbs max capacity

First off is the Connelly Classic paddle board that’s made of epoxy. Its fast and great all-rounder available in various sizes, configurations and 3 designs. The board can be purchased separately, or with the carbon paddle. EVA foam pad, auto vents to regulate air pressure inside the board from rapid temperature changes and with one fin slot – the Classic is a solid all-rounder for someone who’s after a board that’s great in various conditions while having the performance capabilities for faster rides as well.




  • 10’6″
  • 11’6″

Ultra durable and lightweight Highline series SUPs feature a Thermo Shell construction with soft sanded EVA deck pad, seam reinforcment and a 9″ center fin with coil leash. Another all-rounder solid SUP by Connelly with a more advanced set of features. Connelly charges $75 for shipping for the US market, and it takes usually max. 10 business days to receive the solid board in its full glory!




  • 10’6 x 32″ – Volume 190L
    Weight – 34lbs / 260lbs max capacity

The Echo is another all-rounder board with pastel and minimalistic vibes. Like most Connelly SUPs – the Echo is a no exception when it comes to durability. Enduro Shell ding-resistant construction that’s slightly heavier than the Classic series at same dimensions. The board features soft sanded EVA pad, a 9″ fin, ergonomic center handle for convenient carrying and a coil leash. Another great options if you are after an affordable yet great performing all-rounder SUP.


3D Softy


  • 10’6″ x 32″ – 200L volume
    Weight – 26lbs / 300lbs capacity
  • 11’6″ x 33″ – 250L volume
    Weight – 30lbs / 350lbs capacity

Here’s Connelly’s most stable platform with a wide yet performance design and construction. The 3D Softy comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, 9″ nylon center fin and a coil leash. The wide design makes it a great cruiser board or why not for practicing yoga on water. Red/blue or blue/red design, soft EVA deck pad – what else is there to ask for? Connelly has been around for over 50 years and they truly have mastered the art of keeping things simple!



Touring / fishing

  • 11’6″ x 33″ x 6″ – 250L volume
    Weight – 30lbs – max capacity 350lbs

Neptune is the farthest planet in the planet system  – and Connelly’s vision of their Neptune is no different. It is a touring board that can be taken out for fishing. Add Connelly’s performance-based construction style and you’ve got one of the most versatile boards in the list. Made of EPS, the Neptune has a recessed deck that sits lower on in the water for increased stability (or grip on the water) by offering better stability and comfort. Auto vents, 2x fishing rod holders and built-in angler measuring ruler on the deck! An awesome product for tourers with fishing on their mind.




10’6″ x 32″ – Volume 190L
Weight – 34lbs / Max capacity – 260lbs

Made of ding-resistant Thermo Shell construction, the Connelly Yoyager 2.0 Stand-up paddle board is one of the most mass-produced soft top SUPs on the market. It is popular due to its ultra affordable price tag and beginner-friendly outline. Equipped with essentials such as the carry handle, bungee cords and soft deck pad – there’s more than enough to rely on this popular deal.

connelly voyager 2.0 stand-up paddle board in white/blue
A soft-top Voyager




10’6” x 32”
Weight: 26 lbs / max capacity 300lbs

Another awesome soft-top SUP by Connelly – the Navigator. This board-only deal has a grooved deck for extra stability and lower center of gravity, lightweight yet durable construction and the most universal size that’s out there all-around paddlers. At under $700 – its got more than enough positive reviews to rely on, definitely worth checking out!


Check out Connelly’s SOLID paddleboards







Connelly paddleboards – INFLATABLE

Pacific Tandem / Dakota / Pacific / Drifeter / Tahoe / Sprout / Big Easy / Trek / Rambler / Quest / Odyssey

connelly inflatable paddleboards
Quest & Odyssey featured below


Pacific Tandem

Two-person kayak/SUP

  • 11’6″ x 36″ x 6″ – 380L
    Weight – 31lbs / 375lbs max capacity

The Pacific Tandem is a two-person version of the classic Pacific. Featuring two integrated fold-up seats, a dual layer drop stitch construction for higher pressure range and Fusion-wrapped rails for extra rigidity. It can be paddled while sitting or standing as the 36″ width offers plenty of stability, and the 11’6″ length with a single 9″ center fin great tracking too. The Pacific Tandem also comes with 2x adjustable aluminum paddles with double blades, a pump with gauge and deck cleats for storage.



Yoga & cruising

  • 10’6″ x 33.5″ x 5″ – 263L volume
    Weight: 18lbs / 260lbs weight capacity

In essence, the Dakota is a cruiser SUP that can easily used for Yoga. With 5″ high-pressure drop stitch construction, soft sanded EVA fusion deck and Fusion wrapped rails to offer extra rigidity. The inflatable Dakota also offers bungee cords for storage – just like almost any SUP out there. The bundle includes everything needed to spend some time out on the water – a 3-piece adjustable paddle, carry bag, high-pressure pump with gauge, a reipair kit with coil leash and a 9″ center fin. Great choice for larger paddlers or for anyone who’s after a super stable platform for all-around cruising or yoga.



Yoga / Cruising

10’6″ x 34″ x 6″ – 322L volume
Weight: 28lbs / 275lbs max capacity

The Pacific is another kaya/SUP with integrated seat and backrest. Featuring a 6″ dual layer high-pressure drop-stitch construction, Fusion wrapped rails and a 3-fin set-up, whereas the 9″ center fin can be removed for compact packaging. At 28lbs (12kg) its features the most average paddleboard length while above-average width for extra stability. Everything’s needed in bundle to kick back and enjoy some great time on the water.



Light & small all-around

  • 10’0″ x 30″ x 4″ – 185L volume
    Weight: 16lbs / 250lbs max capacity

The Drifter one of the smallest Connelly paddle board – ideal for lighter paddlers. Featuring a 4″ high-pressure drop-stitch construction, soft-sanded EVA deck pack and Fusion wrapped rails. At 30″ width, 10′ length and 4″ thickness – it is a great bundle for all-around paddling that’s equipped with everything needede for a good day out on the water.




  • 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ – volume 290L
    Weight: 21.4lbs / 260lbs capacity
  • 11’6″ x 33″ x 6″ – volume 330L
    Weight: 23.4lbs / 300lbs capacity

Tahoe is equipped with essentials found on any other inflatable selection of Connelly paddle boards featuring deck cleats with bugee cords, soft sanded EVA pad and dual-layer drop-stitch construction. Fusion wrapped rails along with integrated side fins and a 9″ removable fin – the package includes everything for a relaxed session out on the water.



Kids’ all-around

  • 8′ x 30″ x 5″
    160lbs max capacity

An awesome paddle board Connelly has designed for kids. Its equipped with features found on any other iSUP with a high-pressure drop stitch construction, EVA pad, Fusion wrapped rails and an reinforced carry handle. Deck cleats & bungee cords for storage – the Sprout is THE choice if you are after a high quality platform for kids to learn paddleboarding.

Big Easy

Fishing / hauling / 2-person

  • 11’0″ x 38″ x 6″ – 380L volume
    Weight: 27lbs / 375lbs max capacity

Now here’s a board one can take out for fishing or carry extra load on the deck. With 375lbs (170kg) max capacity – the board offers an ultra durable and stable platform for all kinds of activities. Fusion, EVA, Deck cleats, high-pressure drop-stitch and bungee cords – the board also comes with a 3-piece carbon paddle, high-pressure pump with a gauge and 9″ center fin.



Adventure / kaya-SUP

L 12’0″ W 8″

Connelly Trek is designed for all kinds of adventures not only for its special design, but also the availability to add the Power Fin electric propeller on the deck. Excursions, adventures, fishing or flat-water touring – Trek is one of the most advanced boards in their line-up. With flush backrest and recessed deck for lowered center of gravity, the dual chamber deck is super stable and comfortable to haul cargo or multiple persons on board. With 4 universal accessory mounts, 7 reinforced carry handles – the package comes also with a 4-piece hybrid (2-bladed) paddle made of aluminum, high-pressure pump with gauge (although an electric pump would be a better choice), a repair kit, coil leash and a 9″ center fin.



L 10’0″ W 8″

Although the Connelly Rambler can be categorized as a hybrid SUP for its capabilities – its definitely more than that. Power Fin compatible just like the Trek – its a platform like nothing else out there. It’s not too long, not too short – but a perfect one-person do-it-all platform. Superb manuvaberability, recessed deck, 2x bungee cord storage, 2 x universal accessory mounts with 2 x reinforced carry handles – the Rambler even has infltable backrest tubes with water bottle pockers. If you are looking for a highly capable, fast and stable platform – this might be it! Comes with iSUP essentials and a 4-piece adjustable aluminum 2-bladed paddle.



10’6” x 32” x 5”
Weight: 21.4 lbs / 260lbs max capacity

Another popular choice by the watersports specialist Connelly. At 5″ thickness, it is a great choice for lighter paddlers who are after an ultralight inflatable paddle board for all-around paddling. The deal comes with 9″ center fin, 3-piece aluminum paddle, 4-point deck bungee and a dual-pressure pump. There’s also the repair kit to keep you going for years without a problem.

connelly odyssey inflatable sup on water with female paddler




11’6” x 33″ x 6″ – 330L volume
23lb weight – 300lbs max capacity

The slightly more advanced Quest for touring features a 6-point bungee, a storage clip and segmented EVA deck pad. Fusion wrapped rails for extra rigidity and a 6″ dual-layer high-pressure drop stitch interior. It is a mid-range SUP with high-tech features for adventures on


connelly quest high tech isup


Check out Connelly inflatable paddleboards


In conclusion

Is Connelly a good SUP brand?

Connelly is a water sport specialist who definitely knows their way around making both inflatable and solid paddle boards. They have a wide variety of boards for all-around paddling – for kids, women, men and even multi-person boards. Their selection of different disciplines is not as wide as you’d expect from other SUP-specific brands, but if there’s something that they do make better than others – its their selection of all-arounder SUPs. You can also choose between a fishing, yoga and a touring board.

What sets them apart from other brands is their electric Power Fin option that can be mounted on Trek and Rambler models.

Are Connelly paddle boards worth the money?

After briefly reviewing each one of their boards and going through multiple Connelly paddle board reviews online – they indeed make great boards for the money! There’s quite a few good features built into their inflatable and solid boards. Each board costs under $1,000 which makes them one of the top choice among mid-range buyers!

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