SUP Brands

Here you’ll find a list of some of the paddleboard brands reviewed at Nulltuul:

CONNELLY Paddle Boards overview
Mid range inflatable and solid SUPs

RETROSPEC Paddle Boards overview
Entry-level SUPs with great value

Bote paddleboards overview
Kayak / SUP masters with mid to high-end boards in their listings

ISLE paddleboards overview
Inflatable & solid boards in perfect pastel finish

Pau Hana paddlepoards overview
One of the most innovative mid-range SUP brands on the market!

RED paddleboards overview
High-end SUPs from the UK

SOL Paddle Boards overview
Whitewater specialists with mid to high-end boards


Or check out the 45+ Best Paddle Board Brands

best sup brands

Inflatable (Specific) SUP Brand Guide

Top brands with inflatable SUPs only

Highlighted brands that make inflatable paddleboards as their #1 focus. This review doesn’t include any brands that have both inflatable and rigid boards, its only for the iSUP specific brands.




Surf SUP Brand Guide

Inflatable & hard SUPs for surfing

Paddleboarding and waves go together for a very long time. It was just recently, about 20 years ago when Laird Hamilton first rode a massive wave with a SUP. After that, more and more people have found to be the best alternative to surfing. Although waves can be surfed numerous ways – the surf SUP has become more and more popular each year.

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Touring SUP Brand Guide

Check out the TOP 10 by tech spec and no. of boards

Hauling gear or going often to overnight trips? Well, look no further from the TOP 10 of what’s out there. Although this review is based on the Best of 2022 review, we are more than welcomed to add more known brands to the list.

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Electric SUP Brand Guide

Everything, even paddleboarding is going electric. You can benefit from the motor in many ways – while keeping the original manuverability and feel of a classic paddleboard, the electric paddleboard allows to go further or with rougher elements. Its also perfect for those who want the freedom of standing on board while having that extra push if needed.



Multi-person SUP Brand Guide

From 3 to 10 persons on one board

Ultra-large platforms for paddleboarding are not a new thing. Actually, the modern-day paddleboard is somewhat related to lifeboat. What is the main difference? Well everything besides the fact its meant to hold large weights on the board. Multi-person SUPs are offer a ton of fun and performance, ideal for family, team-paddling, racing or simply relaxing day out on the water. All of the boards are very well designed, something that’s way above what the average consumer expects.

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Tandem SUP Brand Guide

Twice the fun

Two-person boards for kayaking, touring and all-around purposes. There are not many brands that have produced an inflatable tandem-paddleboard, which benefits by way better performance than your average all-around board.

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Race Paddleboard Brand Guide

Best of the best when it comes to speed on water

Only a handful of brands compete for the top position. Some of oldes and legendary surf/SUP brands represented. Also there’s something new from the inflatable SUP field as well. We have brought out all of the brands with size charts and a quick brand overview to steer you to the right track.

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Yoga SUP Brand Guide

Wide and comfortable boards for still waters

Yoga on water is one of the best remedies for watersport enthusiasts. Luckily, there are many brands with not only good-looking, but also well-performing boards in their listings. Find out more about their sizes, types and more!

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Kayak SUP Brand Guide

Paddleboards by awesome brands who have decided to add a seat on the deck

Uniting two of the most popular watercraft into one – that’s what many brands have mastered over the years. We have brought out the best to help make the final decision based on price, brand overview and more. Head over and decide which you like best!

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Kids Paddleboard Brand Guide

A popular type with many awesome brands and boards

This list is based on the many awesome, family-friendly SUP brands with kids’ paddleboards in their listings. Head over to get an overview of different types, materials, sizes and features that are designed for kids only!


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