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Fishing Paddle Boards Guide

For paddle board manufacturers – combining the knowledge of watersport equipment with an interest in fishing must be one of the most pleasing tasks. Stand-up paddle boards alone are a genius idea that can be used for so many purposes – but who could’ve thought that you can replace a fishing boat and a trailer with something that basically fits into a backpacking bag?

Inflatable fishing paddle boards are a great alternative to kayaks, boats, and rigid SUPs. Compared to a boat and kayak – a fishing paddle board is cheaper, quieter, versatile, and helps to maintain your physical & mental well-being as well.

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Read more about the accessories, pros & cons down below.

fishing SUP
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Fishing & Expedition

River rapids / Flatwater paddling / Paddle with pets / Yoga / SUP fly fishing


Where them inflatable paddleboards at?!


Paddle board fishing setup:

  • Rod holders.
  • Reinforced deck.
  • Reinforced side rails.
  • Extra-wide outline for increased stability (34″ to 38″).
  • Kayak seat compatibility.
  • Four to six grab handles.
  • Front & rear bungee cords.
    *Paddle holder & sheath.
    *Some models have a catamaran hull for extra stability & tracking without fins.
    *Trolling motor mount.
    *Sand spear.


Average fishing iSUP sizes:

  • 10’8″ x 36″ x 6″
    Volume – 370L
  • 11′ x 36″ x 6″
    Capacity – 500lbs / Volume – 400L / PSI rating – 25PSI
  • 11′ x 39″ x 7″
    Volume – 325L
  • 11′ x 44″ x 6″
    Capacity – 400lbs / Weight – 52lbs
  • 11’3″ x 36″ x 6″
  • 11’6″ x 36″ x 6″
  • 11’6″ x 38″ x 7″
    Capacity – 400lbs / Weight – 45lbs
  • 12′ x 34″
  • 12′ x 38″ x 7″
    Capacity – 400lbs / Weight – 45lbs
paddleboard size chart
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Average Solid Paddle Board Sizes:

  • 11′ x 36″ x 5″
    Capacity – 366lbs / Volume – 260L
  • 12′ x 32″ x 5″
    Capacity – 315lbs / Weight – 45lbs




Brands that produce fishing SUPs

Right now there are quite a few good SUP brands that have come up with a fishing stand-up paddle board among touring, yoga, all-rounder, and many more types as well.

  • Bote
    7 – Inflatable + Solid + Skiffs + Kayak & SUP
  • Tahoe
    2x inflatable catamarans + 1 solid SUP
  • NRS
    2x inflatable
  • Aqua Marina
    1x inflatable
  • Hala Gear
    1x inflatable
  • Pau Hana
    1x rigid SUP
  • BadFish
    1x inflatable
  • Glide
    1x inflatable
  • High Society
    1x inflatable
  • AquaGlide
    1 x inflatable
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Fishing SUP Features

A complete SUP fishing setup consists of a variety of useful accessories that make the angling experience much more convenient. The essential paddle board fishing accessories are the rod holders – but have a look at the other specs that make the fishing SUP a complete package for the job.

fishing board basic features
Basic features
  • Round & wide outline

What sets the fishing SUP apart from others is obviously the wide outline. Fishing SUPs are one of the widest after Yoga (32″ – 34″) & Touring boards (34″ – 38″). When comparing a solid board to an inflatable fishing SUP – solid boards are slightly thinner and not as wide, but they have the same stability with decreased dimensions due to the solid construction.

  • Extra stability


  • Anchor

Found a good spot or going to your existing spot? There are SUP-specific anchors available which can hold the whole loaded capacity with ease. For storage – anchors are a super compact and safe to use even on an inflatable SUP.

sup anchor


  • Sand spear

A great tool to use in shallow waters for anchoring.

bote board fishing with sand spear
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  • Grab Rack

Another invention that comes useful with the trolling motor or as an accessory to stash some of the gear on. Available on both inflatable and rigid boards.


  • A paddle board fishing chair

A chair on a SUP is another useful tool that doesn’t cost a fortune and offers a great deal of comfort. Since the SUPs are meant to be paddled on the water – one might start to miss the stability when standing still. Although an average fishing SUP is quite wide at over 36″ – a place to sit and mind your own business is a priceless luxury.

  • You can use the cooler as a chair.
  • Kayak seat + extra paddle converts a SUP into a kayak.


  • SUP fishing crate

A cooler box or a fishing crate on a paddle board is another must-have accessory. Just chuck in some ice and a couple of beers as well and you are all settled for the day. Make sure to leave room for the fish as well.


  • Catamaran Hull

Almost all fishing SUPs have a large single fin compared to a 2+1 set-up (single + side biters). A catamaran full offers good tracking and extra stability needed on the board.

  • Extra stability
  • Better tracking


  • Paddle board & trolling motor

Who would’ve thought that a fishing paddle board with a motor becomes a thing? Well, it has since the technical bunch of anglers have found a small trolling motor to be very useful for the task. It is easy to use one to reach a destination, and then silently hunt around with the help of a paddle. The trolling motor can help an angler out of danger as well when the weather turns bad.

While the best fishing SUP boards are equipped with almost all the bells and whistles, a trolling motor has to be bought extra.


Inflatable paddle board fishing accessories

The level of inflatable paddle board accessories is slightly limited, but there are a few fishing-specific accessories borrowed from rigid boards.

fishing paddle board accessories




The PROs

Fishing off a paddle board is a perfect alternative to casting from the shore or getting out there with a boat. Although mainly designed to catch freshwater fish – a specific fishing SUP (both inflatable & rigid) is capable of handling some rougher waters as well (windy ocean & whitewater).

What makes these boards one of the most versatile around is the bunch of SUP fishing accessories available. If you are not a ‘full-time fisherman’ – fishing boards can be used for touring and all-around paddling as well.

  • An inflatable stand-up paddle board for fishing doesn’t need a set of crossbars and roof racks.
  • Cheaper than a kayak & boat.
  • Plenty of free maneuverability on the board, and with the board.


The CONs

  • Although being one of the most versatile boards around, a fishing SUP is not as fast on the water compared to a boat or a kayak.
  • When fishing off an inflatable board – there is an increased risk of hitting a sharp branch or a rock which could throw off the balance off the board.





Is SUP paddle board fishing for anyone?

Although a relatively new trend – stand-up angler paddleboards are specifically designed for fishing, therefore yes – they are for anyone. If you have never been on a kayak or a paddle board, it can take some extra time to get used to – but there’s no better way to catch a fish on where these boards are best suited for:

  • Estuaries
  • Lakes
  • Large rivers
  • Bays
  • Ponds
  • Open ocean
  • Small streams


Can you fly fish off a paddle board?

Since fly fishing mainly takes place in streams and rivers with shallow waters, a paddle board can be the right tool for the job. Depending on how strong are the currents, you can easily anchor in a suitable spot and cast into the stream of luck. A paddle board can replace waders in many good fishing spots with slow currents.



Paddle board vs kayak?

SUP vs kayak – which one to go for? Kayaks have long been accepted to be one of the best alternatives to fishing off a boat, but they can also limit the experience in some fields. Have a look and feel free to add your opinions in the comments section!

Kayak vs SUP

  • Stable.
  • Faster.
  • More convenient for longer routes.
    Kayak cons
  • Forced body position.

SUP vs Kayak

  • A better point of view.
  • Availability for an inflatable board.
  • Easy to load on (and in the) car.
  • SUPs are generally more affordable.


What are the best fishing paddleboards?

The TOP three paddle board companies that produce more than one fishing SUP are Bote (7 boards), Tahoe (3 boards), and NRS (2 boards).

  • Bote fishing paddle board selection is the widest with 7 boards. Available in both inflatable and rigid, there’s something for everyone.
  • Tahoe has two inflatable paddle boards/kayaks whereas one has a Fish Stalker Trolling mount system.
  • NRS has two premium fishing SUPs available whereas one of them with a dual side chamber system.
  • Pau Hana Angler (Big EZ) is the brands’ only fishing-specific board. They also have a stand-up kayak with a visor screen that’s definitely worth checking out.
  • See all 41 brands
pau hana fishing paddle board
A fishing-specific board for all kinds of activities.


Which is the best inflatable SUP for fly fishing?

The best inflatable SUP for fly fishing is the one where you can add an anchor (sand spear) in the mix. If you want to be light and stay at a certain spot on moving waters – the anchor becomes an inevitable accessory.


Where else can you use the fishing SUP?

Fishing boards can be used as open ocean paddle boards, touring boards, and flat deck models as yoga boards. Due to their increased width and weight capacity – you can easily use one to go out with pets, or with two people.


Are inflatable fishing SUPs safe?

One of the biggest concerns among paddlers and fishermen is the durability of inflatable SUPs. Yes, they have an increased risk of punctures – especially when fishing in spots with sharp branches or rocks.,The good part is that when the iSUP is inflated to its maximum recommended pressure, these boards are quite durable with the same feel as solid boards.




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