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From beginner to advanced paddleboarders – here you’ll find all the SUP-related articles covered at If you’d like to contribute and become a part of us by copywriting or reviewing – feel free to reach out!

I. Paddleboard Guides
II. History of Paddleboarding
III. Brand reviews
IV. Product reviews
V. SUP racks
VI. Best-of comparison reviews
VII. SUP blog



I. Paddleboard Guides

Types / Sizes / Paddles / FAQ



Get the right board type

A preferred step-by-step guide to choose a paddleboard

How to choose the right sup review

13 types and 5 disciplines might not make the choosing process easier – but this guide will definitely steer you to the clear waters. You’ll find many specific types, and also some hybrids as well. There’s definitely more combination that we’ve listed – but this review works as a great starting point.

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Types of Paddleboard Paddles

Basic guide to understanding lenghts, materials and blade shapes

sup paddle materials

The paddle itself often happens to one of the most overlooked items for paddleboarders. Only to when they have to spend hours working with one. In this review we have covered a bunch different types, sizes and materials you should know before looking to get a proper performance out of your workouts. Go check out more!

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iSUP Size Guide

Find out the correlation on how different brands calculated their boards’ volume

slide bar surfboard volume calculator

This post is inspired by out Surfboard Volume Calculator application, something we did our own research this time to find the logic between different SUP sizes. Although the paddleboards’ volume doesn’t play an important role as it does surfboards – we are still talking of a considerably important factor. For paddleboards – what matters the most is the shape, size, and material of what it’s made.

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13 Different Types of SUP boards explained

From race to kids’ SUPs – find out the differences in size, material and features

kinds of paddle boards

Average sizes, accessories, types and what to look out for. All 13 types of paddleboards explained – their pros and cons, types of materials, price tags and much more.

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Introduction to SURF Paddle Boards

Insight to the world of SUP surfboards

paddle boards for surfing

Paddleboards are designed for over 10 specific activities – and surfing is definitely one of the most advanced. In this review, we’ll explain the basics of different sizes, types, and materials and something about the special features as well.

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Introduction to TANDEM Paddle Boards

Introduction to RACE Paddleboards

Introduction to TOURING Paddle Boards

Introduction to YOGA Paddle Boards

Introduction to KAYAK SUPs

Introduction to ALL-AROUND Paddle Boards

Introduction to WHITEWATER Paddle Boards

Introduction to FISHING Paddle Boards

Introduction to KIDS’ Paddle Boards



What is a Paddle board?

Theoretical explanations

what is a sup

We have answered as many answers as we could – everything related to paddleboarding. As this is an ongoing post that needs an update every now, mainly after we have updated our website – all of the basic information is covered. Whether you are a beginner or advanced paddler – you’ll always find some new answers, or questions to master the art of paddleboarding.

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Inflatable vs Solid SUP

Check out the 30+ considerations

non inflatable sup pros cons

In short – it all comes down to performance versus portability. Each SUP material type has quite a few pros next to some of their cons as well. Whether you’d like to keep your hobby compact yet expect a nearly similar performace – the whole paddleboarding industry is there for you. The way you can tell that the iSUP market is booming is that salespeople need to prove that the product is actually way above what’s expected. Solid boards on the other hand are for the true lovers of the sport. 

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What to wear to paddleboarding?

Warm & colder water clothing advice


When out on the water – the wind and water can drop body temperatures fast. We’ve done the research on how to prevent hypothermia. We’ll explain through this basic guide about the layers needed for different types of paddleboarding. 

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Paddleboarding FAQ

Check out the basics of paddleboarding

stand up paddleboarding faq

Frequently asked questions answered, sort of. This is another work-in-progress post about the different angles to look paddleboarding from. This might even covered everything needed for the paddleboarder with the help of contributors. 

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Surfing vs Paddleboarding

Check out the comparison, pros, and cons

This has been a fun research to find out their main differences. Similar, yet very different – surfing with a paddleboard has a totally different set-up, type of waveriding and much more. We’ll look into the different types, board sizes, and explain which is the easiest and best way for certain expectations.

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SUP vs Kayak vs Canoe

Check out the pros and cons to each discipline


sup kayak canoe illustration

Since many are in-between choosing either platform for their leisure, fishing or sporting habits – we’ve put these three vessel types side-by-side. Have a look and feel free to share your opionion. As all of these platforms can take you out on the water – what you need to have it do for you is another question.

While there’s nothing better for downriver gliding like the canoe, especially with two or more people, there’s anything like the kayak for the level of waterproofing its got. It can also cut through small waves and haul a bunch of gear. Paddleboarding boasts 13 types of activities, or board types to choose from. There’s even a paddleboard for surfing, and almost all types have a compact inflatable counterpart as well.

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Paddle board vs Kayak

Eight comparisons explained

kayak and paddleboard

A closer look into the major benefits and some of the considerations as well. In an ideal world – kayaks have a specific purpose designed for them, where no paddleboard beats the kayak, while paddleboarding has many activities that can’t be done in a kayak. Sitting or standing – that’s the main consideration as well. We’ll look into the average sizes, type variation, prices, etc.

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#history of paddleboarding




History of Paddleboarding

From 1,000BC Peruvian fishermen to modern-day surfers in California

history of paddleboarding

Have a look at this interesting timeline of where and when did paddleboarding saw its first light. Although the true roots of paddleboarding are believed to be originated out of Peru, there are many interesting ways on how it developed in different parts of the world. We are currently living at an interesting time of fast technological movement where many old brands have started to look further back in time to come up with something innovative.

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#best-of brand reviews




45 Best SUP Brands of 2022

Here’s a quick overview of the 45 best SUP brands in the USpaddleboard brands review

The top of the top – this review is placed order by the total number of different types and sizes each brand has in-store. A quick overview of their founding date, location, production line and more.

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Inflatable (Specific) SUP Brand Guide

Top brands with inflatable SUPs only

isup brands

Highlighted brands that make inflatable paddleboards as their #1 focus. This review doesn’t include any brands that have both inflatable and rigid boards, its only for the iSUP specific brands.

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Less-known SUP Brands (48)

Check out the names who have the chance to become best-sellers.

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Surf SUP Brand Guide

Inflatable & hard SUPs for surfing

best surf sup brands

Paddleboarding and waves go together for a very long time. It was just recently, about 20 years ago when Laird Hamilton first rode a massive wave with a SUP. After that, more and more people have found to be the best alternative to surfing. Although waves can be surfed numerous ways – the surf SUP has become more and more popular each year.

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Touring SUP Brand Guide

Check out the TOP 10 by tech spec and no. of boards

touring sup brands

Hauling gear or going often to overnight trips? Well, look no further from the TOP 10 of what’s out there. Although this review is based on the Best of 2022 review, we are more than welcomed to add more known brands to the list.

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Electric SUP Brand Guide

electric paddleboard brands

Everything, even paddleboarding is going electric. You can benefit from the motor in many ways – while keeping the original manuverability and feel of a classic paddleboard, the electric paddleboard allows to go further or with rougher elements. Its also perfect for those who want the freedom of standing on board while having that extra push if needed.

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Multi-person SUP Brand Guide

From 3 to 10 persons on one board

multi person brands

Ultra-large platforms for paddleboarding are not a new thing. Actually, the modern-day paddleboard is somewhat related to lifeboat. What is the main difference? Well everything besides the fact its meant to hold large weights on the board. Multi-person SUPs are offer a ton of fun and performance, ideal for family, team-paddling, racing or simply relaxing day out on the water. All of the boards are very well designed, something that’s way above what the average consumer expects.

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Tandem SUP Brand Guide

Twice the fun

Two-person boards for kayaking, touring and all-around purposes. There are not many brands that have produced an inflatable tandem paddleboard, which benefits by way better performance than your average all-around board.

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Race Paddleboard Brand Guide

Best of the best when it comes to speed on water

Only a handful of brands compete for the top position. Some of oldest and legendary surf/SUP brands represented. Also, there’s something new from the inflatable SUP field as well. We have brought out all of the brands with size charts and a quick brand overview to steer you to the right track.

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Yoga SUP Brand Guide

Wide and comfortable boards for still waters

Yoga on water is one of the best remedies for watersport enthusiasts. Luckily, there are many brands with not only good-looking, but also well-performing boards in their listings. Find out more about their sizes, types and more!

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Kayak SUP Brand Guide

Paddleboards by awesome brands who have decided to add a seat on the deck

Uniting two of the most popular watercrafts into one – that’s what many brands have mastered over the years. We have brought out the best to help make the final decision based on price, brand overview and more. Head over and decide which you like best!

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Kids Paddleboard Brand Guide

A popular type with many awesome brands and boards

This list is based on the many awesome, family-friendly SUP brands with kids’ paddleboards in their listings. Head over to get an overview of different types, materials, sizes and features that are designed for kids only!

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Connelly SUPs review

Water sport specialist from the 60s

connelly inflatable solid paddleboards

Inflatable and solid paddleboards alongside with their kayaks and towables – Connelly is definitely a great name to have put out a wide variety of boards. Priced at mid range – there’s plenty of boards to choose from. They also have two propeller-ready inflatable SUPs that are worth checking out!

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Retrospec iSUPs review

Entry-level iSUPs

retrospec paddleboards

With over 20k+ reviews online – Retrospec has taken over the entry-level inflatable SUP market. Have a look what they’ve got for kids, multi-person paddlers, touring, yoga and all-around paddling!

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PAU HANA 8 Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed

Deck window + motor mount on a SUP?

pau hana inflatable paddle boards

Pau Hana is a brand that fears no change. Check out their awesome features and solution you definitely won’t see covered by other brands. Pau Hana is well-known for their unbeateable value for money and awesome wood-finishes, even on their inflatable boards they just look awesome. There’s also much more technical hidden inside them – so have a look!

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BOTE BOARDS – Brand Review

One of the top well-known SUP brand boards reviewed.

inflatable boards by bote

Bote is specialized in kayaks and paddleboards. In this review we have covered all of their boards, the features, sizes and more. Have a look at their specialization to paddleboards, as they have a good reputation from their kayaks as well.

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SOL Inflatable Paddle Boards – Brand Overview

A quick insight to the masters of whitewater fun

sol sumo sups

SOL is an awesome inflatable-specific brand with a noticeable set of boards. For river surfing, whitewater and much more – there’s surely something for everyone. The brand also stands out for their great customer service and social media coverage.

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ISLE Paddle Boards – Brand Review

Another SUP-specific premium brand on the market.

isle rigid sups

ISLE loves pastel tones and their boards ride just like they look. Mellow – ideal for many water conditions, water bodies and paddlers alike. If you are after a well-priced board by a known name in the industry – go check out more!

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RED Paddleboards – Brand Review

UK brand with premium inflatable SUPs

red sup 6 person board

RED is an awesome, premium board brand with many industry-leading boards for different activities. We have overviewed their selection and brought out their features, prices, sizes and more.

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Pau Hana Calypso Review

A Stand-up Kayak with a see-through window on the deck

pau hana calypso SUP

Pau Hana definitely fears no change – they have come up with some of the coolest features you’ll see on the market these days. We are big fans of innovation, therefore had fun researching and overviewing something as cool as that. We also pointed out the pros and cons to make the end-decision even easier.

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Thule SUP Taxi Overview

Check out what Thule has to offer for paddleboarder carriers

surf roof rack thule

Thule is an awesome brand for active individuals. Having been in the business for 75 years – their main goal is to provide sleek and highly durable carriers in all sorts and forms. Roof racks, crossbars, ski boxes, bike carriers, kayak and paddleboard carriers. The list goes on – and here’s their one of the few paddleboard-specific roof racks. Have a look to get a better understanding!

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Pau Hana 10’10” Solo Backcountry review

SUP for Digital Nomads

That’s one of our personal favorites! Besides all the different types and variations – they’ve chosen the most adventurous for digital nomads! Ideal for persons who like to live off their truck, who are always on the go and appreciate great engineering.

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Paddle Board Rack Guide

Home & garage storage – Transportation solutions for foot, bicycle, boat, and car.

vertical paddle board rack

Basic guide to different ways to store your paddleboard. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, hanging – everything’s covered. By car, by foor or even a bicycle – the paddleboarding instury is growing fast to meet the need.

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#SUP blog


4 Ways to Carry a SUP

By foot, bike, trailer, car, or simply get an iSUP

Paddleboards – both inflatable and solid are HUGE. Although quite lightweight for their volumetric dimensions – transporting and storing the SUP can get difficult at times. In this review we’ll overview the the different yet convenenient ways on how people prefer to transport their beloved paddleboard.

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How to prevent the inflatable SUP from a blow-out?

Basic preventions

A basic guide to keeping your paddleboard safe from possible hazards. Whether you own inflatable or rigid boards – both have quite equal weaknesses which should be avoided. A good read for beginner or intermediate paddlers who’d like to maximize the expected lifespan of your SUP.

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Paddleboarding Statistics 2010 to 2020

Check out the number behind the industry from 2010 to 2022.

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Best-of comparisons & reviews



Best Inflatable SUPs of 2022
All budgets covered from $300 to $1,000

Best Under $400 Inflatable Paddle Boards
One of the most popular budgets to find a good deal.

SUP Surfboard Buying Guide
Here’s what to look out for.

Best Cheap Inflatable SUP Boards
Best-rated & cheapest options online.

Best Yoga Paddle Boards
Wide boards to practice yoga, a popular trend.

Multi-Person SUPs
2 to 10 people inflatable paddle boards by known brands.

ROC Paddle Board Review
Check out one of the best-selling boards online.

Best Electric Pumps for SUP boards
Check out the best-rated pumps online.

Best Paddle Boards for Kids
Under 9′ SUPs reviewed.

types of paddle boards

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