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sup surfing guide



Get the right board type

How to choose the right sup review
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Pau Hana Calypso Review

A Stand-up Kayak with a see-through window on the deck

pau hana calypso SUP
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Types of Paddleboard Paddles

sup paddle materials
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What is a Paddle board?

what is a sup



History of Paddleboarding

history of paddleboarding





45 Best SUP Brands of 2022

Here’s a quick overview of the 45 best SUP brands in the US.

paddleboard brands review


14 Best Inflatable (Specific) SUP Brands

Top brands with inflatable SUPs only

isup brands



14 Best Surf SUP Brands

Inflatable & hard SUPs

best surf sup brands



10 Best Touring SUP Brands

Check out the TOP 10 by tech spec and no. of boards

touring sup brands


10 Best Electric SUP Brands

electric paddleboard brands


12 Best Multi-person SUP Brands

multi person brands


7 Best Tandem SUP Brands

best tandem sup brands



13 Different Types of SUP boards explained

From race to kids’ SUPs – find out the differences in size, material and features.

kinds of paddle boards



Introduction to SURF Paddle Boards

Introduction to TANDEM Paddle Boards

Introduction to RACE Paddleboards

Introduction to TOURING Paddle Boards

Introduction to YOGA Paddle Boards

Introduction to KAYAK SUPs

Introduction to ALL-AROUND Paddle Boards

Introduction to WHITEWATER Paddle Boards

Introduction to FISHING Paddle Boards

Introduction to KIDS Paddle Boards

Average sizes, accessories, types & what to look out for?

fishing paddle boards






PAU HANA 8 Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed

Deck window + motor mount on a SUP?

pau hana inflatable paddle boards

Pau Hana Calypso review – SUP / Kayak

Pau Hana 10’10” Solo Backcountry review – SUP for Digital Nomads




BOTE BOARDS – Brand Review

One of the top well-known SUP brand boards reviewed.

inflatable boards by bote




SOL Inflatable Paddle Boards – Brand Overview

A quick insight to the masters of whitewater fun.

sol sumo sups




ISLE Paddle Boards – Brand Review

Another SUP-specific premium brand on the market.

isle rigid sups





Paddle Board Rack Guide
Home & garage storage – Transportation solutions for foot, bicycle, boat, and car.

vertical paddle board rack




Thule SUP Taxi Overview

Check out what Thule has to offer for paddleboarders.



#SUP Blog




Inflatable SUP Size Guide

Average length/width/thicknesses for each type & how to calculate SUP volume.

sup size chart




Surfing vs Paddleboarding

Check out the comparison, pros, and cons.




SUP vs Kayak vs Canoe

sup kayak canoe illustration




4 Ways to Carry a SUP

By foot, bike, trailer, car, or simply get an iSUP.




Inflatable vs Solid SUP

Check out the 30+ considerations.

non inflatable sup pros cons




What to wear to paddleboarding?

Warm & colder water advice.




Paddleboarding FAQ

Check out the basics of paddleboarding.

stand up paddleboarding faq




Best-of Comparisons

Best Inflatable SUPs of 2022
All budgets covered from $300 to $1,000

Best Under $400 Inflatable Paddle Boards
One of the most popular budgets to find a good deal.

SUP Surfboard Buying Guide
Here’s what to look out for.

Best Cheap Inflatable SUP Boards
Best-rated & cheapest options online.

Best Yoga Paddle Boards
Wide boards to practice yoga, a popular trend.

Multi-Person SUPs
2 to 10 people inflatable paddle boards by known brands.

ROC Paddle Board Review
Check out one of the best-selling boards online.

Best Electric Pumps for SUP boards
Check out the best-rated pumps online.

Best Paddle Boards for Kids
Under 9′ SUPs reviewed.

types of paddle boards