ROC Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The inflatable paddle board industry has stepped solid steps in the quite fresh industry of the inflatable paddle boards and has proved to offer an ideal alternative to rigid SUP.

ISUPs Then & Now

During the past few years, build quality has increased steadily, while the prices have still remained to be quite affordable. Entry-level paddleboards start as low as $300, while the average inflatable SUP on the market these days averages around 500-700 USD. After going through ‘several’ inflatable paddle board reviews, it seems that the majority of the customers were satisfied with their purchase and would totally recommend looking into the inflatable industry. ROC’s inflatable stand-up paddle board is among the best-selling ones on Amazon that have reached quite an astonishing score and proved to be Amazon’s Choice for a long time!

Portrability / Easy Of Use / Unbeataeble Value



ROC SUP Co has been around for 23 years and they’ve managed to sell over 150k paddleboards!

roc paddle board in the water

ROC Inflatable Paddle Board PSI

  • 12PSI – When the sun is out.
  • 15PSI – During a cold & cloudy day.

*You’ll need more pressure on a cold day, and less during a sunny day.
*When inflating the paddle board, remember that the gauge will start showing the pressure after 5 PSI.
* When pumping the board, make sure the yellow valve is in the right position! (Also written in the manual)


Does the paddle float?

Paddles provided by ROC are intended to float for a short period of time, but not indefinitely. If you become separated from your paddle on the water, retrieve it as soon as possible. If the paddle comes waterlogged, simply disassemble the paddle into two pieces to empty out any water it may have taken on while floating.


Boards Range & Recommended Use

Explorer – All-rounder for yoga, fishing, cruising


How to store it?

After use, deflate the board. Let it dry out and store it out of direct sunlight, preferably in a cold and ventilated area.


Explorer Series – 10′ Inflatable Kit


roc explorer stand up paddle board

Size – 10′ x 32″ x 6″

Weight – 17.5lbs

Max Capacity – 275lbs

The Explorer series is ideal for anyone who is into SUP yoga, fishing, fitness, or simply cruising along those flat surfaces of the deep blue. With a max capacity of just under 300 pounds, it is ideal for taking the pets on a ride as well. What many ROC owners were satisfied with was the stability of the board, and also the lightweight when carrying it. Both the board and the pump both within the backpack for easy carrying.

It takes around 3-5 minutes to deflate the board and pack up. The handle in the middle of the board works as a great reference point to stand in the middle, and it is also super convenient to carry around. Another must-have feature of the board is the bungee cord on the nose, and the non-slip deck. Whoever thinks of using the board as a swimming dock, there’s also the D-ring at the tail of the board that prevents it from floating away.

In The Package

  • Inflatable Paddle Board
  • 3-Piece Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • Hand-Pump
  • Detachable Fin
  • Safety Leash
  • Waterproof Accesory Bag – For phone, keys, other essentials
  • Travel Backpack

Scout Series – 10′ Inflatable Kit

roc scout inflatable stand up paddle board

Size – 10′ x 33′ x 6′

Weight – 17.5 pounds

Max Capacity – 300lbs

The Scout series is basically the same as the Explorer while having an inch wider outline. It is best suited for beginners or someone who prefers a wider board and doesn’t worry too much about the speed. It doesn’t mean that this board is slower, but instead, it is better for relaxed cruising. Isn’t it what the whole paddleboarding activity is all about, right?

Check Prices at



roc paddle board technology


ROC Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories

  • Replacement Fin $25
  • Backpack $55
  • Safety Leash $25
  • Valve Wrench $10
  • Manual Pump $60
  • Adjustable 3-Piece Paddle $65
  • Comfort Cushion Seat $65
  • Replacement Pump Hose $25
  • Electric Air Pump $125

two person standing on surfboard on sea at sunrise


Is the ROC Inflatable Paddle Board really worth it?

It definitely is. Over 4,000 nearly 5-star reviews have proved way above the ‘acceptable’ line of what you’d want to feel safe. The only improvements people were asking about were was the pump, which they wished to have a two-way pump. Have I ever read so many people who were literally obsessed by their purchase? No. Well, taking that leap of faith and ordering the ROC online you are definitely going to turn a new page in your life. This is most likely the best $600 package you could spend to get you into a new hobby, which generally requires way more hustle and money to get into.

Also, if taken proper care of – those boards will last a good time!



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