Rip Curl Omega – Complete Wetsuit Review

Founded in 1969, Torquay, Australia – since then Rip Curl is a successful surf-focused designer, manufacturer, and major athletic sponsor. Today, Rip Curl products are used all over the world due to their specialized gear for every water-enthusiast out there. The Omega range is Rip Curl’s so-called entry-level suit, which is way above the average wetsuit out there. The Omega has great back-zip wetsuits under the $200 mark!

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How To Choose





The Omega incorporates high-end features at an economical price

all rip curl omega wetsuit models


  • Thickness range: 1.5mm, 3/2, 4/3, 5/4
  • Zipper: Back Zip
  • Types: Short Sleeve Top, Long Sleeve Top, Shorty, Full Wetsuit
  • Prices: from $50 to $200


  • FreeFlex on shoulders&arms
  • Ultraline Neoprene is exceptionally durable and warm, located throughout the rest of the wetsuit
  • Highly waterproof GBS Seams = Glued and Blind Stitched
  • E5 Neoprene on the torso, E3 on thighs and arms
  • Mesh Skin on the torso area
  • Flatlock seams
  • Easy back zip entry
  • Adjustable collar and designed with a water-resistant steel head zipper with offset teeth and urethane coating
  • Smooth mesh skin panels in the chest and back that absorb the suns solar rays for increased warmth
  • Durable S-Flex knee pads

WASHING INSTRUCTIONSRinse with cool water and drip dry out of direct sunlight
Want your wetsuit to last longer? Check out our wetsuit care guide.

CONs: Rip Curl Omega comes only as a back-zip wetsuit. As it is Rip Curl’s entry-level suit, it lacks the better features. Also, the sizing chart is quite limited, leaving out the big guys.


Price: 5/5
Technology: 3/5
Flexibility 3/5
Design: 3/5
Sizes: 3/5
Types: 3/5

Total Score: 3.5/5

What I personally like about Omega is the affordability of a specialized surf brand. The suits look neat and are indeed quite durable and warm. It is an ideal choice for any other water-related activity as well such as kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, freediving, spearfishing, and so on. Perfect ways to get your kids in the water as well as there are many models for boys and girls as well.

How To Choose

  1. TYPE – Determine which type of wetsuit do you need: Chest/Back-Zip, short sleeve, or a full wetsuit.
  2. THICKNESS – Choose the right thickness for the season.
  3. SIZE – Make sure you get exactly the right size. When you have to choose between two sizes, weight is more important than the height.

Thickness Recommendation Chart

rip curl wetsuit thickness chart

Rip Curl Omega Wetsuits For Men

rip curl wetsuits for men


1.5mm Short Sleeve Top – Check Price at

1.5mm Long Sleeve Top – Check Price at

1.5mm back-zip Shorty – Check Price at

3/2 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at

4/3 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at

Rip Curl Men’s Wetsuit Size Chart

Metric / Imperial
167,5cm to 193cm / 54.5kg to 113.5kg
5’6″ to 6’4″ / 120lbs to 250lbs

rip curl mens wetsuit size chart

Rip Curl Omega wetsuits for Women

rip curl omega for women

2mm back-zip Shorty – Check Price at

3/2 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at

4/3 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at

5/4 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at

Rip Curl Women’s Wetsuit Size Chart

Metric / Imperial
152.5cm to 180.5cm / 5’0″ to 5’11”
45.5kg to 72.5kg / 100lbs – 160lbs

rip curl omega womens wetsuit size chart


Shop Junior / Toddlers Rip Curl Omega wetsuit for Boys & Girls

1.5mm back-zip Boys Shorty – Check Price at
3/2 back-zip Boys Full Wetsuit – Check Price at
4/3 back-zip Full Wetsuit – Check Price at



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