Rip Curl E/G-Bomb/FlashBomb/HeatSeeker Review

Bomb-series wetsuits are one of the best in the game, so check out the different variations there are to get. Every decent surf store will be guiding you to the Rip Curl wetsuits once you’d ask for the best suits they have in the store. So, hopefully, this guide will give you a brief overview before making your final decision.

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Flashbomb / E-Bomb / G-Bomb
How To Choose

Belonging to the Big Three with Billabong and Quiksilver&Roxy, Rip Curl is one of the top surf wetsuit brands in the business. Founded in 1969 on the East Coast of Australia, Rip Curl is still going strong by specializing in their niche which is surfwear, accessories, but most importantly – surf wetsuit. The Brand is also well known by sponsoring a bunch of athletes!

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What Is The Difference Between E-Bomb / G-Bomb / FlashBomb / FlashBomb Heatseeker?

  • E-BOMB – Zipless wetsuits for Men. E6 Neoprene. Technologically between Dawn Patrol and Flashbomb. Mid-High End Wetsuits.
  • G-BOMB – Zipless wetsuits for Females. E4 Neoprene. Awesome summer, spring, and winter wetsuits for women!
  • FLASH BOMB –  Chest-Zip and Zipless ultimate high-end performance wetsuits.
  • FLASH BOMB HEATSEEKER series uses a neoprene called Flex Energy which generates heat when stretched. Warmest High-End suits available.

Youtube – How to Put on a Zipless Wetsuit


  • Thicknesses: 6/4, 5/4, 5/3, 4/3, 3/2, 0.5mm
  • Types: Hooded full suit, Full wetsuit, Short-arm&long-leg, Long-sleeve short-leg, Long Jane, Hood Vest, Cap, Hood, Shorts
  • Zippers: Chest Zip, Zipless, Front Zip
  • Price: 100-600 USD
  • Rip Curl Wetsuit Ranking: 4/4

Rip Curl FlashBomb Review

Exclusive E5 Flash lining is as flexible as traditional double lined neoprene allowing unrestricted stretch and warmth on the entire suit. Lightweight, yet extremely warm and quick drying.

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  • E5 Flash Lining – Provides stretch, warmth, and is super fast drying
  • E5 Seams – Taped with E5 lining for extra comfort and the seam sealing
  • Internal E5 flash lining tape in the arms provides maximum durability and while maintaining insane flexibility
  • Mesh Skin – Absorbs solar rays and reduces wind chill
  • 100% External Aquaban Plus Tape
  • Quick Drying – Allows you to surf multiple times per day without putting on a cold and wet suit!


Rip Curl FlashBomb HeatSeeker Review

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The most technically advanced cold water wetsuit with super quick drying qualities

  • Flex Energy Neoprene – A revolutionary neoprene that generates heat when stretched. As you move through the water, the Flex Energy lining will activate and heat your wetsuit.
  • Liquid Mesh – Superior stretch smooth mesh panels that absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill
  • Thermo Shield – More durable than smooth neoprene, Thermo Shield increases warmth by removing wind chill from the arms
  • E5 Flash Lining – Two engineered layers that funnel water rapidly out of the suit once it is hung. The warmest and most comfortable lining available.

HeatSeeker Introduction on YouTube


Rip Curl E-Bomb / G-Bomb

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The ultimate high-performance wetsuit – Featuring Rip Curl’s latest E6 neoprene with Thermo Lining throughout the entire suite and combined with the newest zip free entry system for maximum paddling freedom and water seal

rip curl e-bomb 8 features

1. E6 NEOPRENE – Rip Curl’s premium high stretch E6 neoprene. Super stretch and lightweight with a high-quality hand feel that is smooth and comfortable against the skin.
2. GLUED & BLIND STITCHED SEAMS – Triple glued, the double-stitched seam that only penetrates one side of the material providing a high stretch, high strength, water sealed seam.
3. HYDRO LOCK – Smooth Skin Collar designed to minimize leakage and maximize comfort
4. STITCHLESS UNDERARMS – Seamless and stitchless underarm and shoulder panels maximize movement and provide ultimate flexibility.
5. LOCK SLIDE CLOSURE DESIGN – Adjustable shock cord closure system in chest zip and zip free suits to prevent flushing.
6. MAGNETIC STASH POCKET – Magnet closure stash pocket with key loop.
7. STRESS POINT TAPED – Added to high-stress points for increased strength and durability.
8. S-FLEX KNEE – Highly flexible kneepads allowing maximum movement and lasting durability.


How to Choose

  1. TYPE – Determine which type of wetsuit do you need: Hooded full suit, short sleeve spring suit, or just the top.
  2. THICKNESS – Choose the right thickness for the season.
  3. SIZE – Make sure you get exactly the right size. When you have to choose between two sizes, weight is more important than the height.

Thickness Recommendation Chart

rip curl wetsuit thickness recommendation chart


Flashbomb / Flashbomb Heatseeker / E-Bomb Surf Wetsuits For Men on AMAZON

Rip Curl Men’s Wetsuit Size Chart

Metric / Imperial
167,5cm to 193cm / 54.5kg to 113.5kg
5’6″ to 6’4″ / 120lbs to 250lbs

rip curl mens wetsuit size chart


FlashBomb Heatseeker Men’s

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3/2 Full Wetsuit Zipless
4/3 Full Wetsuit Zipess
5/3 Hooded Fullsuit Chest Zip
5/3 Hooded Fullsuit Zipless
6/4 Hooded Fullsuit Zipless

Short-Sleeve Thermal Top

3mm Hood
4mm Hood

rip curl flasbomb mens wetsuits inside out


Flashbomb Men’s

rip curl flashbomb logo

5/4 Hooded Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

4/3 Full Wetsuit Zip Free
4/3 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip
3/2 Full Wetsuit Zip Free
3/2 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

7/5 Mitten Gloves
5/3 Three-Finger Gloves
5/3 Five-Finger Gloves

3mm Cap
3mm Hood

rip curl flashbomb whole series wetsuits, gloves and hood


E-Bomb Men’s

rip curl e-bomb logo

1.5mm Long Sleeve Jacket
2/2 Long Sleeve Short Leg Zipless
2/2 Short Sleeve Long Leg Zipless
3/2 Full Wetsuit Zipless
4/3 Full Wetsuit Zipless

2mm Hood

rip curl e-bomb wetsuits and a hood


Shop for Best Rip Curl Flashbomb / G-Bomb Surf Wetsuits for Women on AMAZON

Rip Curl Women’s Wetsuit Size Chart

Metric / Imperial
152.5cm to 180.5cm / 5’0″ to 5’11”
45.5kg to 72.5kg / 100lbs – 160lbs

rip curl womens size chart



rip curl g bomb womens wetsuits

Long Sleeve Spring High Cut
1mm Sleeveless Vest Front Zip
1mm Shorts
1.5mm Long Sleeve Rash Springsuit
1.5mm Long Jane Front Zip
4/3 Full Wetsuit Zipless



rip curl flashbomb logo

5/3 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip
4/3 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip
3/2 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

rip curl womens flashbomb warm water wetsuits


Shop Flashbomb / E-Bomb wetsuits for the Youth (To be updated!)

4/3 Full Wetsuit Zipperless
3/2 Full Wetsuit Zip Free

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