Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit Review

The Syncro series wetsuits are quite popular due to their great value. These wetsuits look good, perform well, and leave you with plenty of money leftover. Whether you’ll looking for a wetsuit for


How To Choose

ABOUT THE BRAND. Quiksilver, along with Billabong and Rip Curl, belongs to the “Big Three” surf companies which started out in the 70’s East Coast of Australia. Quiksilver is a well-favored brand by many athletes all around the world. Specializing in snowboarding/surfing wear and gear, Quiksilver has a distinctive focus towards the boardsports.

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Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit Overview

quiksilver syncro comparison


THICKNESSES: 5/4/3 | 4/3 | 3/2 | 2/2 | 1.5mm
ZIPS: Back Zip, Chest Zip
TYPES: Hooded full suit, Shorty, Long-sleeve Top, Boots, Hoods
PRICE: Under $200 for Syncro, $200+ for Syncro Plus

Syncro Specifications & Features

What is the difference between Syncro and Syncro Plus (+)? Syncro Plus has the LFS (Liquid Flex Seals)


quiksilver syncro features

1.WarmFlight®X1 – Far-Infrared thermal lining on the back panel transforms body heat into infrared energy to generate & maintain warmth. Mineral-enriched fibers to insulate and retain body heat longer. Its unique construction helps expel water so you stay warmer and it helps to dry the suit faster.

2. Fn 100% StretchFlight x2 limestone-derived neoprene warm, light & flexible. Air cell-rich limestone that minimizes water absorption for increased warmth and decreased weight.
“Warmth just got lighter”

3. PK® #8 plastic zip

4. Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) – A stretchy, flexible liquid tape that seals GBS stitched seams.
“LFS refuses to leak”

Syncro Plus feature

5. Thermal Smoothie – Super flexible, wind & water repellent to keep you warmer.

6. Ecto-Flex Knee Pads – durable, lightweight & flexible. Protects you and your board

7. GBS Seams (glued and blindstitched) – For maximum flexibility and minimal water entry

“Keeping you warmer for longer”

8. Glideskin Neck Seal – Available on Chest zip wetsuits, an ultra-smooth liner for superior comfort and a watertight seal

WASHING INSTRUCTIONSRinse with cool water and drip dry out of direct sunlight
Want your wetsuit to last longer? Check out our Wetsuit Care Guide

Syncro’s CONs: Being an entry-level wetsuit, the Syncro is rather basic for a needy user. Limited size availability for larger dudes.


Price: 5/5
Technology: 3/5
Flexibility 3/5
Performance 4/5
Design: 4/5
Sizes: 4/5
Types: 4/5

Quiksilver Syncro is equivalent to O’Neill’s Epic, Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol

What I personally like about the Syncro is that it allows everyone to get a glimpse of what it’s like to wear a well-known surf brand wetsuit. The Syncro series has plenty of decent spring suits and steamers. By paying less than $200 you don’t have to sacrifice your warmth or flexibility – that’s something which was hard to come by just five years ago!

I’ve used the Syncro’s 3/2 Back Zip springsuit for surfing in New Zealand during the summer, and I must say it was really lightweight, fits snug and it’s warm enough on it’s recommended thickness range. Very easy to put on and get off, dries rather quick as well. Perfect for warm weather freediving or swimming as well.

surfer duck diving


quiksilver mens syncro wetsuits range

Shop Men’s Quiksilver Syncro on AMAZON

2mm Reef Walker
3mm Round Toe Boots
5mm Round Toe Boots
7mm Round Toe Boots

1mm Long Sleeve Top
1.5mm Long Sleeve Mesh

Back Zip  2mm Shorty
Back Zip 2mm Long-Sleeve Shorty

3/2 Full Wetsuit Back Zip

Chest Zip 4/3 Full Wetsuit
Back Zip 4/3 Full Wetsuit

5/4/3 Full Wetsuit Back Zip

Shop Men’s Quiksilver Syncro PLUS on AMAZON

Syncro Plus 3/2 Full Wetsuit Back Zip
Syncro Plus 3/2 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

Syncro Plus Back Zip 4/3 Full Wetsuit
Syncro Plus Chest Zip 4/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit

Syncro Plus 5/4/3 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

Shop Youths Quiksilver Syncro on AMAZON

5/4/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit Chest Zip
Syncro Plus 3/2 Full Wetsuit Chest Zip

2/2 Shorty Back Zip

How To Choose

  1. TYPE – Determine which type of wetsuit do you need or want: Chest/Back-Zip, Shorty, or a Full Wetsuit.
  2. THICKNESS – Choose the right thickness for the season.
  3. SIZE – Make sure you get exactly the right size. When you have to choose between two sizes, weight is more important than the height.

    quiksilver wetsuit thickness recommendation
    This is a guide only: Weather, sensitivity to the cold & conditions at your local break will affect temperatures & choice of equipment

Quiksilver Wetsuit Size Chart

Metric / Imperial

168cm to 188cm / 5’6″ to 6’2″
57kg to 104kg / 125lbs to 230lbs

quiksilver mens wetsuit size chart



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