Best Surf Sunscreen for Skin, Face & Lips

Surfing is one of those activities that take place at times and places most humans are not ideally suitable. Not only the direct UV rays but also the countless reflections increase the damaging effects done to our bodies. How to protect our skin from the Sun when surfing? There are plenty of products to choose …

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Rip Curl Wetsuit Reviews

Rip Curl is a successful surf wear and gear brand, producing a variety of both high-end and value surf wetsuits for everyone out there. Check out their selection we’ve written some reviews of: Entry surf wetsuits Rip Curl Omega Mid-range Rip Curl Dawn Patrol High-end Rip Curl BOMB series

O’Neill Wetsuit Reviews

O’Neill is one of the oldest surf wetsuit brands out there still going strong and here’s our selection of their series reviews: Entry-level Surf Wetsuits: O’Neill Reactor 2 O’Neill Epic Mid-range Surf Wetsuits O’Neill O’riginal High-end Surf Wetsuits O’Neill Hyperfreak O’Neill Psycho

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