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Let’s check out some of the lesser-known, but yet some very awesome paddle board brands out there. It is a rarely new water sport compared to their closest activities like kayaking, surfing, canoeing, etc. Therefore, even a 10-year experience in the making of either the inflatable or solid paddleboard has an upper-hand compared to the new names who’d like to settle early for the bigger competition. Paddleboards are here to stay – they offer a super compact and great alternative to much bulkier kayaks. Paddleboards can be used for fishing, touring surfing, etc.

The biggest selling point for paddleboards is that a wide variety of different types of inflatable models are nearly idendical in terms of performance and durability – next to their solid counterparts. Inflatable paddleboards are a trending market in which many watersport-related brands are thinking of grabbing their stake.

Paddleboards have slowly yet surely dug into the watersport vessel market for a very good reason! Let’s have a look at some of the not-so-popular brands out there.

If you’d like to look into the Best 45 Paddleboard brands, check this out:

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The 45 Best Paddleboard Brands


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404 paddleboards

  • 404sup.com/
  • San Clemente, CA
  • Fins, Rigid race, surf, all-around, inflatable SUPs





Altitude paddleboards

  • altitudepaddleboards.com/
  • Englewood, CA
  • Skate, snow, surf, SUP
  • Rent/shop/classes




Anchor paddleboards

  • facebook.com/anchorpaddleboards/
  • Sells online




Academy paddleboards

  • academy.com/c/outdoors/boating/paddle–sports/stand-up-paddle-boards
  • Sells a bunch of different brands
  • Houston, TX




Amity paddleboards

  • facebook.com/amityboardco/
  • Amity, NY





BIC paddleboards

  • bicsup.com/
  • Tahe




Blaze SUP paddleboards

  • facebook.com/BlazeSUP/
  • Sunrise, FL





CBC paddleboards

  • Since 2008
  • Vista, CA
  • californiaboardcompany.com/
  • Surfboards, paddleboards, bodyboards
  • Foam, fiberglass, inflatable paddleboards





Dama paddleboards

  • damasup.com/
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Inflatable boards




Desert paddleboards

  • desertpaddleboards.com/
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • SUP rental,
  • Shop (Transparent Inflatable Paddle Board)




Mike Doyle paddleboards

  • mikedoyle.com/boards





EMS paddleboards

  • Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Meriden, Connecticut
  • ems.com/activities/paddle/paddleboarding/





Fanatic paddleboards

  • fanatic.com/sup
  • Online retailer on Amazon




Funwater paddleboards

  • funwaterboard.com/
  • SUP, kayaks, bodyboards, gear & accessories
  • Online retailer on Amazon
  • Jacksonville, FL

funwater sup logo





Gladiator paddleboards

  • gladiatorpaddleboards.com/
  • Allround, performance all-around, touring, race, kids & gear
  • Located in Europe – sells online





Honu paddleboards

  • honuboards.com/
  • Paddleboards, paddles
  • Salt Lake City, Utah




Hellbender paddleboards

  • hellbenderpaddleboards.com/
  • Inflatable paddleboards, paddles, apparel
  • Asheville, North Carolina




Hurley paddleboards

  • hurley.com/pages/paddle-boards
  • Inflatable paddleboards & gear





Infinity paddleboards

  • infinitysurf.com/collections/sup
  • Surf/race/performance touring/inflatable
  • Dana Point, CA





Joe Bark Paddleboards

  • joebark.com/
  • Carbon & wooden SUPs
  • Shapes for SurfTech
  • Los Angeles, CA




JK paddleboards

  • jk-surfboards.com/stand-up-paddleboards
  • Made in California
  • SUP rentals, sales




JM paddleboards

  • watermanstore.com.au/collections/jm-paddleboards
  • Australia
  • Surfcraft manufacturer




Jimmy Stykes paddleboards

  • jimmystyks.com/
  • Inflatable paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, platforms & accessories
  • Huntington Beach, California





Kahuna paddleboards

  • kahunapaddleboards.com/
  • Whistler, BC
  • Touring, surf, recreational, yoga
  • Inflatable




Kings paddleboards

  • kingspaddlesports.com/
  • Paddleboards made in the USA
  • Surf, race, prone, downwind, foil, wave-ski, paddles





Live paddleboards

  • livewatersports.com/
  • Clearwater, Florida
  • Fishing catamaran paddleboards, custom SUPs & accessories









NCP paddleboards

  • North County Paddleboards
  • instagram.com/ncp_paddleboards/?hl=en
  • Cardiff, California
  • Hand-shaped paddleboards





Origin paddleboards

  • kickstarter.com/projects/originpaddleboards/origin-paddleboards-the-worlds-best-inflatable-sup






Pulse paddleboards

  • rustyskayaks.com/shop
  • Harrison Bay Rd – Harrison, TN




POP paddleboards

  • popboardco.com/
  • Rigid & inflatable paddleboards, docks
  • Orange County CA




Peak paddleboards

  • facebook.com/PEAKPaddleBoards/
  • Online retailer




Precision paddleboards

  • facebook.com/PrecisionPaddleboards/
  • Lauderdale, FL









REI paddleboards

  • REI.com/
  • Paddleboards from brands – Connelly, SIC Maui, Red Paddle Co, Surftech, Pau Hana, NRS, NSP, Perception, Hala, Bote, Starboard, Aquaglide, DRIFT
  • Paddles & all the related gear
  • Online & physical stores




Riviera paddleboards

  • instagram.com/rivierapaddlesurf/
  • Since 2007
  • Southern California




Rave paddleboards

  • ravesports.com/collections/paddle-boards/paddle-boards
  • Eagan, Minnesota
  • Inflatable trampolines, towable boat tubes, inflatable paddleboards, water skis, slides, etc
  • Rigid paddleboards




Rogue paddleboards

  • rogueboardco.com/
  • Oceanside, CA





Sunrise Paddleboards llc

  • SUPsmart
  • sunrisepaddleboards.com/
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Wooden/fiberglass paddleboards




Sea Gods paddleboards

  • seagods.ca/
  • Inflatable paddleboards & kayaks, accessories




Surfcore paddleboards

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Online retailer




Silver paddleboards

  • sliverpaddleboards.com/
  • Wooden paddleboards
  • Kits & plans for custom paddleboard makers
  • Vancouver, Canada













Vesl paddleboards

  • veslpaddleboards.com/
  • Touring, surf, all-around
  • Surfboards, paddleboards, prone paddleboards, paddles, racks
  • Costa Mesa, CA





Wave paddleboards

  • wavesupboards.com/
  • Inflatable SUPs, kayaks & accessories
  • Newcastle, United Kingdom

Wave Sups UK logo




Wavestorm paddleboards

  • shop.agit-global.com/
  • Surfboards, paddleboards, sleds, apparel
  • Online retailer of a very popular inflatable paddleboard on Amazon




Whaleback paddleboards

  • whalebackpaddleboards.com/
  • facebook.com/whalebackpaddleboards/
  • SUP rentals
  • Boynton Beach, FL




WOW paddleboards

  • wowseasup.com/
  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Adventure, fitness, leisure, touring & fishing
  • Shanghai, China

wowseasup brand logo













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