surf wetsuits for men review

Men’s O’Neill Surf Wetsuits Range Review

Although the fact that there are a lot of other competitive wetsuit makers, O’Neill stands out due to its wide range of technologically advanced models at a reasonable price tag! O’Neill wetsuits for men come in a lot of different sizes and color schemes to choose from. Whether you are surfing the warm waters on the east coast of Australia or the cold breaks at Tofino Long Beach – O’Neill wetsuits can be seen everywhere around the world for a good reason!


About the Brand

oneill company logo

Founded in 1952
California, United States
Jack O’Neill

jack o'neill with an eyepad

“I just wanted to surf longer.”

The company logo symbolizes a breaking surf wave.

Jack is credited to have invented the surf wetsuit and his son Pat the leash on the surfboard. The rash vest and split-toe wetsuit surf boots were the later inventions by Jack. By today, O’Neill produces a wide array of surfwear, wetsuits for men, women, and kids that are available in-store worldwide.


Table of Contents

Tops, Jackets

Shorty Wetsuits

3/2 springers

4/3 steamers

5/4 steamers

surfer surfing a wave

How to choose a wetsuit for surfing?

Weight & then the height

  1. Determine the wetsuit THICKNESS
    Know the seasons and average water temperatures of your local surf spots. A wetsuit is a technical garment that must be chosen well for the right conditions. Too thick wetsuit in warm waters could lead up to overheating, while also thin wetsuit stops your body from generating heat that could lead to hypothermia.
  2. Choose the wetsuit SIZE
    A wetsuit must fit snug – not too large, nor too small. Wetsuits today are very comfortable that allow you to stay in the cold water for hours if the thickness is chosen correctly.
  3. Pick the MODEL and TYPE you like
    Now the fun part! If you are aware of the wetsuit thickness and size – choose the model you like. The rule of thumb is simple, with quality increases the price as well. Although all O’Neill wetsuits are perfect for their price, experienced and demanding surfers prefer more advanced gear over regular surfing wetsuits.
  • Back-Zipper – Known for its easy entry through a large entrance area. On the downside, the wetsuit might get the occasional flush when duck-diving the waves.
  • Chest-Zip – Small entrance area, but is the warmest wetsuit that’s also widely used in winter wetsuits

Wetsuit Care

After surfing: Hand wash in cold water, dry in the shade. Interested more about how to increase the excepted lifespan of your wetsuit? Check out our wetsuit care section to read more.

Wetsuit Thickness Recommendation

o'neill wetsuit temperature thickness chart

Take no exception when you are planning to spend countless hours in the water surfing. Always choose the right thickness for the recommended weather. It is a great sensation being in cold water in a decent wetsuit, feeling warm and protected!


  • Springer = Warm water full wetsuit
  • Steamer = Coldwater full wetsuit
  • Fullsuit – A wetsuit that covers your whole body
  • Long John – A wetsuit with no sleeves and long legs
  • Shorty – A wetsuit with either or both short-/no sleeves or short/long legs.
  • Rash vest/Rashie/Rashguard – A thin neoprene shirt or a jacket to prevent chest rash from the surfboards wax
  • Jacket – Long-sleeve wetsuit top for warm waters

Always use recommended gear to avoid hypothermia!


O’Neill Men’s Wetsuit SIZE Chart

Always choose the right size wetsuit. O’Neill provides those guides down below specifically

o'neill mens wetsuit size chart

O’Neill Men’s Surf Wetsuit
MODELS range

Jackets/Tops: Basic Skins, Reactor 2
Shortys: O’Riginal, Reactor, Reactor 2, Hyperfreak
Springers: Epic, Reactor, Reactor 2
Steamers: Epic, O’Riginal, Psycho Tech, Psycho One, Mutant

O’Neill – Basic Skins UPF 50+

Essential item for the El Paradiso surf trips

o'neill basic skins wetsuit shirt

A must-have surfing accessory every surfer should have. This O’Neil Basic vest has an ideal UPF rating a protects your chest from getting unwanted rash as well. Plenty of colors and sizes are available.

  • Sizes: S, M, L, L tall, XL, XL tall, XXL, XXL tall, XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXL tall
  • Type: SPF 50+ short sleeve rash vest
  • Fabric/Material: Polyester, spandex


  • Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended Product with UPF 50+UVA/UVB protection fabric.
  • Stretch material with quick-drying properties ensures that you stay comfortable.
  • Strategically placed seamless paddle zones for a better range of motion.
  • Crew neckline
  • Straight hemline. 89% polyester, 11% elastane

O’Neill – Reactor-2

Top sun protection with a slight heat-producing quantities rash vest

oneill reactor 2 jersey

Another great jacket from O’Neill that’s great for warm-water surf sessions. Quality neoprene to keep you warm and flexible during the summer swells. Can’t go wrong with O’Neill when choosing a wetsuit.

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL
  • Type: Long sleeve 1.5mm wetsuit jacket
  • Fabric/Material: Nylon, spandex – FluidFoam and FluidFlex 2 neoprene


  • Super Stretch fabrication. Pull-on construction.
  • Sealed crew neckline reduces water leakage.
  • Long raglan sleeves promote a wider range of motion.
  • FluidFoam and FluidFlex 2 neoprene for superior feel, flexibility, and unrestricted movement.
  • Strategically placed seamless paddle zones allow for unrestricted motion.
  • Flatlock stitching to reduce chafing and increase comfort.
  • Straight hemline with boardshorts connector.

O’Neill Reactor 2 Review


O’Neill – O’Riginal

oneill sleevless surf suit

This sport shorty is both technologically advanced and comfortable while still keeping the reasonable price-tag that saves you some extra bucks in your wallet. Sleeveless and seamless wetsuits make you feel like you’re not wearing anything since the warmth and flexibility are still there!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Type: Back-Zip 2mm sleeveless shorty
  • Fabric/Material: 100% nylon bonded UltraFlex DS neoprene


  • Rubberized chest and back panels for wind resistance.
  • Single sealed neckline keeps you warm and toasty
  • Lightweight Fluidflex neoprene back and chest for panels
  • Sleeveless construction
  • Back zip closure with extended pull tab
  • Seamless lumbar design to increase comfort
  • Clean O’Neill graphics throughout
  • Nylon bonded to neoprene

O’Neill O’Riginal Review

O’Neill – Reactor

Great comfort and warmth for hours of fun in the water

oneill mens surf wetsuit

The Reactor is considered a pretty basic choice, but this same model has been produced and preferred for good reasons. It is an entry-level wetsuit while having quite a few important technological advancements to keep you warm, flexible so you could focus on surfing the waves!

  • Sizes: S, M, M tall, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL, XXL tall, XXXL,
  • Type: 2mm back-zip shorty
  • Fabric/Material: Ultraflex neoprene


  • Super stretchy for warm and tropical water
  • Seamless paddle zones make padding and swimming easy
  • Adjustable SuperSeal collar for comfort
  • Wind-resistant SmoothSkin chest & back
  • Fluid flex in the shoulder and sleeves
  • Fully adjustable super seal neck
  • Krypto knee pads

O’Neill – Reactor 2

o'neill reactor 2 shorty

Reactor 2 has minor improvements over Reactor 1, while both wetsuits are value-driven entry-level for men. As this is a warm water surf wetsuit – It’ll keep you warm and flexible, and is most definitely worth the price!

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XL tall, XXL short, XXL, XXL tall, XXXL, XXXL tall, XXXXL short,
  • Type: Back-Zip 2mm shorty
  • Fabric/Material: Neoprene


  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly soft premium material that has a superior feel, flexibility for elevated performance
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Flexible design
  • Minimal seam placement for comfort & maximum mobility
  • Wind-Resistant SmoothSkin for extra insulation and protection against the cold

O’Neill – O’riginal

The O’riginal Shorty checks all the right boxes while still leaving you with money leftover

o'neill o'riginal shorty wetsuit

The O’Riginal long sleeve shorty wetsuit is excellent for those surfers who prefer the warmth but might need some extra cooling on their legs. Not to forget that your arms won’t get burnt by the UV rays! An impressive list of features at this price tag! A surfing wetsuit that’s widely used by beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers alike. Why? It’s cheap and functional, with plenty of history and improvements in the engineering part!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Type: Long sleeve short leg back zip shorty
  • Fabric/Material: Ultraflex neoprene


  • UltraFlex neoprene on body, chest, and back
  • Fluid foam panels
  • Triple glued and blind-stitched seams
  • Fully adjustable super seal neck collar
  • Rolled leg and arm cuffs
  • Superior feel, flexibility, and reliable warmth in colder waters
  • Wind-resistant chest and back panels
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones keep you operating smoothly on the paddle out to the line-up


O’Neill – Hyperfreak

Lightweight premium quality construction and attention to detail make this another team inspired favorite

o'neill nens hyperfreak

One of the few chest-zip wetsuits for surfers who prefer the premium approach in their technical gear. It costs a little more than the previous wetsuits, but you’ll feel the difference right away. Forget the wetsuit flush when duck-diving using this chest-zip FUZE closure system. It is a serious tool for the advanced surfers out there!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Type: Chest-Zip long sleeve shorty
  • Fabric/Material: Technobutter premium neoprene


  • F.u.z.e. closure
  • Minimal seam design
  • 360° Barrier with drain holes
  • And full suits
  • The Hyperfreak f.u.z.e. chest zip
  • Super light TechnoButter 3 & Technobutter 3x Neoprene
  • Minimal seam design
  • Unfinished cuffs
  • Durable Krypto knee pads
  • Lightweight

O’Neill HyperFreak series wetsuit review


O’Neill Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Get a full dose of performance technology at an incredible value

o neill reactor 1 mens surf wetsuit

Another entry-level technologically advanced surf wetsuit shorty for men. You’ll be seeing a lot of those suits on any beach around the world due to the excellent value. Another great thing about is that there are a ton of size to fit any bloke out there.

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXL
  • Type: Back-zip springer
  • Fabric/Material: Neoprene


  • Single SuperSeal neck
  • Flatlock construction
  • Krypto knee Padz
  • Strategic paddle zones
  • O’Neill’s exclusive FluidFlex in the shoulder and sleeves
  • Fully adjustable super seal neck


O’Neill – Reactor II

An improved value-driven surf wetsuit preferred by many surfers out there

oneill mens reactor wetsuit

The Reactor 2 is a well-favored value-driven springer wetsuit. It will keep you warm and flexible throughout those mid-seasons. Additional padding for stormy conditions! By purchasing O’Neill wetsuits, you are making the right choice when you want to spend an extra $$$ on other wetsuit accessories by not cutting out the quality of the gear.

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL, XXL
  • Type:
  • Fabric/Material: Ultra-stretch neoprene


  • Ultra stretchy neoprene that’s incredibly soft premium superior feel, flexibility for elevated performance
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Flexible design
  • Minimal seam placement for comfort and maximum mobility
  • Wind-resistant SmoothSkin for extra insulation and protection against the cold


O’Neill – Epic

Ideal value-driven springer wetsuit for men

o neill epic surf wetsuit mens

The Epic deserves its name once you take it to the first session. By looking at the price tag and features it has, you might start scratching your head. Can I get everything for that price? Well, once you take it out and surf a couple of waves you know, you’ve got an epic deal!

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M, M tall, L, L tall, XL, XXL, XXL
  • Type: Back-Zip springer
  • Fabric/Material: UltraFlex DS Neoprene


  • Back Zip – Easy Entry
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones
  • Double super seal neck closure
  • External key pocket with loop
  • Hand-Cuff stitch sleeve anchor
  • Krypto knee Padz
  • Glued and blindstitched seams
  • UltraFlex
  • FluidFlex ™  Firewall

O’Neill Epic Overview


O’Neill – Epic

Best bang for the back steamer surf wetsuit for men

o'neill epic surf wetsuits

Something great for the cold-water surf warriors. A lot of features, a lot of sizes, and a lot of color schemes available! There are technological improvements inside out hidden in this steamer surf wetsuit. I’m sure there’s more any surfer would have imagined before purchasing this wetsuit for this amount of money.

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Type: Back-Zip steamer
  • Fabric/Material: Ultra-stretch DS Fluidflex neoprene


  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly soft premium fabric that has superior feel and flexibility for elevated performance
  • Blind stitched and triple glued seams (GBS): Keeping water out with increased durability
  • Wind-Resistant FluidFlex firewall panels that provide extra insulation and protection against the cold
  • Body: 40% Ultra Flex DS/60% FluidFlex, Chest/Back: smooth skin
  • Krypto knee Padz designed to reduce abrasion and extend the life of the suit.
  • 100% Super Stretch
  • Firewall insulation
  • Neck facing has glide skin for comfort
  • #10 YKK zipper
  • Flatlock stitched breathable seams
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones
  • Lumbar seamless design
  • Screenprint at the chest area left and on the arm and back
  • Chest panel: 64% nylon, 36% polyester,Knee panels: 95% nylon, 5% spandex. All other panels: 83% nylon, 17% spandex

O’Neill – Mutant

Includes the removal hood!

o neill mutant wetsuits for surfing

This steamer wetsuit has all the improvements from the essential springer wetsuit features carried over with some pretty good extras. The chest-zip wetsuit has many preferred features preferred by many cold-water surfers. It has a dual anti-flush system keeping you warm doesn’t matter how deep you duck-dive or how bad you get rumbled by the waves. Not to forget the welded seams that are a MUST for a steamer wetsuit!

  • Sizes: XS, S, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XL tall, XXL
  • Type: Chest-Zip steamer
  • Fabric/Material: Technobutter neoprene


  • Single seal neck modular closure system with dual cinch
  • Comes with a zip on the collar as well as a zip on the hood!
  • Single fluid seam weld (Watertight Technology)
  • Modular Closure: interchangeable hood and collar
  • Single seal neck
  • Dual-Cinch anti-flush system
  • Wind-Proof Smoothskin
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • External key pocket with loop
  • Krypto knee Padz
  • Fluid seam weld
  • UltraFlex
  • TechnoButter firewall

O’Neill – O’Riginal

One of the best value-driven steamer wetsuits on the market

o neil mens 4/3 wetsuit

The O’Riginal is pretty tough for its price. It is warm and flexible, with triple glued taped seams for extra strength and warmth. 360-degree drain holes around the neck eliminate all the chances of getting the cold water entering the suit. Whether you surf or go spear-fishing in cold and dark waters – the O’Riginal gives you a glimpse of the extreme water-temperature fun by providing all the possible sizes available. As this wetsuit is designed to be in use in cold waters – so goes the color-schemes of those suits – dark and blue.

  • Sizes: XS, S, S tall, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL
  • Type: Chest-Zip steamer
  • Fabric/Material: UltraFlex neoprene


  • F.U.Z.E. Zip closure system with drain holes keeps you dry and loose
  • UltraFlex neoprene that is super soft for a superior feel for premium durability and flexibility 
  • Smooth skin carbon-firewall that absorbs body heat in core areas and retains it
  • UltraFlex taped seams triple glued for warmth and long-lasting durability
  • 360-degree upper barrier with drain holes

O’Neill – Hyperfreak

Zipless – get it and forget the zip. Has got the lightest and softest warmest inner jersey ever created

o'neill hyper freak

Super light, 100% sealed. Only premium features used on this steamer! This wetsuit stretches further any surfer’s body would even go. How do you get in this thing when it’s zipless? Don’t worry – the opening opens big by not losing the fabric qualities over time. This wetsuit features an inner and outer opening on the chest and neck, and getting in is pretty much the same as using the chest-zip wetsuit. The only difference is that you pull over the inner layer over your head first, then the master layer. Finally, close tighten it by merely using the stretch cord.


  • Zipperless entry lightweight closure system over a 360 degree Barrier with drain holes and a Cinch chord
  • O’Neill exclusive Techno Butter 3 exterior jersey for maximum stretch keeping you Dry and warm
  • O’Neill unique Techno Butter 3x the lightest softest warmest inner jersey ever created
  • SuperStretch Techno Butter 3x Split Neoprene taped seams to keep you dry and loose
  • Minimal seam design for Insane flexibility and fit
  • Fully sealed
  • Lightweight performance featuring O’Neill’s new zipless entry neck
  • New super-stretch neoprene and O’Neill’s exclusive tb3x split neoprene tape

O’Neill – Psycho One

Maximum mobility and super lightweight

o'neill psycho one

All the most used sizes available and a ton of premium features talk for this model. Shortened back-zip to reduce the seams. Welded exterior seams make this one of the well-favored steamer wetsuits for harsh weather surfing conditions.  The Psycho one is super lightweight with maximum flexibility premium wetsuit.

  • Sizes: S, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XXL
  • Type: Back-zip steamer
  • Fabric/Material: Technobutter 3 with featherlight Envy foam rubber core


  • Patented Z.E.N. Zip closure system with drain holes
  • Fluid seam welded exterior with triple glued and blind stitched interior
  • Insane flexibility, fit, and durability using a minimal seam design
  • 360-degree upper barrier with drain holes


O’Neill – O’Riginal

High-end features and construction at a reasonable price tag

oneill mens epic 5/4mm

The O’Riginal walks the walk and talks the talk with other high-end steamer wetsuits while having the perfect value-driven price tag. Plenty of features to rely on this wetsuit to be your only go-to suits when you’d like to surf any conditions out there. And, there’s still the extra cash for upgrading your other surf-gear.

  • Sizes: S, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL, XXL
  • Type: Chest-Zip hooded steamer
  • Fabric/Material: UltraFlex neoprene


  • Fully sealed
  • Classic style paired with modern technology and the best fit in the industry.
  • F.U.Z.E. closure – front upper zip entry
  • 360° Barrier with drain holes
  • Wind-proof SmoothSkin
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Adjustable hood cinch
  • Krypto knee pads
  • UltraFlex fully taped seams
  • Chest/back: Smoothskin carbon-firewall


O’Neill – Psycho Tech

Technobutter 3 and added heat-generating Technobutter Firewall includes the hi-tech features you need to stay warm and toasty in ANY condition

o'neill mens original 5/4

Ultimate warmth and comfort. Built to last. The Psycho Tech by O’Neill is a wetsuit for surfers who take no exceptions on quality. This a serious steamer with all the bells and whistles that’s not stopping anyone. You can even see pro-team-rider jumping in and paddling for those near-icy waves. I’m not sure if I have to tell any further how good this wetsuit is after you’ve gone through the list of features it’s got! O’Neill is the best wetsuit maker who knows how to produce the best price-to-quality wetsuits, and this is not an exception for their decades of a successful run.

  • Sizes: S, M short, M, M tall, L short, L, L tall, XL short, XL, XL tall,  XXL
  • Type: Chest-Zip steamer
  • Fabric/Material: Tecnobutter neoprene


  • F.U.Z.E 360° barrier with drain holes, double seal collar
  • F.U.Z.E. front upper chest zip entry
  • Technobutter 3 on arms/shoulders/shins/calfs
  • Chest/back: Technobutter firewall SmoothSkin
  • Technobutter firewall on Thigh/butt area
  • Red Zone water-resistant zipper
  • External Key Pocket with Loop
  • Maximum strength with hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core
  • TB-Air Firewall, the most advanced insulate neoprene available
  • Trapped air technology with quick-dry properties
  • Fluid Seam Weld
  • 8mm silicone-based urethane sealed exterior with a triple glued and blind stitched interior
  • Watertight, durable, and ultra-flexible seam

O’Neill Psycho Tech review


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