O’Neill O’Riginal Surf Wetsuit Review

o'neill o'riginal wetsuits for men and women


O’Neill O’Riginal
How To Choose

ABOUT THE BRAND: O’Neill is the oldest wetsuit manufacturers in the surfing business – well known for its wide range of sizes and models at an affordable price tag. As the O’Riginal series is originally designed for such high activity-sport as surfing, many people also use it on other water-related activities such as snorkeling, swimming, white-water rafting, wakeboarding, kayaking, freediving, sailing and so on.

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O’Neill O’Riginal Review

It’s always Summer on the inside

O’Riginal by O’Neill is based on the wetsuit Jack O’Neill made himself 60 years ago.

all o'neill original wetsuits

Model Availability:
  • 2/1 | 2 | 3 | 3/2 | 4/3 | 5/4
  • Back-Zip | Front-Zip | Chest Zip
  • Pull-Over Vest | Jacket | Sleeveless Shorty |  Shorty | Fullsuit
  • PRICE: from $80 to $240


100% UltraFlex DS neoprene

High-performance super-stretch neoprene with a durable outer skin that resists velcro pulls and snags. Stretch factor: 150%


Glued, Blindstitched & taped seams

Soft and durable neoprene seam tape. 0.5mm split-neoprene applied to triple-glued seams to seal out water keeping you dry and loose.

chest zip wetsuit feature

F.U.Z.E. Entry system

O’Neill’s exclusive F.U.Z.E. (Front Upper Zip Entry) system offers a fresh alternative. Using the same free-floating zipper technology as their patented Z.E.N. ZIP closure. The F.U.Z.E. closure keeps you dry and allows unrestricted flexibility.

fuze entry system

Single super seal neck

A fully adjustable closure featuring a 360˚ smooth skin interior, chafe-free unfinished edge, and minimal bulk design.

flexible wetsuit

Strategic seamless paddle zones

An ergonomic, seamless undersleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing. Flexible and unique design which utilizes minimal seam placement for comfort.

seamless zones

Krypto Knee Padz

Abrasion-resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. The flexible and unique design utilizes and extended knee pad for added durability.

krypto knee pads

External key pocket with loop

Abrasion-resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. Located along the lower leg inseam. Constructed with Fluid Seam Weld and UltraFlex DS neoprene, this key pocket has added strength, easy access, and completely secure.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse with cool water and drip dry out of direct sunlight


O’Neill O’Riginal Con’s: Some users claimed that the wetsuit sizing chart might be off, but really doubt the fact as 90% of reviews suggested the exact opposite. Some occasional users were unpleased by the uncomfortable neoprene but that might be from getting an older model or using it on dry skin at home. Wetsuit takes the best shape after some use. Always go for the weight before the height, if you have to choose between two sizes!


Price: 5/5
Technology: 5/5
Flexibility 5/5
Design: 3/5
Sizes: 4/5
Types: 2/5

Total Score: 4/5

What I personally like about the O’Riginal is the sort of limited edition layout. There are only a handful of models from such a large and well-known brand. It’s hard to overlook the original 5/4 Back Zip wetsuit which comes in only one color-code, that Jack used to have back in the day!

Key Factors When Choosing A Wetsuit

  1. TYPE – Determine which type of wetsuit do you need: Chest/Back-Zip, short sleeve, or a full wetsuit.
  2. THICKNESS – Choose the right thickness for the season.
  3. SIZE – Make sure you get exactly the right size. When you have to choose between two sizes, weight is more important. O’Neill’s size chart is pretty spot on!

o'neill wetsuit thickness recommendations

Shop O’Neill O’Riginal for Men

2/1 Jacket Back Zip

2mm Full-Zip Vest

2mm Shorty Back Zip

2mm Long Sleeve Short Back Zip

2mm Sleeveless Shorty Back Zip

3mm Long John Back Zip

3/2 Springsuit Back Zip

3/2 Full Wetsuit (O’Neill.com) Chest Zip

5/4 Fullsuit Back Zip (O’Neill.com)THE ORIGINAL JACK’s DESIGN!

Men’s O’Neill Epic Size Guide

from 168cm to 193cm / 5’6″ to 6’4″
from 52kg to 122kg / 115 lbs to 270lbs

o'neill wetsuit size chart

Shop O’Neill O’Riginal For Women

o'neill o'riginal womens

Women’s O’Neill Reactor Size Guide

o'neill womens wetsuit size chart


Want your wetsuit to last? Check out our Care Guide.

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