Longboard Surfboards Under $600

Although the longboard is the oldest type of surfboard out there, there is still a large following for those who ride those large and bulky boards that allow the surfer to ride the mellowest of waves out there. There is nothing else like a longboard, that’s for sure, and as most ‘hybrid’ surfboards these days have 50% of the characteristics borrowed from longboard surfboards, it is quite obvious why surfers prefer to “Operate a heavy water-craft” rather than zip around on a shortboard.

Anyway, check out the best of what’s out there to take! Just as a reminder, $600 for a longboard is most likely the cheapest you can go, to get some sort of a ride out of it.

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6 Best Longboard Surfboards Under $600

Longboard Size Guide


9 Best Longboard Surfboards Under 600 USD

1. KONA Cruiser
2. Torq 8’0″ Mini Longboard
3. Catch Surf 8’0″ Odysea
7. NSP Protec
8. NSP Elements HDT Longboard
9. Ron Jon 10′


1. KONA – Cruiser

Great for gliding, trimming down the line

kona cruiser surfboards in white and glossy mint
PU blank & construction. Sanded/Glossy finish

MSRP $599 KONASurfCo

  • 8’6″ x 22 3/4″ 2 3/4″ @ 64.61L
  • 9′ x 23″ x 3″ @72.7L
  • 9’2″ x 23 1/4″ x 3″ @75.9L
  • 9’6″ x 23 1/2″ x 3″ @ 82.1L
  • 10’0″ x 23 2/3″ x 3″ @ 88.4L

Outline: A traditional longboard outline with a turned-up rail line allows the rider to stand almost anywhere on this log and grab hold of the wave. The wider round nose makes it an easy platform to stand far forward. The round nose. 50/50 pinched rails all the way through.

Rocker: Low rocker gets into waves with a breeze. The Cruiser has got a slight spoon in the nose for stable noseriding and an extra tail rocker for speed.

Bottom Contours: A spoon provides a front lift for noseriding to a rolled belly which provides stability and smooth transitions from rail to rail to a vee through the tail for extra control.

Tail: The square tail will react fast to both short and tight turns.

  • The square tail will react fast to short, tight turns.
  • A spoon provides a front lift for noseriding to a rolled belly which provides stability and smooth transitions from rail to rail to a vee through the tail for extra control.

KONA Cruiser on YouTube

Ultimate sixties-style classic longboard. Easy to paddle for any wave and stay stable in small to medium surf conditions with this log. Perfect nose-rider deal as there’s the single fin and a leash included!

Availability >

Kona Surf Co


2. Torq – 8’0″ Mini Longboard

MSRP $445 Wnd’N’Wvs

This Torq 8-feet longboard is a mixture of a mini-mal and a longboard that’s a great all-rounder for various conditions. There’s plenty of volume and more glide than you’d get from a funboard, but not too many maneuvering restrictions from a full-size longboard.

A low entry rocker with a slight ail rocker to allow it to perform on various conditions, from thigh high to slightly overhead.

Torqs fin system is designed by Futures Fins of California, and the package comes with three fins as well! That’s not too bad of a deal under the $500 mark!

  • Ideal wave height – 2 – 6ft
  • Size – 8’0” x 22” x 3” @60L
  • Recommended Rider Weight – 60-110 kg / 130-240 lbs

More sizes: 8’6″ / 9’0

Availability >



3. Catch Surf – 8’0″ Odysea

MSRP $375 Wnd’n’Wvs

This board rides as fun as it looks, and as a nice surprise – it comes with three fins and a leash as well! Designed by Catch Surf in California, U.S.A, the Odsyea is a longboard funboard out of the Catch Surf series which has taken over the surf communities by a storm, and for a good reason, too!

8’0″ x 23″ x 3 3/4 @ 86L

Their boards are inexpensive, US-made, both fun-looking and even more fun on the waves. The 8-feet Odysea is a great beginner longboard that will hold a solid spot in every surfer’s quiver for a long time!

  • Dual composite core
  • Triple wood stingers
  • HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail
  • Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design.
  • Soft-Performance Tri-Fin Set with Leash Plug

Availability >




MSRP $399 Wnd’n’Wvs

8’0″ x 23.0″ x 3.375″ @ 86L
9’0” x 24.0” x 3.50” @ 98L

  • 7.5” Performance Single Fin Included
  • Stiff Dual Composite Core
  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail
  • Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design
  • Designed by Catch Surf in California, U.S.A.

Availability >




surfboard in longboard length

MSRP $525 SurfIndustries

8’0” x  22” x  3” @61ltr – 90kg / 198lb +

The Modern Blackbird surfboard offers a stable, flowing ride for both men and women looking for a reliable, everyday fun shape. The Blackbird has a bigger ‘sweet spot’ compared to other funboards on the market which offers great stability for the progressing novice.

Epoxy Bamboo construction which produces a light, extremely durable surfboard that’s particularly strong on the deck, and has beautiful aesthetic appeal.

OUTLINE: Classified as a fun shape, the outline is full and generous from nose to tail providing maximum stability on small to medium size waves. The rounded nose keeps the area up front and allows the rider to comfortably shift their weight forward. The slight taper through the tail lets you maneuver the board with ease.

ROCKER: Low, relaxed rocker makes this board paddle onto waves well, accelerate from the take-off with minimal effort, and allow for flowing turns on the face of the wave.

CONTOURS: Vee-to-double concave bottom makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions and offers control when driving off the tail.

FOIL: Designed with plenty of volume in the nose and tail, and out towards the rails, which provides added stability and makes this board simple to ride for surfers transitioning from the wastewater to unbroken waves.

FINS: Fitted with FCS II plugs makes installing and removing fins quick and convenient. Thruster set-up is stable and fast riding down the wave.

XB – Epoxy Bamboo

Fins included

XB, representing ‘Epoxy Bamboo’ is a multi-layered sandwich construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass, and sheets of thin bamboo veneer wrapped around a high-density EPS core. This construction method produces a light, extremely reliable surfboard that’s particularly strong on the deck. The durability and strength of XB surfboards make them ideal for surfers who like to travel and newcomers to the sport. XB surfboards feel solid under your feet, offer a smooth free-flowing ride, and will maintain their appearance for many years.

With the ideal wave size of 1-6ft, the Modern Blackbird XB is a good all-rounder/hybrid longboard for anyone who’s looking for a board to surf those slow and mushy waves.

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blue hybrid surfboard

MSRP $585 / $655 SurfIndustries

  • 8’0″ x 22 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ @70L 80kg/176lb +
  • 9’0″ x 23″ x 3 5/8″ @85.2L All Weights

Ful rails Vee double contours Three fins included

Three Palms Due Back surfboards are made using our tough Moulded Epoxy (MX) construction and are designed specifically for the rental market. Coming in two different shapes, these boards have an excess of volume to make those early learning stages easy, and above all fun.

OUTLINE: The smaller sizes in the Due Back are aimed at providing maximum width and volume in a shorter board. This makes them exceptionally stable, but still easy to manage in and out of the water.

The longer sizes can be classified as funboard shapes, with full and generous outlines from nose-to-tail providing amazing paddle power and flow on smaller waves.

ROCKER: All boards are designed with the lower rocker to make paddling easy and maintain forward momentum and speed, even in unbroken waves.

FINS: Fitted with FCS II plugs makes installing and removing fins quick and convenient for rental operators and surf schools.

PERFORMANCE: Offering a large sweet spot across all models, our Due Back models require less effort from the rider to get the board up and going. These boards are a notch up from a soft board allowing novice surfers to gain confidence riding on the wave face and start acquiring the fundamentals turning skills.

Ideal in 1-4ft waves, the Due Back is a mixture of mal and a longboard. It’s very round and is not really a mixture between a nose-rider and a performance longboard, but it’s still a large and round surfboard for a surfer who’d like to surf all kinds of conditions and catch as many waves as possible!

Availability >

Surf Industries


7. NSP – Protech Longboard

nsp protect longboard


NSP Longboard should be represented in any best surfboard review, especially when its on a more affordable budget. The Protech is a great alternative to many brand-name surfboards at a great value. Check in to find out more about the Protech Longboard.


  • 8’0″ x 22″ x 2 ³/⁴” @56.9L
  • 8’6″ x 22 1/4″ x 2 7/8″ @64.4L
  • 9’0″ x 22 3/4″ x 3″ @ 73.2L

Availability >



8. NSP – Elements HDT Longboard

nsp elements longboard surfboard


Another longboard / hybrid by the NSP – The Elements is yet another well-represented budget


  • 8’0” x 22 x 2 ³/⁴ @56.9L
  • 8’6″ x 22 1/4″ 2 3/4″ @64.4L
  • 9’0″ x 22 3/4″ x 3″ @73.2L
  • 9’6″ x 23″ 3 1/8″ 82.0L

Check out the NSP Elements Longboard in action on YouTube

Availability >



9. Ron Jon – 10′ Longboard Surfboard

Ron Jon 10' Longboard Surfboard

MSRP $549 RonJon

10′ x 23-3/8″ x 3-3/8″

The Ron Jon 10feet longboard is shaped from the classic longboard template while using the modern longboard rails. It’s a cruisy board for smaller days or for anyone who’d like to paddle for the wave with the least effort possible. Also, not to forget the price on this board – it’s hard to beat such value, especially when it’s offered by the Ron Jon surf shop!

  • Single / Thruster fin availability
  • Comes without a leash and fins

Availability >

Ron Jon

How Much Longboard Surfboards Cost?

Well, we all know that surfboards are expensive, especially longboards. The price depends on:

  • The material
  • The brand/shaper
  • How many coats of glossy finishes
  • Epoxy or Fibreglass
  • Wooden stringer or not

– The average price of a longboard surfboard ranges from 1000-1500USD which could easily get you 2-3 other decent surfboards to the quiver.


Reasons To Get A Longboard

  • It’s a must-have board to any dedicated surfer’s quiver
  • Longboarding is great for all skill levels due to their ability to catch small waves that are unrideable with any other board
  • Learning a completely different riding style – noseriding, cross-stepping
  • It’s fun and cruisy like nothing else out there
  • Allows you to squeeze the max out of small&slow conditions
  • Early take-offs on above-average conditions
  • You get to know where surfing once started
  • Very easy to paddle for a wave – maximum wave count – fast paddle speed since large boards carry a ton of momentum
  • Even if they get dinged up and turn heavy – you can still ride them no matter what

Downsides of getting a longboard

  • It’s bulky to carry around – Fitting a 6’ft surfboard to any car is no biggie, but that extra few foot forces you to sacrifice some comfort and make compromises. Usually by getting a wagon or a set of roof racks (Which is not a bad idea after all).
  • It’s too heavy on fast & consistent waves – hard to duck dive


Buying Guide – How To Choose A Longboard Surfboard?

  1. TYPE Determine what kind of riding are you going to do – Noseriding or Performance?
  2. Choose the right SIZE for you

When choosing a longboard surfboard, you should be focusing on the design and length, instead of the volume of the board

SHAPE & type

Which type of wave are you going to surf?

1.) The nose-riding “log” is heavy and round. Designed to be ridden straight on the pocket of the wave
2.) A performance longboard is designed to perform like a shortboard – Loose riding style


1. Longboard For Nose-Riding

Classic longboard = A log = “Retro” longboard = Noseriding longboard

Designed to stay at the pocket of the wave and not speed out
Types of waves: Small, peeling point/beach breaks
Riding style: Nose riding (Hang 5, hang 10, hang 11), Cross-stepping (Walking the board)

Board Characteristics:

  • Wider contour
  • More volume – more foam throughout the board
  • Rounded rail on the back of the board that creates little drag that won’t let the board speed out pocket
  • Wide and round nose
  • Wide middle part
  • Flatter rocker and bottom contour (sometimes belly bottom)
  • Single fin! Great stability when riding down the wave on a straight line


longboard surfboard explanations


2. High-Performance Longboard

HPLB = Performance Longboard

Designed to perform on the waves like riding a shortboard
Types of waves: Small, medium, large. Point and beach break, anywhere where an early take-off is an advantage
Riding style: Loose. Riding on the whole surface of the wave

Board Characteristics:

  • Narrower width
  • Less width on the tail for better turning
  • More rocker
  • Multiple fins – twin, thruster (2+1), quad or five-fin set-up
  • Double concave for elevation – gives the pop to move around easily

SIZE length & width

What Size Longboard Surfboard Is Best For Me?


Longboards range from 8′ – 12′, more often in a 9′ – 11′ feet range.

A rough guide for choosing a longboard surfboard length:

  • Lightweight surfers: 8’6″
  • Midweight surfers: 9’0″
  • Heavyweights: 9’6″ +


  • Performance longboards: 8″ to 9’6″
  • Nose-riding longboards “logs” 9’6″ and upwards

*NOTE: The larger the board, the more space, and the effort it takes to turn one!
*NOTE: Experienced surfers shouldn’t be looking a longboard that’s too small ( 8′ – 9′ range ) as those boards don’t really have the gliding factor you’d be expecting from a longboard.


  • If you are a heavier surfer (220 lbs / 100 kg +) get a longboard that’s 23 1/4″ or 23 1/2″ wide
  • If you are a skinnier surfer (150 lbs / 70 kg and below) a longboard with 22 1/2″ to 22 3/4″ width would be ideal for you

EPOXY vs FIBREGLASS longboard surfboard

PU / Polyurethane = Fibreglass

Made of PU blank that’s wrapped in fiberglass cloth.

  • A more traditional choice, 50+ years of history
  • Better flex
  • Heavy construction – stable in windier conditions
  • Has a nice and steady, own sort of “feel” people prefer
  • Ding easily which could lead up to waterlogging

EPS Polystyrene = Epoxy

Lightweight, stiff, better price.

Polystyrene foam core then coated with epoxy resin.

  • Epoxy resin is stronger than fiberglass
  • Better buoyancy
  • Lightweight feel
  • Not as good in windy or choppy conditions


There are surfboards with, and without the wooden stringers in the middle of the board.

Stringers are added to strengthen the board and reduce the vibration. There are mixed opinions about whether there should be a stringer or not, and it does not make a huge difference when talking of longboards.



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