How To Improve Surfing Skills

Short answer: Improve your surf knowledge and fitness level, and you will have way more quality time in the surf!

Eat, sleep, surf, repeat?

  1. What does it take to become a better surfer and enjoy more waves?
  2. How to progress and catch more waves?


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How To Become A Better Surfer?

How long does it take to learn to surf?
– As long as necessary, a monk would say.

This guide will surely help you get on your feet as soon as possible!

Get surf smart

Re-learn the basics of surfing to maximize your time and effort in every surf session. We all know – that the prime time of surfing is usually somewhat limited. This article will work as an insight to understand how to squeeze the maximum fun out of the time spent in the water.

It’s always a good idea to overlook your experience and “learn the trade” to get good at something.

Get proper gear

Having a good wetsuit and the right type and size surfboard to match your local conditions is a crucial quality factor to re-consider.

Get weather-wise

A good and dedicated surfer should naturally be into in metrology and oceanography. Becoming a better surfer means knowing the upcoming surf conditions and the easiest way of doing that is getting into the rhythm of checking the reports and charts daily.

Knowing the upcoming weather will not only help you to figure out what to wear and how to make plans, but you’ll learn how to plan and predict the near-future scenarios as well.

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Learn the local surf breaks

After you’ve learned how to read a surf forecast, you are becoming way more aware of the advantages were to riding for the weekend-end getaway to surf. It’s always a great idea to have an alternative backup in life, especially when you are a surfer. Sometimes when the swells have been inconsistent – knowing different breaks around your home area will increase the chances of catching good surf at least somewhere nearby.

So, experiment surfing your home breaks more often – to figure out which swells work in different conditions.

Wake up early

The prime time of surfing is most of the time early in the mornings when the wind has not picked up – or just before the sunset when the winds are easing off. Waking up early in the morning is a perfect self-discipline habit. Early bird gets the worm, and the more hours you have in your day – the more s*it you’ll get done.

Respect the etiquette

A major point of being or becoming a better surfer is respecting the surfing culture and etiquette. If everyone would be respectful and play by the rules, there would be way less hustle and injuries on crowded surf spots.

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Get dedicated

The more you are into your lifestyle, the better you’ll get. Surfers are a bunch of really dedicated individuals. Dedication is purely individual and something that can not be learned by the books. It can only be achieved through inner inspiration. All the points in this article will surely increase your dedication, so read ahead.

Find a sweet spot, since as a surfer you are playing by the rules of nature. You can not force it too much or get overly attached to the laws of nature. While on the other extreme – getting distant from the surfing habits will decrease your physical performance and mental motivation.

Find a surfing buddy

Memories are usually always better shared with others. A clear point of becoming a better surfer is going out for a surf session with a surf buddy, who’s also into surfing. Going out together, you’ll feel way more secure and relaxed, and most likely have excellent quality time. Not to forget you are more motivated on those early morning surf sessions.

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Stretching after and before surfing plays a considerable role in muscle tonality and recovery. It is one of the most under-rated activities, that will make a significant difference. So, give your body a good stretch before and after sessions.

Surf Workouts


Becoming a better surfer, in my opinion – is all about the art of relaxing. Go with the flow, and blend in with the surroundings. Don’t forget the most important basics – that surfing is a conclusion of multiple weather conditions aligned perfectly at once, so there’s no rushing.

Eat well

Hydration and nutrition play a huge role in your energy levels, recovery, quality of sleep, and so on. The way you treat your body is how your body “gives back to you.” It’s good to be charged with the right minerals, as you will be burning a lot of energy on an average day surfing the waves.

Surf Balance Board

As surfing teaches your body to balance yourself on the surfboard – a surf balance board is a perfect way to “dry train” at home and prepare for the next surf session.

Balance exercises work to improve the skill of balance, and obviously, that’s why the surf balance board was designed! Often the best workouts for surfing besides cardiovascular fitness are also the balance board exercises.

Check out the balance trainer on Amazon

Surf Train Fitness Workout

Core and upper body workouts are what surfing is all about. Calories burned surfing comes as a bonus

Watch surfing videos

Some people learn visually, while others – probably the majority – like to learn through trial and error. Thankfully, there are a ton of great surfing videos online, both teaching and the surf masters riding surfboards – go ahead and take the time to educate yourself.


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