How to attach a leash to a surfboard?

Attaching a new surfboard leash is an easy task. The only thing to bear in mind is to tie the leash rope in the correct length so it wouldn’t stick out too much.

  • Too long leash rope can damage the surfboard rails, especially a fish tail or hollow tail surfboard.
  • Leash rope has a rail guard to prevent any damages.

attach leash

How to attach a leash to a surfboard?

  1. Open the leash guardrail stickers.
  2. Loop the leash rope around the leash plug rod on a surfboard.
  3. Place the leash rope between the main velcro strap.
  4. Follow to close the larger velcro area.
  5. Close the medium and small safety velcro pads.
  6. Pull it tight to check

*If the rope is too small, simply tie another knot – then cut away the rope that’s sticking out and burn it with a lighter for extra durability

Where to attach the surfboard leash on your leg?

A surfboard leash

  • If you surf with your right foot in the front (goofy) – attach the surfboard leash to your right leg.
  • If you surf with your left foot in the front (regular) -attach the surfboard leash to your left leg.

Why to surf without a leash?

Some surfers surf without the safety leash as this puts them in a more zone-in situation to perform at their best.

At the beginning of surfing, there were no safety leashes. Today they are used to prevent losing the board in the surf – it is not only inconvenient to surf for the board that’s getting washed ashore – but it is also a major danger to other surfers out there.


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