surfboard motorcycle

Motorcycles in the surf culture

How on earth have these entirely different activities – motorcycling and surfing, become a big part of today’s surf culture? Take Deux Ex Machina for example – a popular surf counterculture brand that specializes in moto/surf/snow and bicycles. Every true surfer knows about Deux Ex Machina. There’s also the Wheels and Waves that’s held in …

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Popular Water-Related Recreations

Water covers approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, and the human body consists of 60% water. It’s normal that we are unconsciously pulled toward the liquid world. Water is an element that many of us have distanced ourselves over time, but luckily, you’ll be up for a pleasant surprise each time you make your way …

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Psilocybin Influence on Surf and Extreme Sports Culture

The connection between psychedelic drugs (such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms) and extreme sports is nothing new. In fact, it has been first recorded in ancient Polynesia. These psychedelic plants can offer some positive effects when it comes to modern medicine as well. They can help treat such diseases as alcoholism and depression among others …

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sup vs surfing

Surfing vs Paddleboarding Comparison

The modern-day surf culture started in the 1970s with some giant surf brands entering the market. SUP-boarding on the other hand is a much newer trend that exploded in the past 10 years after the introduction of inflatable paddle boards. The history of surfing dates back to 12th century Polynesia. Modern-day surf culture boomed in …

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16 Different Types of Surfboards Explained

We are fortunate to live in an era where there’s a decent variety of different types of surfboards for the exact type of wave out there. Although most boards might look quite identical, there’s a big difference to the whole feel and way the board reacts in different surf conditions. Choosing the right type of …

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long john short john surf wetsuits

Best Long John / Short John Wetsuit

Long John, also known as the farmer john wetsuits are preferred due to their awesome mixture of warming and cool-down capabilities alike. Generally ranging from 3/2-2mm in thickness, there’s quite a variety to choose from from the most known surf wetsuit brands. Long John Wetsuit = Sleeveless long-leg surf springsuit for men Short John wetsuits …

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Billabong Furnace – 101 Wetsuit Review

Billabong is THE name in the game in the surfing industry. Down below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Furnace Series, whether you are looking to buy your next surf wetsuits, or simply want to look around – every surfer should know the Billabong range.   Table of Contents ABSOLUTE REVOLUTION REVOLUTION …

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Rip Curl E/G-Bomb/FlashBomb/HeatSeeker Review

Bomb-series wetsuits are one of the best in the game, so check out the different variations there are to get. Every decent surf store will be guiding you to the Rip Curl wetsuits once you’d ask for the best suits they have in the store. So, hopefully, this guide will give you a brief overview …

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Rip Curl Omega – Complete Wetsuit Review

Founded in 1969, Torquay, Australia – since then Rip Curl is a successful surf-focused designer, manufacturer, and major athletic sponsor. Today, Rip Curl products are used all over the world due to their specialized gear for every water-enthusiast out there. The Omega range is Rip Curl’s so-called entry-level suit, which is way above the average …

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epoxy vs fiberglass board

What are surfboards made of?

Picking the right type and size are one of the most important factors when choosing a surfboard. Surfboard shapes and materials are designed for their special purpose, not by a chance. In this post, we are going to examine the main surfboard materials used today, and what are the characteristics of each type. Fiberglass / …

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