Surfboard Types

what is a beater surfboard

Best Beater Surfboards 2022 Line-up

Beater board surfboard is the latest trend that has quickly become one of the most popular surfboards for any dedicated surfer’s quiver. Actually, it’s not only the seasoned surfers who have started to ride those small, funboards, but it is also the best ‘one-for-all’ funboard that small kids and adults can both ride alike. We’d …

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different surfboards

Which type of surfboard should I buy?

Surfboards come in many different shapes and sizes – each designed to perform at somewhat specific surf conditions. When choosing the right type of board, you should take into consideration the following: How To Choose a Surfboard? 1. Riding preferences. 2. Frequency of use. 3. Surfboard TYPE. 4. Surfboard material. 5. Surfboard Size. This guide …

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under 500 fish surfboards

Best Fish Surfboards Under $500

The fish surfboard is a growing trend due to its fun and widely capable characteristics. These boards are quite compact while having plenty of volume for their size, and they can be ridden in all sorts of conditions. Although best-suited for intermediate to advanced surfers – it has become a must-have item for any surfer’s …

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16 Different Types of Surfboards Explained

We are fortunate to live in an era where there’s a decent variety of different types of surfboards for the exact type of wave out there. Although most boards might look quite identical, there’s a big difference to the whole feel and way the board reacts in different surf conditions. Choosing the right type of …

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epoxy vs fiberglass board

What are surfboards made of?

Picking the right type and size are one of the most important factors when choosing a surfboard. Surfboard shapes and materials are designed for their special purpose, not by a chance. In this post, we are going to examine the main surfboard materials used today, and what are the characteristics of each type. Fiberglass / …

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Guide to Buying/Selling Used Surfboard

Whether you are looking to buy a used performance shortboard, a fish, hybrid, or a cruisy longboard – there are quite a few things to consider when purchasing a second-hand surfboard. Different surfboards have entirely different characteristics, and getting a new “used” surfboard can be a fun process since you might end of with a …

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best kids surfboards

These Are the Best Kids’ Surfboards of 2022

Surfing is an individual sport and quite a fun activity. It is a recreation for kids to meet other active like-minded folks and learn the basics of coordination, knowledge of the water, and in general – a good way to stay active. There are numerous reasons why the young find surfing so appealing – it …

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longboard surfboard buying guide

Longboard Surfboards Under $600

Longboards are the oldest surfboard type out there and there’s still a large following for those who ride those large and bulky boards for obvious reasons. The 8′ – 9′ surfboard allows the surfer to ride some of the best-unbroken waves out there. There is nothing else like a longboard, that’s for sure, and as …

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