Surf Health

surf earplugs on a surfboard

Surfing and Ears

Surfing is a sport that requires spending countless hours in a completely different element as we humans are used to. Our ears are not quite adapted to consistent ‘water-logging‘ as we spend 99.9%+ of the time on land. Sure, the awesome fact is that our bodies adapt to our lifestyles, but there are a few …

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Mental and Physical Benefits of Surfing

Our daily habits form who we are today, and who we’ll become in the future. Surfers are often known by their youthful, fun and laid-back attitude towards life. In this article, we’ll be overlooking some of the physical and mental benefits that come with the sport. Healthy Body = Healthy Mind Related – Here’s Why …

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Best Surf Sunscreen for Skin, Face & Lips

Surfing is one of those activities that take place at times and places most humans are not ideally suitable. Not only the direct UV rays but also the countless reflections increase the damaging effects done to our bodies. How to protect our skin from the Sun when surfing? There are plenty of products to choose …

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