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4 Ways to Carry a Standup Paddle Board

What are the different ways to transport something that’s 10-feet long, 30-inches wide, and 4-inches thick? These were the dimensions of an average standup paddleboard which means that it can get extremely complicated to find a compromise between convenience and possibilities of transportation. Although the average SUP weighs around 25lbs, it’s the volumetric dimensions that …

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How To Choose a Paddle Board Among 13 Types?

In 2022 – the large number of different kinds of boards can intimidate a potential buyer easily. I mean – everyone recommends different things: “Get an all-rounder board if you are a begginner” “Inflatable paddleboards are a passing trend.” The more expensive – the better. “Get an extra wide paddle board for increased stability.” Well, …

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Paddle Boarding FAQ – All You Need To know

During the past decade, paddleboards have become increasingly popular once the inflatable SUPs entered the market. Currently, there are about 41 well-favored SUP brands that are putting out a good number of good-quality rigid and inflatable paddle boards to all skill levels, sexes, age groups, and disciplines. This post is made to answer some of …

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Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400

So, you are after a bargain that’s 1/3 of what the average paddleboards can cost? You don’t have to look any further because we have listed the best-selling inflatable paddle boards online under the 400$ mark! Every single paddleboard on this list is an ‘all-inclusive package’ which means there’s everything included to get you on the …

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Best Inflatable Paddle Boards in 2022

By 2022 the inflatable paddleboard industry has successfully passed its first trial and error phase. Modern iSUPs (made in the 5-7 years) have proved to share similar characteristics to rigid SUPs, and there’s a large following for this inflatable market. The good news is that the paddleboard companies are working hard to provide the best …

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Best Multi-Person Inflatable Paddleboards

What’s more fun than hanging out on the water with the whole crew? Whether it will be your family, friends, or a pet you want to get on the board with  – we have selected a bunch of trusted, best-selling multi-person paddle boards available online. Have a look at the selection down below and let …

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Best Kids’ Paddle Boards of 2022

The need for kids-specific paddle boards has increased rapidly, therefore we are lucky to be introduced to a nice variety of both inflatable and rigid SUPs online. The average price for an inflatable kids’ paddleboard varies from 300 to 600 dollars which can get you a great mid-range bundle. While you   CAN GET  a cheaper …

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Surfing vs Paddleboarding Comparison

The modern-day surf culture started in the 1970s with some giant surf brands entering the market. SUP-boarding on the other hand is a much newer trend that exploded in the past 10 years after the introduction of inflatable paddle boards. The history of surfing dates back to 12th century Polynesia. Modern-day surf culture boomed in …

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