What are the downsides to each SUP type?

Although paddleboards might look similar in their outlook, each of their type is designed for a specific purpose. In this overview – we are going to explain some of the downsides of each SUP type out there. Main SUP types All-around / Touring & Adventure / Yoga & Cruising / Fishing & Expedition / Race & Performance Multi-person / Tandem / Youth & Kids’ / Whitewater & River / Surfing / Kayak SUP / Electric …

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history of paddleboarding

History of Paddleboarding

The history of stand-up paddleboarding is believed to have originated out of large watercraft used for fishing, transportation, and later for lifeguarding. In this review, we are going to divide the history of people paddling on large boards into two categories: Historic and Modern. Modern (20th century) Historic. (from 1000 B.C.) Roots of paddleboarding date …

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sup vs kayak vs canoe

SUP Paddleboard vs Kayak vs Canoe

These three seemingly similar recreations – kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, share as much in common as they differ from one another. All of these vessels can be paddled on the waterline for leisure, fishing, touring, fitness, and many other purposes. These watercrafts each have their own unique set of features that make them perform differently. …

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Popular Water-Related Recreations

Water covers approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, and the human body consists of 60% water. It’s normal that we are unconsciously pulled toward the liquid world. Water is an element that many of us have distanced ourselves over time, but luckily, you’ll be up for a pleasant surprise each time you make your way …

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pau hana solo sup 10 10

SUP for Digital Nomads – Pau Hana Solo Review

There are 13 types of SUPs made of many mixtures and variations, but who would have thought that there’s a SUP for digital nomads?  In essence, the 10’10” Solo Backcountry is an ultra-portable yet durable all-around touring paddle board for those that travel often. Its made by Pau Hana that’s got an awesome range of …

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paddleboard in backpack

4 Ways to Carry a Standup Paddle Board

What are the different ways to transport something that’s 10-feet long, 30-inches wide, and 4-inches thick? These were the dimensions of an average standup paddleboard which means that it can get extremely complicated to find a compromise between convenience and possibilities of transportation. Although the average SUP weighs around 25lbs, it’s the volumetric dimensions that …

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pau hana calypso SUP

Overview: Pau Hana Calypso SUP/Kayak (With a Screen)

Are coming from a kayaking background and struggling to find a motivation to get back on the water? Or is it that none of the boards out have sparked an interest in you? Well, we are happy to introduce you to an awesome creation in the vivid selection of different types of paddleboards – a …

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stand up paddleboarding faq

Paddle Boarding FAQ – All You Need To know

During the past decade, paddleboards have become increasingly popular once the inflatable SUPs entered the market. Currently, there are about 41 well-favored SUP brands that are putting out a good number of good-quality rigid and inflatable paddle boards to all skill levels, sexes, age groups, and disciplines. This post is made to answer some of …

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sup vs surfing

Surfing vs Paddleboarding Comparison

The modern-day surf culture started in the 1970s with some giant surf brands entering the market. SUP-boarding on the other hand is a much newer trend that exploded in the past 10 years after the introduction of inflatable paddle boards. The history of surfing dates back to 12th century Polynesia. Modern-day surf culture boomed in …

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