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Developed and based in Germany – Restube is a new outdoors company that specializes in sporting & recreational goods.

Their main product is a top-quality co2-cartridge inflatable airbags for the water sports industry. Used by recreational water athletes – from paddleboarders, surfers to lifeguards, and in many other fields – they aim to minimize the risk of drowning.

Restube has a series of different types of inflatable airbags that you can easily bring with you. Over any other similar product on the market – Restube has the most compact, comfortable and easy to use solution! Depending on your needs – their main products have either the automatically deployed version (for rescue) or the standard version in where you have to pull the string manually. The airbag works by inflating the packed bag with the help of a cartrige – which then works as lifevests in critical situations. For leisurly or precautious activities – most Restube airbags can also be inflated with a mouth valve!

Restube airbags are also reusable for up to 100 times by just changing the cartridge. Most airbags can be inflated with a mouth!

Let’s have a look at their complete products’ range – what are their features, differences and similarities. It will be an interesting read for anyone who likes the water sports in general, might even have the responsibility of water safety, or for anyone who’s into smart gadgets!

Recreation / Sport / Rescue

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restube activities covered

A simple product for a broad range of uses.

As far as we’re concered – they have one of the most compact yet effective solutions for life-threatening situations on the water. Besides the extreme part – the airbags can also be inflated through a mouth valve – a great solution that to use the airbag as a swimming aid or why not a buoy.

Safe or sorry?

The number of accidents that can happen by the water are BIG – we don’t even need to pull out the statistics to prove that. People commonly tend to forget that the water is a different element with different physics found on land. Many don’t know about the rips and currents, or don’t know things can turn bad in a matter of seconds when out on the water. Many of us don’t even know that the panic from the fear of drowing is silent, not like portraitd in the movies. Therefore – in this case, it is better to be safe than sorry. Besides, it is an awesome and innovative product to own!


Products range

beach activities / extreme watersports / automatic  / lifeguard / swim buoy

restube products range


Which Restube inflatable airbag to choose?

For recreation & family

Restube‘s recreation and family recommendations are the following models:

  • beach
  • beach starter pack
  • beach X Bumbag pack
  • beach Powerbreather X Ameo
  • active
  • active starter pack

First responders & drone water rescue

A great tool for anyone in the civil protection, firebrigade, lifeguarding, on board external emergency rescue and even the police!

In this, professional case, Restube has solved a major concern by creating a simple yet effective tool for a broad range of uses. Some say that the biggest problems in the world have the simplest solutions – and Restube might be an excellent alternative to for many. It is affordable, effective and compact!

  • extreme
  • swim buoy
  • automatic
  • lifeguard
  • pfd – CE certified buoyancy aid


Ideal for families and other beachgoers – the Restube beach is one of the most basics solutions that can also be inflatable with a mouth valve.

  • Up to 50 releases
  • Weight: 160g
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Length – 50cm (20″)
  • Diameter – 13cm (5″)


Weighing in at less than 200-grams, Restube swim series airbags are an ideal tool for swimmers! Cramps, currents, others in need – it is not only a lifesafer but also the best peace-of-mind you can have!

  • Up to 100 inflations
  • 65 x 13cm
  • Buoyancy: 75N


extreme – for surf & sup

The manually pulled splint is an awesome product for both surf & SUP fans! Although the average surfer & paddleboarder wants to be as light on the water as possible – we all most knowledge that even the best water athletes who have been in the sport for over 20+ years have had life-threatening situations each year. Water is unforgiving, we’d recommend to double-think about all the possibilities out there!


Restube case set, from the rock the trajectory of a restube automatic to the float in the sea is shown
Restube automatic is water activated

A product every lifeguard should have – from sandy beaches to rocky shores!

  • Up to 400 rescue/training inflations
  • Weight 430g
  • Extra robust construction
  • Secure lock system with 250kg maximum load


AUTOMATIC – remote water rescue

One of their most ground-breaking products – can you imagine dropping a literal lifevest from a drone? No more words needed, good job Restube!

  • Weight: 245g
  • Up to 100 inflations


S h o p


Sidenote from the author

The term Nulltuul was actually created the day when I nearly drowned while surfing on the Gold Coast back in 2016.

It was a small-medium, sunny day with fast and clean waves. I managed to fell off the board, then got stuck in the breaking waves and had serious troubles fighting the rip current on the top. Within a matter of minutes – after recovering on the beach, seeing in tunnel vision and childhood memories popping out, something switch in my head.  Later that day – I visited the beach again and took the first surf shots from the water, and somehow managed to developed the interest towards surfing and powers of the water. Nulltuul means zero wind from the Estonian language, and it was one of those days with no wind whatsover.

Respect the nature and others in need! Restube is definitely a product to consider when you love to spend time by the water.

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I created Nulltuul to share my experience, research and analysis with other surf enthusiasts out there. If I'm not surfing on my travels - I like to photograph waves, surfers, and the surf lifestyle in general.

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