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This is a parent page for all the surfing/paddleboarding brand reviews covered at Nulltuul. There’s also something more for beachgoers and water athletes!

We believe that surf/SUP-specific brands have greater advantage by staying in a specific industry for decades. Staying true to what they do best – therefore their methods often used make them kind of masters in their field. Fot example – you’ll find many great, especially large surf brands who might be more known by their line of apparel, while not being as known by their surfboards. On the other hand – you’ll see much smaller companies that make world-class surfboards. We try to bring in the mix of both to offer a wide variety of options for anyone. Have a look!



I. SURF Brands

II. SUP Brands

& specific brand overviews 



I. SURF-related brand reviews section



The 44 Best Surf Brands of 2022

Wetsuits / Surfboards / Fins / etc

best surf brands

The 44 popular surf brands from around the world. Quick insight to their product line, brand age and more. Definitely a useful index when making decisions or comparisons in the future. We haven’t listed the brands by who is the best – instead divided them into smaller sections by their main products. Each person has their own preferences – some like the brand name, others prefer one brand over the other by their logo, etc. Have a look anyway!

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Surf-Specific Wetsuit Brands (TOP 19)

That produces performance surf suits.

surf wetsuit brands

Buying a surf wetsuit can be tricky these days. With all the different sizes, types, price-tag’s etc – this is the selected few you can trust. Although there are tons of other custom wetsuit makers out there, you’ll find a wide variety of mass-produced geoprene and neoprene wetsuits.

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200+ Surfboard Brands & Shapers

Mainly from the States, but other shapers and brands as well.

surfboard brands

Based on Google Search – these are one of the TOP200 most searched surf brands that get at least 100 organic clicks per month. Listed in alphabetical order with founding year, main shaper(s) and location. We provided as much information as possible, will be updating it at a monthly basis.

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Xcel Wetsuits Brand Review

A freedive & surf wetsuit specialist.

xcel wetsuits since 1982

XCEL is an awesome brand from Hawaii with some awesome wetsuits in their store. For surfing and freediving – they are as technical as their name projects. Written in 2020, this might need some updating at some point, but at least you’ll get a good overview of their whole range!

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IISUP paddleboard reviews section




The 45 Best SUP Brands in 2022

Solid / Inflatable

best sup brands

These are the brands that offer the best selection of SUPs for beginner to advanced paddlers. With 1 to 12 different types represented – this is definitely the top 50 combined from the US, France, Australia, Estonia and Taiwan – each of the brands have their own face and way of doing things. Listed by the total number of types and sizes, founding year, main focus, and board sizes.

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48 Lesser known SUP Brands

Lesser known, yet some very good picks

Shapers & brands with either inflatable or solid SUP in their list.

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14 Best iSUP (Specific) Brands

Brands with no solid SUPs.

isup brands

With the rising inflatable paddleboard industry – we have combined the top 14 brands that make inflatable paddleboards ONLY. It was difficult to leave out some of the other names who also produce top-quality solid boards, but they’ll surely get coverage on our other reviews. With only inflatable boards available – they do have some advantage over others by staying true to their specialization. The list is points of the founding year, location and types of boards available.

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14 Best SURF SUP Brands

Surf paddleboards – inflatable and solid

best surf sup brands

Another TOP 14, this time to highlight some of the best brands who have take the courage to create the ultimate surf SUP. Some are more casual, others performance-orientated. Find out more if you are interested to get an overview of paddleboard surfing.

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Names you can safely trust on open waters.

touring sup brands

Inflatable and solid – there’s a great selection of brands who have put out a number of paddleboards for tourers. Trusting your beloved camping gear on open waters is something where you don’t want to cut corners!

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12 Best YOGA SUP Brands

Selected masters when you are into Yoga on water

12 best yoga sup brands

Yoga SUPs have been a go-to choice to many inflatable SUP brands. You’ll find a great selection of compact and high-quality paddleboards by the featured names. Listed by the total number of board types and sizes, with founding year, website and locations.

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11 Best FISHING SUP Brands

Another rising trend next to fishing from a kayak

best fishing sups

As the paddleboarding industry has seen a considerable market growth during the past decade, and also the average SUP fisherman is definitely a great sales-person anyway – Fishing SUPs offer a great competition to kayaks. Although each has their own pros and cons – we are definitely going to see some useful upgrades from these fishing SUP brands featured in this review.

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TOP 6 RACING Paddleboard Brands

For those who want to be the fastest

race sup brands

An interesting combination of brands that like speed on water. The TOP 6 selection offer the paddler more that it could handle. For most of these brands – this time winning isn’t about the equipment, but about the paddler. Listed by the number of types, sizes, location and found year. Go check out!

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7 Best WHITEWATER Paddleboard Brands

Inflatable SUP brands who feel home in the whitewater


best whitewater sup brands

Another great example of what inflatable paddleboards really are. Not only inspired by liferafts and swimming docks, whitewater paddleboarding is a perfect alternative to rafting. The main difference is that all of the paddleboards by these names featured in this review – they all pack small into carry bag! Ultra durable and with plenty of specifications.

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10 Best ELECTRIC Paddleboard Brands

Yep, paddleboards with electric motors on them!

electric paddleboard brands

Battery-powered devices have been the founding block for the ongoing future of technology. E-Bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles, e-cars – well now the paddleboarding industry has picked up as well! You’ll find a great list of paddleboard brands that have either a fin-propeller or propulsion systems build to them. If you are worried about electricity mixed with water – read more from how well all of these solutions have been thought out. After all – this is the main concern after the numerous benefits like paddling in upwind, carrying more gear or simply take it as easy as you can! 

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7 Best TANDEM SUP Brands

Inspired by the concept of kayaking. 2-person boards reviewed

best tandem sup brands

Why paddle alone when you can divide the energy, and have more fun in the meantime. Not sure what’s the correct answer but all of the brands featured in this review have made something remarkable. Paddleboards pack into something so small like a large backpack – yet they can hold two paddlers comfortably. Matter of fact – these boards are built for that. Compared to multi-person SUPs – the tandem board has more technical features to improve performance. Find out which fits you best!

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TOP 17 KIDS’ SUP Brands

A great list of names that have one more more awesome boards for the youth

best kids sup brands

Paddleboarding can teach a lot about the environment. Active individuals are always sought after and looked upon – so why not teach the kids young? Paddleboarding for kids helps them appreciate the nature, the water, and also about paddling, balance and preserving your energy. Staying mentally and physically fit go hand-to-hand, and paddleboarding is one of those perfect, yet underrated activities for that. Most of these brands can explain further.

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7 Best KAYAK/SUP Brands

The paddleboarding, as an activity, is most-related to kayaking

best kayak sup brands

Sure, paddleboards often look more like surfboards – but surfing is only 1 out of 13 different types that the paddleboard is designed for. Kayaking has become a part of the SUP world, and many kayakers have started to see more and more paddleboards with a kayak seat. The 7 brands listed in this review offer one or more boards with some awesome customization options, and more. Although kayaking can’t be compared to paddleboarding – all of these boards offer a lot of fun and freedom on the water!

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III. Specific brand overviews


Xcel Wetsuits Review
An awesome high-tech wetsuit manufacturer with quite technical surf suits.



Connelly Paddle Boards review
Connelly is a mid-range water sport specialist from the 60s – check out their take on paddleboarding!

Retrospec Paddle Boards 
Affordable selection of highly rated iSUPs.

Bote SUP Boards Brand Overview
An insight into one of the most trusted board brands on the market

Pau Hana 8 Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed
Specific premium iSUPs for explorers next to their top-quality solid boards.

SOL Inflatable Paddleboards
A whitewater specialist with a focus on fun.

RED Inflatable Paddleboards
Insight to a UK-based premium iSUP manufacturer

ISLE Paddle Boards
Check out the premium brand & what they have to offer.



Restube review
Super convenient solutions for surfers and paddleboarders, and for many more!

restube products range



I. SURF Brands

II. SUP Brands 

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