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The 44 Best Surf Brands 
Wetsuits / Surfboards / Fins / etc

best surf brands



Surf-Specific Wetsuit Brands (TOP 19)
That produces performance surf suits.

surf wetsuit brands

Xcel Wetsuits Brand Review
A freedive & surf wetsuit specialist.





[>>] The 45 Best SUP Brands in 2022 
Solid / Inflatable

best sup brands

Bote SUP Boards Brand Overview
An insight into one of the most trusted board brands on the market

NEW! Pau Hana 8 Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed
Specific premium iSUPs for explorers next to their top-quality solid boards.

SOL Inflatable Paddleboards
A whitewater specialist with a focus on fun.

RED Inflatable Paddleboards
Insight to a UK-based premium iSUP manufacturer

ISLE Paddle Boards Review
Check out the premium brand & what they have to offer.

14 Best Surf SUP Brands

best surf sup brands