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In & out of the surf, here are some of the thoughts & insights into the world of surfing. Have a look and feel free to let us know what would you like to read next.

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7 Dangers To Surfing
Natural & human-caused.

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How Much Does It Cost to Surf?
New & used – what to expect?

10 Different Ways to Surf a Wave
From bodyboarding to foil surfing.

What Makes Surfers More Successful?
13 habits that help to build a successful character.

Surf History & Psychedelics
Burning man, extreme sports, surfing & the LSD


How to Clean Your Surfboard?
They do need a good clean every now and then – here’s how.

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Guide to Surfing in Somo, Northern Spain
An overview of a classic coastal surf town in Spain.  

Surf Jobs
Check out the variety of work to maximize your surfing habits, and get paid for it.

Here’s What I Learned After a 2-year Pause of Surfing
Remember the basics when starting to surf over time.

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Best Indo Surf Charters in 2021
Check out the different types of two-week surf boat trips to Indonesia.

How to Improve Your Surfing Skills
Here you’ll find 15 ways to increase your level of surfing.

Guide to Buying/Selling Used Surfboard
A step-by-step guide to getting around second-hand surfboards.

Surfers & Their Zodiac Signs Explained
How to tell a surfers sign by their actions?

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Surfer
Considerable reasons that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Surfing and Keys
Where to store your valuables when surfing?

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Surfing and Eyes
Read more about how to take care of your eyes as a surfer and prevent the ‘surfers’ eye’

Surfing and Ears
Best earplugs reviewed + how to prevent the swimmer’s ear.

Benefits of Surfing
Check out the 23 mental and physical benefits of surfing.

Hobbies Beneficial to Surfing
15 hobbies to improve your surfing skills.

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