12 best yoga sup brands

12 Best Yoga SUP Brands

Down below you’ll find a selection of the best Yoga SUP brands that have either an inflatable or hardboards in their store.

The Yoga SUP is one of the top board types that most brands have put their side-focus on besides touring and all-around boards. Otherly known as the cruiser SUP – these boards are designed for maximum comfort and stability. 

yoga paddle boards
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Why prefer a SUP-specific brand?

These days a paddle board can be bought from basically anywhere – department stores, K-mart, online retailers, Amazon, you name it. The reason why we have highlighted the selected few (12) is to point out the real water-sport specialists. Brands, that deserve to be out there.

There’s definitely many more good board brands available – but you can’t simply go wrong by choosing among those brands below.

How to distinguish a stand up yoga paddle board?

Paddle boards that are designed specifically for yoga or pilates feature a round outline and at least 33″ to 34″ width.

In length, most boards fall under the 11′ line, whereas the 10’0 to 10’6″ is the most common range.

Yoga boards are known for being stable, wide, light and usually come with a shoulder carry strap. These boards don’t have too many technical features besides the wide outline and great construction for stability.



*Listing order is based on the total number of different types and board sizes produced by a particular brand.



#1. Starboard

No. of Yoga SUPs: 1
Type: Inflatable/epoxy
Range: Mid

starboard sups

> VISIT Starboard

Although Starboard has only one yoga board among their 13 other types, they are definitely a SUP brand that needs to be highlighted. Matter of fact, they are one of the top SUP brands to produce the highest number of different SUP types and sizes. You’ll find both inflatable and solid SUPs that come in a wide variety of sizes, designs and technologies, all aimed at the mid-range category.

Their only yoga board comes with all the good stuff needed for a relaxed day out on the water. Detailed description for everything included on their website, have a look!

Yoga Inflatable

  • 10’0″ x 34″ x 6″




#2. RED

No. of Yoga SUPs: 3
Type: Inflatable
Range: Mid/high

red sup brand website

> Visit RED Paddle Co

RED is an UK inflatable SUP brand that sells their boards worldwide for the premium market. Their current one and only model – the 10’8″ Activ MSL Yoga features durable construction and stable platform. Available in three designs and two dimensions.

Aimed at beginner paddleboarders who are looking for a lightweight and high-tech yoga iSUP for years to come. RED hasn’t cut corners in any department, and all of their boards are made and pre-tested in their own in-house facility in the UK. Definitely a brand to look towards when you value premium goods that look and feel sturdy.

RED is an iSUP specific brand – that’s all the do!

  • Inflatable

Actic MSL Yoga

  • 10’8″ x 5.9″ x 34″
  • 10’8″ x 4’7″ x 34″
  • 10’8″ x 4’7″ x 32″




#3. Hala Gear

No. of Yoga SUPs: 1
Type: Inflatable
Range: Mid/high

hala gear sup brand

> VISIT Hala Gear

Here’s a premium product by another water-sport specialists – Hala Gear. Their Asana board is a perfect role model for all the other brands in this list, featuring the “correct” size suitable for a good yoga or pilates session on the water. On calmer days, use it as a board to get out with your pets or simply enjoy the calm waters. All Hala Gear SUP boards are very well made + you’ll also get a nice variety of accessories to go with the sport.


  • 10’6″ x 34″ x 6″




#4. Pau Hana

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable, rigid
Range: Mid

pau hana yoga boards

> VISIT Pau Hana

Pau Hana is a brand that’s firmly set their foot on the SUP market.

Their boards are distinguished not only be the beautiful design, but the construction and technology that many happy customers find unbeatable compared to other brands. Their wide selection of SUPs are hard to pass by, and the Moon Mist, that’s available in both inflatable and solid form, is definitely a choice to consider.

Moon Mist

  • 10’0″ available both as iSUP and rigid





#5. SOL

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable
Range: Mid

sol paddle boards

> VISIT SOL Paddleboards

SOL is brand that will always bring a smile to your face.

Their bright and vibrant boards can be easy to overlook as there’s actually much more going on inside of them. SOL is a whitewater SUP specialist with a great variety of boards for rather demanding environments – and their two boards are a great example of their main focus. The SOLshine and SOLshiva are ideal for those who are really looking for the most stable and durable boards!

36-inch width on both of their boards, extra durable construction

9’6” x 36” x 6”

10’ x 36” x 6”




#6. Body Glove

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable
Range: Mid/high

body glove boards

> VISIT Body Glove

If Body Glove were a supermarket – they’d be the #1 choice among beachgoers. They sell basically anything for the “recreational” water-enthusiast – the one who likes to have an active holiday instead of sitting under the sunshade, sipping coctails.

Besides swimwear, and the fact of being on the oldest wetsuit manufacturer on the market, they also sell inflatable boards for kayaking, SUPing, swim platforms, soft-top surfboards and much more. All that said – they know what they’re doing, and any fun-loving active person finds their boards suitable for the occasion.

Their current range consists of two inflatable yoga boards – the Kayoga, which is a SUP/kayak, and its larger cousin Oasis. Priced at under $1,300 for the whole package, there’s definitely a lot more to discover from store!

10’6″ x 34″ x 5’4″

11′ x 34″




#7. BlueFin

No. of Yoga SUPs: 1
Type: Inflatable
Range: Entry

bluefin sup website

> VISIT BlueFin.com

For under $700, BlueFin is another small but popular SUP brand from the UK. Priced for the consumer market, they definitely deserve to be on this list thanks to their dedication on paddle boards only. Besides being an inflatable SUP brand, they are one of the few to put out an advanced all-around board type next to five other types.

  • Inflatable
  • 10’8″ x 34″ x 6″




#8. Thurso

No. of Yoga SUPs:
Type: Inflatable
Range: Entry/mid

At under 1,000, Thurso Yoga boards are definitely worth mentioning as they are among the 14 inflatable SUP specific brands on the market.

thuro surf yoga sup page

> VISIT ThursoSURF.com

Canadian brand Thurso Surf is also worth mentioning thanks to their dedication on paddle boards. Their current one and only yoga board Tranquility comes in a very nice design and the most popular yoga board size. From their store you’ll find everything else to go with paddleboarding – roof racks, paddles, kayak kits and so on.

  • Inflatable
  • 10’8″ x 34″ x 6″



#9. Xterra

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable
Range: High

xterra yoga

> VISIT Xterra.com

With two specialized Yoga boards in their list, Xterra is as their brand name reveals already – its something technical. And yes, their two yoga boards feature a lot more than most other brands. When it comes to total price of SUP packages – its the level of accessories that also play a big role, and Xterra hasn’t cut any corners on their yoga boards.

Definitely worth a consideration if you are looking for something sturdy, and with all above-average accessories that come with the deal.

Blue Wave

  •  10’4” x 32” x 6”


  •  10’4” x 32” x 6”



#10. GLIDE

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable, rigid
Range: Mid

glide sup

> VISIT GlideSUP.com

Based out in Salt Like City, Utah – Glide is another SUP-specific brand with reasonable prices and great boards. Their current range features two boards, available in an inflatable and rigid form. Besides yoga boards, they have also put out a number of fishing, touring, whitewater and all-around boards.

As a good SUP brand, they also offer all the needed accessories to go with the sport.


  • 10′ x 35″ x 5″




#11. iRocker

No. of Yoga SUPs: 2
Type: Inflatable
Range: Entry/mid

irocker sup brand

> VISIT iRocker.com

Founded in 2013, iRocker is a SUP brand based out in Jacksonville, Florida. At their current range there are four board types with one yoga board as well. Aimed at the consumer market with affordable pricing, the 10’6″ Cruiser is their closest to a Yoga SUP. Available in 8 color schemes and at under the 1,000 mark – there’s a lot on offer for a recreational user.

Their previous Cruiser board was a hit totalling over 1,000 positive reviews, and the updated Cruiser Ultra is a slight step-up with some smaller modifications on the construction, fin set-up and accessories. Definitely worth bookmarking!


  • 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″




#12. Nixy

No. of Yoga SUPs: 1
Type: Inflatable
Range: Entry/mid

nixy website


Categorized as Cruiser/Yoga/Stability – the Venice G4 is another awesome first board for a beginner or an intermediate paddler. Nixy is worth pointing out by their specialization in paddle boards and the beach life in general. You’ll find useful information regards from their blog if you are in need for extra information on everything that’s related to paddleboarding.

Venice G4 Cruiser

10’6″ x 34″ x 6″





This post is based on the 45 Best SUP Brands where we have pointed out all the TOP SUP brands with all of their current range. This post is a work in progress which mean’s we’ll update it accordingly

45 best paddleboard brands


Are rigid paddle boards better than inflatable SUPs?

When it comes to performing yoga or pilates on a SUP – inflatable boards are definitely preferred due their compact transport size and a more forgiving deck. Although the performance in terms of speed is almost indistinguishable to rigid boards, iSUPs are so popular for a good reason.

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