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Choosing THE shorty wetsuit for your collection can be a tricky task when you’re not totally sure which one you need.

There are many different types and model women’s shorty wetsuits made by well known surf brands, which I’ve reviewed down here. As the shorty springsuit in general is designed for waters warmer than 18’C / 65’F – It is up to your personal preferences to get what you want.

Women’s shorty springsuits cost from $50 up to $150, and in most cases more expensive wetsuits feel warmer, have better breathability, more durable stitchings and stretch a little better 🙂

How to Choose A Wetsuit?

  1. TYPE – Determine which type of wetsuit are you after: A Front/Back Zip, Long-sleeve springsuit or a Short Jane
  2. THICKNESS – Choose the right thickness for the season. You’ll find the recommended thickness chart down below.
  3. SIZE – Make sure you get extactly the right size! A wetsuit must fit snug but not too tight.

Different Types of Womens Shorty Surf Wetsuits

  • Shorty = Short arms, short legs surf wetsuit
  • Long Sleeve Shorty = Long sleeves, short legs one piece wetsuit
  • Sleevless
  • Long Jane = Long leg, sleevless top one piece women’s surf wetsuit
  • Short Jane = Short leg, sleevless top one piece women’s surf wetsuit
  • Cross Back Cut = Zipless one-piece springsuit
  • Bikini Cut = Shortest One-piece type of wetsuit for women
  • Boy Cut = Mid-length shorty leg cut

Women’s Surf Wetsuit FAQ

  • Can I Surf With A Swimsuit/Bathing Suit? Technically yes, but it’s not advisable since surfing requires a fair amount of time paddling on the surfboard that’s waxed for grip. A regular swimsuit does not have the extra materials on the chest area that prevents a chest rash, and obviously the stitches are not as durable. Swimsuits don’t keep the the warmth as well.


  • What To Wear Under A Wetsuit? Nothing, as the wetsuit is designed to go directly on the skin. Materials used in modern wetsuits are skin-friendly, and that extra layer undernearth the wetsuit might not be the most comfortable choice. It applies both for men and women surf wetsuits.


  • How Should A Shorty Wetsuit Fit? Snug, but not too tight – As the most known recommendation goes! It is crucial to get exctactly the right size, not one size up or down! A wetsuit that’s too large will let the water get in the suit, while a size smaller suit limits the capabilities big time.


  • Basic vs. Entry-Level vs. Premium wetsuits differences?
  1. Supermarket wetsuits – Very basic in technology, limited size availability, lack of different types. Cheap wetsuits are definitely not meant for such high-intensity activity such as surfing.
  2. Entry-level surf wetsuits – A wetsuit that’s made by a well-known surf brand is all you need. Cheaper wetsuits are still good, but not as comfortable and warm as the premium suits.
  3. Premium surf wetsuits – Technologically advanced materials, zippers and variety of different types. Very stretchy, warm, good insulation qualities and comfortable. Worth that extra.
  • Can I use the surf wetsuit for other water-related activities such as swimming/diving/snorkeling? Surfing wetsuits are a mixture between a triathlon and a diving wetsuit – which is built for warmth and high-intensity movement. Many users claim that they’ve used surf wetsuits for warm-water diving, snorkeling, Stand up paddleboarding and anything else you can imagine.



Choosing the right size wetsuit is a crucial step as you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in it! Well known surf brand women’s surf wetsuits are very comfortable, designed in a way that you’d enjoy each surf session! Known brands have a great selection of female wetsuit sizes avaible!

You’ll find each brand’s sizing charts down below!

How Should A Shorty Wetsuit Fit? RULE #1 When Buying A Wetsuit – Get Excatly The Right Size!

NB! When you have to choose between to sizes, go for:
#1 – Weight
#2 Torso length
#3 Length




As you can see, each wetsuit brand has their own water temperature recommendations which varies a little. BUT, Don’t get too carried away by the charts, as the wind temperature, individual body fat %, metabolism, and many more factors play a role there. Down here you’ll find 1-2mm thickness wetsuits, which are obviously worn only in waters above 18’C / 65’F so no pressure.

Best Women’s Shorty Wetsuit Line-Up

  1. Rip Curl G-Bomb – The most technologically advanced warm weather springsuit. Lightest, stretchiest and most comfortable.
  2. O’Neill Reactor 2 Best sizes! Reactor 2 is most likely the most used women’s wetsuit all around the world!
  3. Roxy XY – Best women’s sleevless cross back 2mm springsuit
  4. Roxy Satin – The only long jane shorty on this list
  5. Roxy Syncro – Best selection of different types!



Billabong women’s shorty wetsuits are a popular choice all around the world for a good reason – They look good, feel great and there’s plenty of different options to choose from at a reasonable price tag! Billabong has the most unique designs.


Billabong Shorty Jane 1mm

Sleevless Bikini Cut
Cross-Back Springsuit

Size Chart available right by the size selection tab!

The Sleevless front zip women’s shorty jane wetsuit is an ideal choice for tropical warm waters. It let’s you feel the warmth of the water, while it protecting the chest from getting a rash. The suit is super lightweight while it’s got all the essentials you’d need for a summer surf session. It’s designed for surfing, made by Billabong – there’s no way you’d go wrong with there! The best combination of aestethics and performance!


  • 80% Neoprene Rubber, 20% Nylon
  • Type: Shorty Jane spring suit
  • Vertical front zip
  • Thick neoprene on the chest area for added comfort when paddling
  • Comfortable cross-back design.
  • Embossed textured wave panels on the rest of the wetsuit


Available on AMAZON



Billabong SALTY DAYZ 1mm

Sleevless Bikini Cut
Front Zip Shorty

Another surf suit to meet your needs during those tropical surf sessions. This suit is easy to get in and out, protects your chest from the rash, and your back from the damaging UV-rays. It feels as good as it looks!


  • Vertical Front Zip
  • Super lighweight
  • 1mm thick neoprene
  • Flatlock superflex stitch construction
  • Zero restrictions
  • Surf Capsule Collection
  • Higher neck collar for comfort
  • Strategic seam positioning for comfort and sublimated print details with cheeky bikini cut

Available on AMAZON



Billabong SYNERGY 2mm

Long Sleeve, Back Zip Shorty

Billabong Women’s Synergy Shorty Wetsuit has well above the average features what you’d pay for any other wetsuit under the $100 mark. It is one of the most-favoured brands by surf enthusiasts, well known for the unique styling and awesome price to quality ratio. The Synergy long-sleeve springsuit wetsuit for women is an ideal surf suit for warm water surfing as it is very comfortable, easy to get in and out, and it lasts a long time if taken proper care of. 2mm thickness with long sleeves is quite a good option as it protects the whole upper body from cold and the UV-rays as well. By using this type of suit, make sure to cover the back of your legs with sunscreen, as it is one of the most overlooked areas that get burnt!


  • 80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon
  • 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit
  • Back Zip
  • Premium AX2 Superflex Neoprene
  • Flatlock stitched seams
  • Legs & arms beaded to minimize water intake
  • Strategic seam placement to maximize comfort and flexibility
  • Lightweight

Available on AMAZON



Billabong SALTY DAYZ 2mm

Long Sleeve Bikini Cut
Front Zip Springsuit

Protect yourself from the morning chill, mid-day sun and “basic” style with the custom Salty Dayz Long Sleeve Springsuit. The Surf Capsule Collection long sleeve spring suit combines cheeky swimwear lines and curated prints with the functionality and warmth of a wetsuit. A half zip at center front allows for control over how much added heat you need. Made from 2mm premium stretch neoprene, the womens spring suit is offered in a solid with embossed textured wave panels or allover tropical or palm print.


  • 80% Neoprene 20% Nylon
  • Billabong Surf Capsule Collection
  • Vertical front zip
  • Cheeky swimwear cut
  • Embossed textured wave panels, allover tropical print, or textural indigo palm print
  • Non-toxic water-based adhesive
  • 2mm premium stretch neoprene
  • Flatlock stitch construction

Available on AMAZON



Billabong SALTY DAYZ ECO 2mm

Long-Sleeve, Bikini Cut
Front Zip Springsuit

The Salty Dayz Eco women’s surf springsuit is a premium-class suit. As the whole surfing industry moves towards the sustainability, this model is definitely worth it’s price tag. It looks good, makes you perform well by feeling comfortable and warm during those chilly summer mornings or cloudy evenings.


  • Billabong’s first ever eco conscious, recycled neoprene collection
  • Recycled jersey made of 87% polyester from plastic bottles + 13% recycled spandex
  • Foam made of 30% upcycled car tires
  • Uses Dope Dyed Yarns – a process that reduces water usage by 90% compared to traditional dying methods
  • Vertical front zip entry
  • 2mm premium stretch neoprene
  • GBS seams
  • Cheeky swimwear cut
  • Embossed textured wave panels
  • Non toxic water based adhesive


Available on AMAZON


2.) ROXY

Roxy womens wetsuit size chart is a profound guide to get you the best fitting wetsuit.

Roxy Wetsuit Size Chart



Roxy POP 1mm

Vertical Front Zip
Long Sleeve Bikini Cut Springsuit

Roxy POP one piece surf wetsuit is a mid-range, lightweight and comfortable warm water long-sleeve springsuit. The bikini cut and thin layer of 1mm neoprene has more features packed in the suit than one could notice at first. It allows unrestricted performance and keeps your body warm through those small and slow summer sessions. Long-sleeve type is a resonable choice to protect your arms and back from the damaging UV rays as well. Due to it’s lightweight construction, the Pop is also great for any other water-related acitivities such as stand-up paddleboarding, wind and kitesurfing, snorkelling and so on.


  • 100% StretchFlight 1mm neoprene
  • Coil B-Lock seams
  • Vertical front zip entry system with YKK #8 plastic zip
  • Flush Lock 2.0 seals on wrists and ankles
  • Drainage holes

Available on AMAZON




Sleevless Back-Zip
Bikini Springsuit

Great alternative to front-zip and cross-back wetsuits. The PopSurf is a super lightweight, comfortable warm water springsuit that keeps your chest protected from the wax of your surfboard and the excessive UV-rays. The women’s popsurf sleeveless springsuit is made for extra warm waters where you need that extra bit of warmth.


  • 100% StretchFlight x3 neoprene
  • Coil B-Lock seams
  • Back zip entry with YKK #8 plastic zip


Available on AMAZON



Roxy SATIN 1mm

Long-sleeve, vertical front zip
Bikini Cut springsuit

The 1mm thick Satin surf suit by Roxy is simple, easy to use, lightweight and it’s got everything you could expect from a springsuit in 2020. Under the $100 price tag, it’s a great deal! Long-sleeves protect you from the excessive UV rays and keep that little bit of extra warmth you need to maximize your time in those limited summer swells.


  • 100% StretchFlight x2 neoprene
  • Coil B-Lock seams
  • Vertical front zip entry system with YKK #8 plastic zip
  • Fused Edges on neck
  • Drainage holes

See more from AMAZON



Roxy SATIN 1.5mm

Long Leg – Sleevless Cross Back
Long Jane Springsuit

The Satin long jane by Roxy is a choice for those who’d like to protect their legs from that little bit of excessive cold and UV rays. Thicker neoprene on the chest area prevents chest rash, and the pocket on the back makes this suit a great warm-water go-to suit. It’s well made, as it is made by Roxy- who obviously specializes in women’s clothing and gear! It is one of the few 1.5mm womens wetsuit on this list!


  • F’n LITE neoprene made with air-cell-rich limestone for lightweight warmth
  • Coil B-Lock stitched seams for improved flexibility
  • YKK #8 plastic back zip
  • Drainage holes
  • Suitable for water temperatures of 21°C – 23°C / 70°F – 73°F
  • Strategically placed seams
  • Back pocket for valuables
  • 1.5mm thick neoprene

Available on AMAZON


Roxy SATIN 1.5mm

Long-sleeve, Boy Cut Legs
Vertical Front Zip Shorty Springsuit

This 1.5mm Roxy shorty womens wetsuit is a perfect all-rounder, yet a technical summer wetsuit. The vertical front zip allows to regulate the temperature inside the suit, which is a great feature to adjust the tiny bit of warmth. Unrestricted movement, lightweight construction on this long sleeve, boy-cut legs shorty springsuit make it a suit that’s hard to not consider when looking for a durable and good-looking springsuit.


  • 1.5mm thickness – Suitable for water temperatures of 21°C – 23°C / 70°F – 73°F
  • 100% StretchFlight x2 neoprene
  • Coil B-Lock seams
  • Vertical front zip entry system with YKK #8 plastic front zip
  • Drainage holes
  • Strategically placed seams
  • Pocket on the back

Available on AMAZON



Roxy SATIN 2mm

Front-Zip Long-Sleeve
Boy-Cut Springsuit

The 2mm long-sleeve shorty is considerably warmer compared to most other suits listed here. Roxy chest zip wetsuits are great for the “climate-control” as you can adjust the amount of water sweeping in the suit when neccessary.


  • F’n LITE neoprene
  • Triple glued & blindstitched (GBS) seams
  • Vertical front zip entry system with YKK #8 plastic zip
  • Flush Lock 2.0 stretch seals
  • Fused Edges

Available on AMAZON



Roxy SYNCRO 2mm – 7 Different Designs – Under $100

Classical Back-Zip Shorty

The Syncro is Roxy’s most popular and best-selling surf wetsuit for women. There’s a ton of different colors and sizes to anyone out there. 2mm is just about right for those sunny, warm water surf sessions. The Syncro is most likely one of the best lightweight 2mm springsuits for women! It is a go-to wetsuit as it most likely fits anyone out there!


  • 100% F’n lite neoprene – Warm, light & flexible
  • 2mm thickness on legs, arms and torso
  • Flat lock stitched seams
  • Back zip entry system, with ykk#10plastic zip
  • Strategically placed seams, unrestricted movement

Available on AMAZON



Short arms, short legs back zip shorty

The Prologue is a good catch under the $100 mark. It’s got everything to keep you warm and comfortable throughout those summer surf sessions. Back zip entry for easy on-and-off, Hydrowrap adjustable closure and 2mm thick neoprene are what makes this suit a reasonable choice for every level surfers out there. Roxy spring wetsuits are something you can’t simply go wrong with!


  • Hyperstretch 3
  • Flatlock seams
  • Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure
  • Drainage holes

Available on AMAZON

Roxy XY 2mm

Cross Back-Short Jane
Shorty Womens Springsuit

The Roxy XY one piece wetsuit is most likely the lightest wetsuit on this list. 2mm thick neoprene around the torso to insulate your body through those summer swells where you need that extra bit of warmth. Small zip-closure key-pocket on the side of the leg for keys – hopefully in a watertight bag! It simple, minimalistic and atheletic!


  • FN Lite neoprene in the body
  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams
  • Cross back design
  • 2mm Fiberlite neoprene body
  • Key-pocket


Available on AMAZON



O’Neill women’s wetsuits are well known by the best price to quality ratio – and their list of shorty springsuits is something to prove that point! Check out the sizing recommendation chart to get the best new fitting suit for you!


O’Neill BAHIA 2/1

The Bahia is a performance and value driven surf wetsuit for women. 2mm thick on torso and 1mm on arms and legs is a choice to for those “not-so-warm-yet” inbetween weathers, or for anyone who minds the mild chill.


  • Superstretch neoprene on: Shoulders, sleeves, and underarms for unrestricted movement
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Flatlock seams reduce chafing and improve durability
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Chafe-resistant mock collar
  • Zippered back closure with pull-strap for easy dressing
  • Shorts fall above the knee
  • Materials: 95% nylon, 5% spandex; 79% polyester, 21% spandex
  • Lining: 100% nylon; All panels are bonded to neoprene


Available on AMAZON



O’Neill REACTOR 2 2mm – 4 Different Designs, Sizes from 4 to 16!

Back-Zip Women’s
Short Springsuit

I’m sure everyone who knows anthing about surfing – knows about the O’Neill Reactor 2 wetsuit. It is likely the most used women’s shorty surf springsuit all around the world. O’Neill is well known for their best bang for the buck when it comes to wetsuits, and the Reactor 2 has been the best wetsuit on this field for sure. It’s simple, yet very durable, comfortable and warm for a short sleeve wetsuit. It costs under $100 and is a go-to wetsuits for thousands of female surfers all around the world. AND! The best thing that makes it so popular is also the wide variety of sizes.


  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • Flexible Design Utilizes
  • Minimal Seam Placement For Comfort
  • Maximum Mobility
  • Wind-Resistant Smoothskin Provides Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold

Available on AMAZON



O’Neill O’RIGINAL FL 2mm

Vertical front-zip
Sleevless Short Jane Springsuit

The most iconic and unique wetsuit on this list in my opinion. 2mm around the torso and legs is quite good to keep the heat in the core while the sleevless design to cool you down and feel the tropical water. This is a pure warm-water women’s performance springsuit. A perfect example of a women’s short john wetsuit. You need to be brave to wear this retro style out – props for that!


  • UltraFlex DS Neoglide Neoprene
  • Glued and Blindstitched Seams
  • Flatlock Seams
  • Retro Styling
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones
  • Classic retro styling

Available on AMAZON


Rip Curl is not mocking around when it comes to surfing as most of their wetsuits have improved tehnical features – hence the reason why a lot of competent female surfers prefer the brand!


Rip Curl Womens G-Bomb Searchers 1mm

Front Zip Sleeveless
Shorty Wetsuit

If you’d walk into a surf store and ask for the best and lightest shorty surf wetsuits – I’m sure you’ll be guided to the Rip Curl G-Bomb section. If you already did not see those suits hanging by the front windows, I’m sure every surf store has those suits on the premium section for sure. You seriosuly get that extra what you pay for. It is hard to believe how comfortable and stretchy the G-Bomb series is, if you haven’t tried one before.


  • 1mm Neoprene
  • Front Zip Entry
  • 100% E5 Neoprene
  • E-Stitch high stretch seams

Available on AMAZON


Rip Curl G-BOMB 1mm – The Best 1mm Long Sleeve Shorty!

Long-Sleeve Bikini Cut
Vertical Front Zip Springsuit

Rip Curl Womens G-Bomb shorty wetsuit is a premium suit for female athletes. There is a big difference between an entry-level brand wetsuit and a premium suit, such as the G-Bomb. It’s very stretchy and lightweight, and by getting the right size there’s really no restrictions to your performance. It is simply one of the greatest springsuits in here.


  • E4 neoprene fabric: 20% lighter than last year’s rubber, which makes it easier to get around in and more comfortable for those long hours in the chilly water.
    • 1mm wetsuits are perfect for summer fun.
    • E-stitch high stretch seams for amazing comfort and performance.
  • Mock neckline
  • Half-zip closure at front for easy dressing and temperature control
  • Long raglan sleeves allow for a wide range of motion
  • Full coverage bikini cut bottoms
  • Solid and print block design options – Branding on left chest, arm, and cuff
  • Materials: 80% neoprene, 20% polyamide

A wide variety of sizes and designs to choose from!

Available on AMAZON



Rip Curl G-BOMB 1mm

Sleevless Back-Zip
Bikini Cut Springsuit


  • E5 neoprene
  • E-Stitch high stretch seams
  • Maximum freedom
  • Higher neckline
  • Super lightweight

The lightest and most advanced sleevless bikini-cut wetsuit for women by Rip Curl. One might not expect much from such a minimal springsuit, but Rip Curl has made that extra step so you could enjoy those tropical waters with maximum comfort!

Available on AMAZON



Rip Curl DAWN PATROL Shorty 2mm

Short sleeve, short leg 
Back-Zip springsuit

Dawn Patrol is Rip Curl’s mid-range series springsuit, and this is their classical shorty under the $100 mark. Easy in and out, watertight leg/arm seals – it is a simple, warm and a hustle free wetsuit that’s built for surfing. 2mm is very universal and a go-to shorty wetsuit for any other water-related activities as well such as: Stand-Up Paddleboarding, warm-water freediving, snorkelling and why not swimming.


  • E-stitchings
  • Super lightweight stretch seam construction
  • Mesh leg seals to ensure no water entry to provide additional warmth
  • Velcro neck closure

Available on AMAZON



Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve 2mm – The Warmest 2mm Shorty!

Long-Sleeve Short Leg
Back Zip Short

The Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol 2mm long sleeve springsuit offers the perfect balance between function and aesthetic appeal. It is the closest you can get to a 3/2 fullsuit, as it holds the most warmth and protects the upper body from the damaging UV rays as well!  


  • E5 in the arms and legs
  • Strategically placed seams
  • Velcro neck closure
  • Freeflex neoprene on the body area

Available on AMAZON



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Couldn’t find what you were after, or think there should be more suits on the list – feel free to write me so I could add them!

Want your wetsuit to last longer? Check out our complete Wetsuit Care Guide!

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