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7 Best Tandem SUP Brands

Paddleboards have evolved a ton during the past decade, there’s no doubt about that.

Between the 15 SUP types available today, there’s the tandem paddleboard that a selected few brands have set their efforts on. A 2-person, or a tandem SUP is a great way to divide the effort and double the fun. Have a look at our brief overview of the 7 best tandem SUP brands to help better understand what’s out there on the market.

#1. Aqua Marina
#2. Body Glove
#3. Starboard
#4. RED Paddle Co
#5. Pau Hana
#6. SurfTech
#7. Tahe

Multi-person vs tandem SUP?

While both board types are categorized as multi-person SUPs, the tandem SUP performs best when paddled with two persons particulary – no more or less. While some giant paddle boards are also rated e.g for 2-6 persons, they don’t match up the same convnenience of a tandem SUP.


7 Best Tandem Paddleboard Brands


#1. Aqua Marina

Founded in 1991 – Shanghai, China

aqua marina multi person paddleboards

As one of the largest SUP brands on the market – Aqua Marina has two casual purpose tandem boards to choose. Available in two sizes, both boards offer a great value for the money including what the whole package comes with. 

If you are after a double-person all-around paddleboard and want some of the most popular brands that sells their boards worldwide – Aqua Marina might be the one for you. Read more about the boards from their website!

Super Trip (2-person)

  • 12’2″ x 32″ x 6″
  • 400L
  • Max payload: 462lbs (210kg)
  • Max air pressure: 15 PSI

Super Trip Tandem (2-person)

  • 14’0″ x 34″ x 6″
  • 500L
  • Max payload: 507lbs (230kg)
  • Max pressure: 18PSI





#2. Body Glove

Founded in 1953 – Boonville,  Missouri

body glove multi person paddleboard selection

Body Glove is an awesome brand with awesome boards in their selection. At this moment, both of their tandem paddleboards are 15-feet long inflatable SUP/kayaks at under the thousand dollar mark. 

Body Glove was one of the first wetsuit makers (yes, even before O’Neill) that is still going strong after the wavey seas. Although their boards are far from top-of-the line, their above average selection offers fun for everyone! They stand out for their shared element of fun – and the two  boards, Cruiser Duet and Twin Pro are perfect examples of that. Head over to their website to read more!

Cruiser Duet

  • 15′ x 34″ x 5.4″
  • 2 x removable kayak seats
  • 2 x 3-piece SUP/Kayak paddles

Twin Pro

  • 15′ x 34″ x 5.4″‘
  • Capacity 500lb
  • 2 x 4-piece SUP/Kayak paddles






#3. Starboard

Founded in Bangkok, Thailand

starboard mega sups

Starboard is a premium brand that reaches the same level of production as Naish and Sic Maui. The main difference between the three brands is that Naish and SIC Maui were founded in Hawaii while Starboard started out in Thailand. These two locations – Hawaii and Thailand have completely different surrondings in which the both brands get inspiration to test their boards.

Among the large selection of both inflatable and rigid, performance paddleboards – they also have one 16’0″ Tandem board in the mix. Unlike most other boards in this list, the 16’0″ Tandem is more of a performance touring board at 32″ wide and 6″ thick. 

StarShip (Tandem)

  • 16’0″ x 32″ x 6″
  • 475L
  • Weight capacity: 440lbs (200kg)





#4. RED Paddle Co

Founded in 2008 – South Devon, United Kingdom

red paddle co

RED is a premium brand with some awesome innovative technologies found on their boards. Their current only tandem board, the 15’0″ Tandem MSL is a performance-orientated 2-person standup paddleboard for touring. Although the board costs a hefty $2,000+, it will most definitely exceeds your expectations once on the water.

Their boards have the premium standard which means you’ll get a 5-year warranty, hassle-free returns, and a free delivery. You’ll also be getting a premium Titan II double-chamber pump and two Cruiser or Hybrid, Tough-series paddles with the package. 

Tandem MSL

  • 15’0″
  • 700lbs max capacity
  • 5-year warranty
  • Board weight – 41.56lb (18.8kg)





#5. Pau Hana

Founded in 2006 – Santa Clarita, California

pau hana tandem sup

Pau Hana is an interesting brand with only premium boards to pick. Their 15’0″ Oahu Nui is an awesome top-quality board with a nice wood finish that also comes with two pumps and two paddles. At 45-inches wide and 8-inches thick, this must be the cruisiest tandem paddleboard that’s out there!

You should check out the Oahu Nui when you want to be in the front row of paddleboard innovations. They have some pretty cool solutions to paddleboards that are definitely worth checking out so head over to their website to get a better overview!

Oahu Nui

  • 15’0″ x 45″ x 8″
  • 1,052L
  • Built-in sidebits

VISIT Pau Hana




#6. SurfTech

Founded in 1992 – Santa Cruz, California

surftech kayak sup tandem sup

SurfTech is company with some other brands combined in their fleet. Just like Tahe (featured next), SurfTech has one board in which they solved two problems once – making a board for two persons that converts into a kayak. At 13’1″ long, this board performs well with two paddles – hence the reason its called Hercules!

From their website, Hercules performs best more on the flatter side of water and with two persons paddling the board. It is compact, reasonably priced and packs quite a few features that help this board to pack small and perform well when inflatad.


  • 13’1″ x 36″ x 6″
  • 438L





#7. Tahe

Founded in 1989 – Estonia, Northern Europe

tahe tandem sup

Tahe is an outdoors-watersports specialist with a long tradition in making the human-powered vessel. Their one and only 11’6″ Beach SUP is quite the board – a SUP that converts into a kayak. On top of that, it is a tandem board that comes with back- and footrests and with two double-bladed paddles. As of all the other boards in this list – it is an inflatable board that’s got awesome performance capabilities both sitting or standing on the board.

You should consider Tahe if you are after a strong brand that’s got plenty of background in the making of SUP. Priced at mid-range category, you’ll sure get more than you’d expect! Have a look.

Beach SUP-Kayak

  • 11’6″ x 36″ x 6″
  • Max: 440lbs
  • 375L




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