Best Surfboard Bike Racks

Surfing, compared to any other sport out there is very simple – All you need is a surfboard and a wetsuit. If you happen to live close to the beach and prefer to live a simple life – you are among the few lucky ones. Most of us have to drive down the beach, worry about parking spots, and our valuables, while cycling or walking down the beach seems to be the stress-free alternative.

Anyway, if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to cycle down the beach with a surfboard, there’s no way you haven’t thought about getting a surfboard bike rack! Surfboard bike racks are a priceless investment towards comfort and convenience.

cyclist and a surfboard
Cycling to the beach works as a slight warm-up before an enduring surf session. After all, our legs don’t get too much of a workout in the waves anyway, so cycling is a great alternative for reaching the destination!


Table of Contents

1. Shortboard – Bike Racks
2. Longboard – Bicycle Racks
3. SUP – Bicycle Carriers
4. Scooter – Surfboard Racks


1. Best Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Racks



Moved By Bikes (MBB) – Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack

Score: 4.5 / 5 out of 34+ ratings

bicycle with a surfboard on the racks

A simple yet somewhat bulletproof option that’s easy to install and use on any bicycle. The good part is that you don’t need to have any bicycle racks to set it up or special tools or knowledge to get it going. What you would want to get as an extra would be a pair of bungee cord hook straps to get a snug fit!

  • Tool-free quick release bars
  • Quick and easy seat post mounting
  • For surfboards up to 7′

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Carver Surfboard Bike Rack – Shortboard

Score 4.5 / 5 out of 60+ ratings

carver bicycle surfboard racks

Another popular choice that’s easy to mount and use. The integrated bungee cord straps and the wide-angle allows using rather large boards safely. The padded hooks also prevent the board from getting scratched against the rust-free aluminum!

  • Holds up a surfboard up to 8ft
  • Made of non-rust material – Aluminum
  • Fits on any regular size bike seat post-25mm-32mm¬†in width

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Cor Surf – Bicycle Rack For Longboard Or Surf SUP

MSRP $110 Jacks Surfboards

Another classic rack for longer and heavier surfboards. Made from lightweight aluminum and stainless steel, this rack holds up to two shortboards. Due to soft and bright padding, the boards fill be safe and seen! All hardware included, integrated rear rack (included) mounts to the rear of most bicycles!

Availability >

Jacks Surfboards


Ho Stevie! – Surfboard Bike Rack

best surfboard bike racks to go surfing

Ho Stevie! Is a brand that truly cares about the surfers by producing a wide variety of really useful accessories, and this is one of their simple yet really useful surfboard bike racks. There’s plenty of adjustments to be made to get the best fit, or even turn the inwards when not in use! You can’t really go wrong with this deal when looking at the number of ratings and feedback on this deal!

  • Adjustable carrier arm height
  • Integrated bungee cords for maximum stability
  • Rotatable arms when not in use
  • Installed with 1 tool – Allen key only (Included)

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Onefeng Sports – Surfboard Bike Rack

racks for surfboardAnother great solution that allows you to get to the beach with zero-emissions and a warmed-up body. Onefeng as a brand might not be the first thing to pop on your head when thinking of surf gear, but this has proven to be a great way for surfers to

  • Made of sturdy aluminum construction that won’t rust or corrode
  • Simple installation that clamps to the seat post 25mm to 32mm thick
  • Foam covered arms prevent dings or scratches on your surfboard
  • Fits surfboards up to 8′.

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COR Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack

surfboard bike racks

This is a lightweight surfboard bicycle rack for shortboards that’s got extra thick padded hooks and bright colors for others to see. COR is a name in the surf and paddleboard game that has proved to be trustworthy and this is yet another awesome accessory!

  • Made from rust-proof lightweight 6061 aluminum and stainless steel
  • Green foam padding for added safety
  • 5mm Hex key included
  • Carries shorter boards up to 8 feet, up to 4.5″ thick
  • Adjustable-length arms fit most bikes
  • 25kg/55lb capacity
  • Integrated bungee cords to tighten the board

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2. Best Longboard Bike Racks



Electra – Longboard Surf Bike Rack

electra bicycle longboard rack


Fits up to 26″ wheel bikes, so most beach cruiser bikes are compatible with this rack. Weighing 7lbs with a max load capacity of 55lbs, this is one of the more advanced options to choose from.

  • Max weight: 55lbs
  • Max recommended length: 10ft
  • Fits up to 26″ wheel bikes

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Moved By Bikes – MBB Longboard Rack

longboard surfboard racks on a bicycle

Easily mounted, adjusted, and removed with a simple push of a button. Stable frame mounting that works with longboards and lighter Stand Up Paddleboards as well.

  • Best for Longboards, Lighter paddleboards
  • Max board length: Up to 12 feet
  • Connections – Bicycle’s head tube and seat post

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Carver Surf Rack – CSR Max for Longboards

carver surfboard bicycle rack for longboard

Check out this review down below to get the best idea of what to expect. The span between the racks doesn’t seem to be overly large, but it is that’s what it is built for after all.

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3. Best SUP – Stand Up Paddleboard Bicycle Racks



SUP MULE Transport System

stand up paddleboard transportation by MULE

MSRP $130 Stand On Liquid

Your shortboard, longboard, and SUP become a trailer that allows you to walk or pull it behind your bicycle. The STS MULE is a new and unique way to transport your board(s) and ALL your gear to the break or waters edge in one effortless trip.

  • Breaks down and sets up within seconds
  • Packs in 12″ x 28″ x 3″ travel bag included
  • No hardware nor tools needed
  • Hands-free controlled ride with little or no wind resistance
  • Universal tailpiece
  • Adjustable nose piece has a handle strap and a pocket for wax, leash, and personal items
  • Tube tires with plastic mag wheels and quick release pins

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Stand on Liquid


Wheeleez Stand Up Paddle Board Cart РSingle

Product image for


A convenient way to transport your heavy and/or bulky SUP to the waterline. Folds flat for transportation

  • 2x 10ft tie-down straps included
  • Max weight capacity: 100lbs

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SUP/Longboard Wheel Trolley

MSRP $104 Wnd’n’Wvs

  • Angled Frame Arms Keeps Board Secure When Turning
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap With Rail Guard To Secure Board
  • Padded EVA Foam Rail Protectors
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Anti Theft Locking Tube
  • Solid Tubeless Wheels

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4. Best Surfboard Scooter Racks



Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack (Moped)

A great choice for mopeds and dirtbikes which have the rear ‘rest’. What some people have done is that they’ve installed an independent rack on the front-end of the ‘legroom’

  • Mounts to mopeds and scooters
  • Tig welded 6061 Alloy
  • No Rust
  • Fits small and larger boards

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Reasons NOT TO cycle down to the beach with a surfboard tucked under your shoulder:

  • Not good for the spine
  • Unsafe when you have to steer with one hand and hold a 5ft+ board on your other hand

Which Is The Best Bike To Carry A Surfboard?

Any type of bicycle is fine to haul a surfboard, although you’ll often see beach cruiser bicycles being used as they are super comfortable to ride on.

What To Avoid?

  • Titanium or Carbon fiber seat posts should not be used with surfboard racks that attach around the seat post
  • Place the surfboard so that the fins would face inwards
  • Overtightening the nuts – Allen screws only need a wrist/finger tightening
  • Cycling through crowded areas with a surfboard



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