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Best Surfboard Cover & Travel Bags

A surfboard bag is an essential gear item to transport your board safely to the beach. Whether you have an EP or a PU board – the chances are that you are going to need one at some point or time. There are currently quite a variety of bags available for all the possible occasions so have a look at what’s out there.

travel with a surfboard

Reasons to get a surfboard cover bag:

  • Damage prevention – dings, dents, surface scratches.
  • Convenient transportation – Most surfboard cover bags have a handle for easy transportation.
  • Extra padding – That takes away the majority of bumps.
  • UV protection – To avoid direct sunlight.
  • Extra storage for gear – Add waxes, wetsuits, fins, etc.

How much does it cost to travel with a surfboard on an airplane?

The best airline surfboard bag charges list can be found on Pro-Lite’s page.

different types of surfboard cover bags


Table of Contents

Sock Covers

Day Board Bags

2-3 board bags

4 board bags

5 board bags

Longboard travel bags

“Why take extra care of your surfboard?”
– said no surfer ever


Surfboard Sock Covers

A surfboard cover sock is a minimum you can do to protect your board, but sometimes, that’s enough!

Usually, made out of stretchy polyester, the “surfboard sock” is a great way to protect the board from direct UV rays or surface scratches. It’s best to use the sock when you are going to the beach or chuck the surfboard in the car. It also prevents the wax from melting as the polyester materials allow the board to vent. The surfboard bag also dries the board after the session.

Great for storage: Once you get to the beach with the surfboard sock, you can add all your belongings to the bag or even use it as a mat for sunbathing.


FCS Stretch All Purpose Surfboard Sock Cover

surfboard sock

Thick Weave material that protects against surface scratches. Enforced 600D Polyester nose protection. A pocket for the wax, sunscreen, keys, or wallet. A pull-in clip-style clamp. All you could ask from a proper surfboard sock by a known surf brand.

Available in: 5’6″ / 5’9″ / 6’0″ / 6’3″ / 6’7″
Black&White Carbon / Icy Yellow

Check Price at


Ho Stevie! Sock Cover

Amazon’s Choice!

surfboard sock covers

Available in 6’0″ – 9’6″
Black&White / Blue&Black / Red&Grey / White&Pink

Suitable for shortboard, longboard, funboard, fish. Velcro storage pocket inside the bag, drawstring closure, and reinforced is all you’d need for light travel.

Check Price at


Sticky Bumps 7′ Fleece board sock

sticky bumps board fleece

Awesome protection that works both as a towel and a travel bag. There are plenty of cushions to prevent your surfboard from getting scratches and it does a great job drying up the board after use as well. Available in different colors and sizes.

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traveling surfing guide


Single Surfboard Travel Bags


A Day Board Bag is a great way to store your board in short to long travels. Unlike the sock, day bags are sturdier and less prone to surface scratches and dings.

Whether you need a top-zip, side-zip, a center-fin hole day bag – all the varieties are out there!

A Great Day Board bag should have:

  • Carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Zipper
  • External/Internal pocket for fins, fin key, wax, or sunscreen
  • Hook nylon at the nose part to hang the bag for drying
  • Tough material all around

surfboard bag features


Gold Coast Surfboard Cover Bag

typical surfboard cover bag in grey

Classical lightweight board bag that’s got a UV-resistant, softened cover and all the extras you could ask from.

Available in: 5ft / 6ft / 8ft / 10ft

This bag consists of a comfortable carrying handle, shoulder strap with a cushion, made out of the heat, and water-resistant Tarpaulin Material.  1/5” Foam protective layer for an extra cushion between the board and the bag, durable and sand-resistant zipper. The larger board bags from 8′ also have the center fin slot.

Check Price at


Pro-Lite Recession Day Bag

surfboard cover bag with a shoulder strapAvailable in Sizes 5’10” / 6’0″ / 6’3″ / 6’6″ / 6’10”

  • Semi-reflective heat resistant PE shell on top and bottom.
  • Bottom zip flip-top for ease in sliding your surfboard in and out of the bag.
  • Padded shoulder strap with the velcro-closure system.
  • External wax/key pocket.
  • 3mm foam protection between the sheets
  • Molded non-corrosive zipper
  • Reinforced nose and rail guard around the zipper

Check Price at


Dakine Daylight Surf Thruster

surfboard cover bag with a shoulder strap by dakine

Dakine is the name in the game. Dakine surf bags are known to every surfer out there. Here is the most-used model throughout their history.

Available in: 5’4 / 5’8 / 6 / 6’3 / 6’6′

It features everything you could ever ask for:

  • Heat and water-resistant cover made out of Tarpaulin
  • A design that fits most shortboards, fish, mal, and funboards
  • Soft padding inside
  • Heavy-duty 10″ zipper
  • Wax and fin pocket inside
  • Colors: Grey/Stencil Palm

Check Price at


On A Mission (OAM) – Fish surfboard travel bag

black surfboard cover bag

MSRP $96 Shop Surf

Plenty of more sizes & designs available

Whether you are looking for a board bag that outlives the life expectancy of your surfboard, you can easily rely on OAM surfboard board bags by looking at the lost of features:

  • Signature “S” Zip
  • Rubber Air Vent
  • UV & heat resistant materials
  • 600 D Polyester
  • Adjustable/removable padded velcro shoulder strap
  • 1/4″ foam protection
  • Reinforced nose part
  • Multi-pocket organizer
  • Fin / wax / comb slot

Available at – Shop.Surf


Multiple-surfboard travel bags are great for a group of friends, globetrotters, or families going surfing with the whole bunch. A decent quiver for each type of wave maximizes the fun out there.

There are two main types of extra-large surfboard travel bags:
Wheeled surfboard travel bag
Multiple surfboards carry bags

Wheeled Surfboard Bag

A wheeled surfboard bag is a convenient way to carry multiple boards and extra weight on solid grounds. Not an advisable choice when travel requires traveling long distances. Great for international surf holidays.

Multiple board Carry Bag

A great option when there’s more traveling on foot to reach the destinations.



2 – 3 Surfboard Travel Bags


Pro-Lite Coffin

multiple board cover bag

An excellent choice for a surfer with 2-3 boards. The Pro-Lite Coffin is an extremely durable 2-3 board surfboard bag used by many surfers who take no exceptions on quality!

Available in sizes 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″

Cut 25″ wide with a 5″ gusset to allow for extra internal volume. 10mm foam protection.

  • Includes internal divider straps and four exterior compression straps and 600-Denier poly on top and bottom.
  • Identification Badge.
  • Many external and internal pockets to store the fins, keys, waxes, sunscreen.
  • Multiple interior storage/fin pockets.
  • Vent to allow airflow to keep boards cool.
  • Adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure system.
  • Exterior side pocket for tie-downs/ molded rubber handles on ends and sides.
  • Heaps of room inside for; wetsuits, towels, clothes, shoes, and whatnot else.
  • An adjustable padded shoulder strap and molded rubber handles allow this bag to be carried through the airport with ease.

Check Price at


Ocean & Earth – Triple Coffin 7’0″

multiple surfboard travel bag

Size: 7’0″ x 23″
Available colors: Black/Red/Grey
More available sizes: 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″ / 8’0″ / 

Holds up to three surfboards and a ton of gear. Ocean & Earth surfboard travel bags can be trusted to a good degree since the brand simply specializes in surf & travel gear!

  • Carry handles
  • Tie-down straps
  • Protective inner/exterior panels
  • Durable zippers
  • ..and much more

Available at – Shop.Surf


Three Surfboard Travel Bags



THE TRIPLE Shortboard Travel Bag

Best triple board bag with wheels

surfboard travel bag with wheels

Sizes: 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″ 22.5′ wide” 7″ thick
3 surfboards wheeled board bag

10mm thick padding, 600D Nylon, Interior pockets, board dividers. Ideal for globetrotter surfers. Suitable carrying by plane, boat, car roof racks. Easy to travel as well due to the wheels underneath the bag. External tensions wrap for a snug fit.

An excellent choice for a demanding traveler. A convenient way to travel with the boards and gear via taxi-airport-taxi-paradise location bungalow.

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Four Surfboard Travel Bags


Pro-Lite “FINLESS COFFIN” Surfboard Travel Bag Triple/Quad

Best 4 board surfboard bag

a large surfboard travel bag opened for 4 boards

An ideal all-rounder to pack the best quiver for the trip. Super easy to organize. Fully adjustable to all degrees. Although this is a cheaper alternative to more comfortable wheeled bags, it’s a perfect choice for a traveler who knows how to sort their things and travel with the extra load. 3-4 boards + gear + the weight of the bag is quite heavy but is all you need when you know how to handle it.

Sizes: 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″
25″ Wide
10″ Depth
Dry weight: 13 – 16 lbs / 6 – 7,2 kg

  • 10mm internal foam padding
  • 600 Denier Polyester – durable, strong, and affordable
  • Multiple interior storage pockets for fins, leashes, waxes, and more
  • Air-flow vents – keeping the inside of the bag cool and ventilated
  • Adjustable deluxe padded shoulder strap with Velcro closure system
  • Exterior side pocket for tie-downs/molded rubber carry handles on both ends and sides
  • Tie-down loops outside the bag
  • Molded non-corrosive zippers
  • Identification badge

Check Price at


Pro-Lite “WHEELED COFFIN” for 2-4 Surfboards

huge surfboard travel bag with wheels

The largest shortboard travel bag out there – allows fitting 5 surfboards that are 2 1/2 thick or less!!

If you are after one of the biggest surfboard carry bags out there, then look no further. The Pro-Lite 4 board surfboard bag is as large as it gets. It’s got wheels and carry handles for your convenience. It’s a perfect choice for a globetrotter who’s going on a trip and would like to pack all of the best boards out there. A pro’s choice!

Sizes: 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″ / 8’0″

Width: 25″
Depth: 10″
Weight: Around 23 lbs (10,5 kg)

  • 10mm padding
  • Internal & External pockets
  • Tie-down loops
  • Folds down thirds
  • Air-vents
  • 600D Denier Polyester material
  • Marine-grade molded non-corrosive zippers
  • Adjustable straps
  • Wheels for rolling

Check Price at


Creatures of Leisure “QUAD WHEELY BOARD COVER”

huge surfboard travel bag with wheels

When you are after one of the most durable wheeled 4 board travel bags – you just have found one of the best candidates to do the job.  It’s got all the features to withstand whatever your surf trip lays ahead. One of the greatest Creatures of Leisure products to get your hands on!

Sizes: 6’3″ | 6’7″

Width: 22″
Weight: 10.7 lbs / 4.8 kg | 11.4 lbs / 5.2 kg

  • DIAMOND-TECH fabric
  • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant – PK Nylon Zipper
  • Air Flow Air Ventilation System
  • Ergonomic Mesh Lined shoulder strap with 10mm Foam internal padding
  • Lengthened Zipper – Flip Lid construction for easy packing
  • Added drag plate with high-density NYLON skid plates (NEW)
  • Front padded drag handle Internal modular packing loops (x 5)
  • Dual-position shoulder strap for hands-free wheeling
  • Abrasion free top-zip location at the tail for zipper longevity
  • Durable high-density luggage wheels and external reinforced drag plate

Available at –


Five surfboard travel bags



Creatures of Leisure “SHORTBOARD MULTI TOUR”

large surfboard cover bag for five surfboards

MSRP: $330

A decent travel bag to carry the whole quiver. Creatures of Leisure specializes in transportation solutions only and their largest surfboard travel bag is definitely worth more than a consideration. Multi Tour has the most known sizes in stock and there’s plenty of engineering and quality under the 300$ mark!

Sizes: 6’3″ | 6’7″ | 7’1″

Width: 22″
Weight: 9.2 LBS / 4.1 KG | 9.9 LBS / 4.5 KG | 10.5 LBS / 4.8 KG

  • Genuine Diamond-Tech Fabric 10mm
  • Closed Cell FOAM padding
  • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant – PK Nylon Zipper
  • Air Flow Ventilation System
  • EVA reinforced padded carry handle with Neoprene lining on the underside for added comfort
  • 12 Month Warranty

Available at –


Longboard Travel Bags



Pro-Lite Wheeled 2-4 Longboard Coffin Travel Bag

Best travel case for multiple longboards

longboard surfboard travel bag

Pro-Lite’s masterpiece allows you to travel with your beloved boards to around-the-world surf trips. Extremely durable and convenient due to the wheels and all tie-down hoops. Three molded rubber handles when carrying this heavy arsenal. Can’t go wrong with Pro-Lite who specializes in surfboard travel gear only.

Sizes: 9’0″ | 9’6″ | 10’0″

Width: 25″
Gusset: 5″

  • 10mm foam protection
  • Molded PK #10 non-corrosive main zippers
  • Includes Internal divider and seat belt straps
  • Four exterior compression straps and 600 Denier poly on top and bottom
  • Identification badge on the side
  • Multiple interior storage/fin pockets
  • Vent to allow airflow to keep boards cool
  • Adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure system
  • Exterior side pocket for tie-downs/molded rubber handles on ends and side

Check Price at



  • USE ALL THE SPACE – Wetsuits, towels, shirts, hoodies, underwear, etc. Just make sure that any clothing zipper wouldn’t get direct contact with the board’s surface. Adding extra clothes, that you’d use during the trip anyway, works as an extra to protect around the board. Especially the rails, nose, and tail.
  • KEEP IT IN THE SHADE –  Don’t leave your board bag out in the sun for a long time. Although most of the bags have some sort of ventilation and temperature reflection, it’s still to use the best practice. Sun drastically raises the temperature inside the board bag, which will result in the wax melting inside the bag and hardening up later.

traveling with a surfboard bag


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