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Down below you’ll find a selection of the best surf links every surfer should be aware of.

SURFING in General

SURF Forecasts

SURF Brands


SURF Guidance

SURF Movies

a large breaking wave


best websites for surfing


Wikipedia-style website for surfing.

A useful link about surfing if you are writing an essay or looking for some trustworthy overall information.

An extensive historical website about surfing history. Must look for a severe historical enthusiast. is probably the most original webpage online. Worth a visit.

Insight to the world of professional surfing. News, Videos, Rankings, and so on, are very informative.

An alternative outlook to surfing on Reddit. Fascinating threads and opinions. #r/surfing

News style updates about surfing through the world of the Guardian magazine.



Best Surf FORECAST Websites

SURFLINE.COM – Surf reports and forecasts, coastal weather, and live cams. + MOBILE APP 

MAGICSEAWEED.COM  – Surf reports, forecasts, swell cams, news, photos videos + MOBILE APP

SWELLNET.COMReports, Cams, News, Photos, and more. + MOBILE APP

SURF-FORECAST.COM -Spots, Reports, Wind Alerts.

SURF WEATHER – Selection of Surfing Forecasts.

Florida Surf Reports and Surf features daily surf reports, a Florida surf forecast, articles, videos, photos, and live surf cams for the Cocoa Beach Pier, 2nd Light, Sebastian Inlet, and more.



Check out our full article about the 44 Best Surf Brands


Best Surf GUIDANCE Websites


A fun surf school that covers a wide variety of surfing tips on their Youtube channel as well.


Surfing tips for all levels.


Best Surf MOVIES


Best selection of surfing movies found online. NetFlix for surfing.


Best surf movies to stream online.

needESSENTIALS on YouTube

The best cinemographic surf movies online

STAB Magazine on YouTube

Must-know surf channel on YouTube

What Youth on YouTube

A great insight to the lives of famous skaters and surfers

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