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Best Surf Charters in Indonesia

Indonesia – the Nirvana for Surfers

Are you dreaming of surfing the perfect wave, wearing boardshorts only? Eat, surf, drink beer, fish, sleep for 7-14 days straight? Well, look no further.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, other 2/3 working, and the rest 3/3 we have the time for ourselves. It’s easy to forget the fact that we live only once and do what we really love. Fortunately, It is 2021, and the options to explore the world and do whatever you want are becoming more open after the pandemic. The surf boat trip is an excellent way to do what you enjoy the most – surfing.

Surf charters are operating all around the world, offering the perfect getaway with a selected bunch of like-minded surfers. South-East Asia is known as a treasure trove of uncrowded waves, stunning beaches, and vibrant coral reefs.


101 & FAQ

Sure, the packing and preparation can be an overwhelming task but don’t worry as each charter has clear and direct information when it comes to the whole trip. Make sure to read more from their webpage for more!

What to pack for a surf charter trip?

Travel light

Easy to say when most charters recommend bringing 3 boards with you! The best advice I’ve read about packing for a holiday is to back the bags and remove half of it. It is even recommended to leave out the 2/3 when you were packing for a surf charter trip since you don’t need much there anyway!

Here’s are the essentials you NEED to have:

For Travel

  • A passport has to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival
  • Airline tickets
  • Printed Travel Insurance Information
  • Cash. At least 250-500 USD depending on the duration of the travels after and before the charters
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste

For Surfing

  • 2 – 3 boards to suit various conditions
  • 2 – 3 pairs of boardies
  • Reef surf booties
  • Spare leg ropes
  • Long sleeve rash shirt
  • Tropical surf wax (Water temperatures range 27’C / 80’F+)
  • Spare fins & fin keys
  • Sun Cure Repair Kit
  • Sunscreen / Zinc & Lip balm SPF 30+
  • Basic First Aid
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Great stamina & physical preparation
  • Good vibes

For The Boat

  • A towel
  • Sunnies
  • Downloaded Spotify playlists since there will be limited internet
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hat/cap
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medication and antibiotics as advised by your doctor

Hopefully, all this can be packed inside your surfboard travel bag, and the essentials packed into the carry-on backpack.

Which medical insurance to get for surfing?

Being far away from medical centers, it is strongly recommended to get proper surf travel insurance that provides a comprehensive medical evacuation plan for serious medical emergencies. Surfing is considered an extreme sport.

Usually, you can find direct recommendations for travel insurance on each charter company booking page.

Do you need vaccinations, medication for malaria, or other viruses?

MALARIA. As you will spend most of the time off-shore where there’s a slight breeze most of the time, there’s no serious need for malaria vaccination. Although, bringing a fly repellent and clothes to cover up in the evening will minimize the odds.

HEPATITIS/TYPHOID/TETANUS. It’s advisable to discuss this with your doctor for recommendations.

STOMACH BUG. Cipro is a common drug used to combat the stomach bug and it is also a good broad-spectrum medication for bacterial infections.


places where surf charters go touring in indonesia

Best Surf Charters in Indonesia

Sumatra / Mentawai Islands

One of the best surf destinations in the world

 The Mentawai Islands are known to be the best waves in the world due to crystal clear waters, sharp coral, and consistent swells all year round. Not to forget the tropical weather where a wetsuit is redundant. The surf is rarely flat, and by trusting your trip to an experienced surf charter crew you are guaranteed to hit epic waves.

This area is also the world’s most known operated area for surf charters

Rainy/Wet Season – November-March (Sometimes October and April included). The main rain comes down between December to February, but it is considerably humid all year round.

Dry/High Season – March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November. Most constant swells: May – October

Off-Season – A wet season, but that doesn’t mean the waves aren’t there. There are fewer crowds during that season and all the charters listed down below know where and when to go to reach the best point-break. There are always waves in the Ments and many charters operating in the area, usually with better rates as well!

1) The Dream Surf Trip Surf Charter


Cost: Averaging 2500USD / 3650AUD (Discounts apply on the off-season, late check-in charters)
Duration: 12 full surfing days / 11 nights on the boat
Pick-Up: Medan

pictures of surfers on surf charters
Image source:
    Banyak Islands – The Banyak Islands archipelago lies a hundred miles off the west coast of Sumatra, the northernmost island of Indonesia. Great for expert surfers.
    Average swell size ranges: 1m – 2.5m / 3ft – 8 ft
  • Telo Islands – Sumatra’s West Coast. Rights, lefts, and barrels are not as intense as the ones in the Mentawai. Suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers!
dream surf charter how to reach
Pick-Up, Destinations

The Boat

The Dream – L: 26m (85ft) W: 6,5m (21ft)
Homeport: Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia
Accommodates: 12 persons (+4 crew)
Bathrooms: 2

  • Air-Conditioned living room
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Two bathrooms
  • Spacious second-floor terrace to check the waves and watch the sunset
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Spearfishing gear

Food & Drinks:


  • Pre surf breakfast: Light buffet breakfast of cereals, fruit, toast, juice, coffee, and tea
  • Late breakfast (after surf):  Bacon, eggs, toasted sandwiches, pancakes, and homemade bread.
  • Lunches and dinners: Sushi, pizza, burgers, seafood, and, of course, dessert!


Spirits can be purchased on board or you can bring your own along for the trip. Three beers per person per day and soft drinks are readily available and kept in coolers for your convenience.


  • Make sure you read all their FAQ about getting to and departing to this trip. There might be some ways to cut corners money-wise, but unless you’re an overly optimistic hard-core traveler who speaks the local language, it doesn’t seem to be worth it.
  • There aren’t any surf shops in Banyak so make sure to bring an extra sunscreen, zinc, leash, fins, wax, and repair kit
  • No drugs are allowed on the boat, make sure to read all their terms and conditions!
  • Recommended quiver: 2-3 boards, 5’8 to 6’8 in length.
  • The average water temperature hovers around 27°C (80°F) year-round
  • Bring a long-sleeve top for sun protection
  • All their trips start on Monday and end on Friday for convenient flights for overseas visitors
  • Bring reef booties for the sharp reef
  • A non-refundable deposit is needed


2) The Pulse Surf Charters



Surfing season: April – November
Cost: 52505950 AUD / 36004100 USD (2400 USD / 3500 AUD booking on an end of season charters)
Duration: 12 full surfing days / 13 nights on the boat
Pick Up: Gunung Sitoli Airport

ideal waves, surfers
Image source:


pulse surf charter destinations
Pulse Surf Charter destinations: Mentawais, Telos, Banyaks, Nias, Hinakos and North Sumatra to Banda Aceh

The Boat

Pulse – Australian owned and operated
The aluminum catamaran has been custom designed and built for surf charter operations after 15 years of experience.
L: 22m (72ft) / W: 8,5m (28ft)

  • Accommodates: 12 in 6 rooms, 8 x double beds, 2 x single beds
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Home theatre with hundreds of movies
  • Three floors
  • Occasional slow speed internet
  • 3 x SUP’s
  • Yoga rollers
  • 2 x game fishing rods
  • 2 x flick rods
  • Snorkeling sets + speargun
  • Unlimited beer

Food & Drinks

Pre surf breakfast: Buffet breakfast of cereals, fruit, juice, homemade yogurt and muesli, toast, tea, and freshly brewed coffee
After surf breakfast: Cooked breakfasts that include; bacon, eggs, toasted sandwiches, pancakes, quesadillas, homemade bread, and more.
Lunch & Dinner: Selection of European and Asian dishes from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, to Mexican, Italian, salads, seafood, and the best of local cuisine. And not forgetting our famous Weber grilled BBQs and Ayu’s desserts!

You have to read the seriousness of their onboard cuisine, wow.


  • For early and late season charters Jan – March, and October – December, Pulse has the option of surfing from the Banyak to the Mentawais. Including Telo, Nias, and the Hinako islands.
  • Price does not include international & internal flights, travel insurance
  • Photo / Video package included
  • Airport transfer to and from the boat included
  • A non-refundable deposit is needed

3) Tengirri Surf Charters

Book the whole yatch for your group


Surfing season: March to November
Cost: Approx. 4,750 AUD / 3300 USD
Duration: 11 full surfing days / 12 nights on the boat
Pick Up: Padang airport

tengirri surf charters
Image source:


dengirri surf charter locations
Pick-Up from Padang, surfing in Mentawai and Telo Islands

The Boat

14M / 46ft power catamaran

  • 3 large outdoor decks
  • Air Conditioned
  • Sleeps 8 + crew. 6 separate cabins
  • Dinghy for use
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Magazines, books
  • A DVD player with tons of movies
  • Kitchen
  • Two bathrooms

> Boat tour video

Food & Drinks

All meals, snacks, water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and 20 cartons of Bintang per charter is included in the price.

  • Fresh fish cooked every day
  • All you can eat meals

See more:Foods & Drinks offered at Tengirri


  • Extra beer and other alcohol is available at local prices, please notify before arrival
  • Photos & videos included
  • Phone calls can be made from the boat at a cost of $US5/minute (incoming calls are free)
  • Email is not available onboard
  • As of August 2016, the Mentawai Government announced the introduction of the Mentawai Surfer Tax of rp1,150,000 (80 USD / 120 AUD) per surfer visiting the Mentawai Islands for 15 days.
  • A non-refundable deposit is needed

4) Banyak Surf Adventure

Operates in an area widely voted as one of the last frontiers of Indonesian surfing


Surfing season: March to November
Cost: 23002600 USD / 33503780 AUD
Duration: 11 days / 12 nights on the boat
Pick Up: Sibolga

banyak surf charter boat, some waves on the background
Image source:


banyak surf charter location
Banyak Islands, Sumatra

The Boat

The Yak Explorer
L: 20m (65ft) / 6,5m (21.3ft)

  • Converted fishing boat rebuilt with surfers in mind
  • Sleeps: 8 surfers + crew (captain + 2 crew)
  • Clean bed, freshwater showers
  • Speedboat
  • Occasional phone signal
  • Aircon + fans
  • First aid kit
  • Full safety equipment
  • Power for all your gadgets
  • Spacious and comfortable living room
  • Surf guides speak English, French, Spanish, and Indonesian

Food & Drinks

Two breakfasts – one light buffets before and after morning surf session: toasted sandwiches, eggs, bacon, pancakes, homemade bread

For dinner and lunch – the food is varied from French influence to Indonesia through the burger and pizza, salad, fresh fruits, olive oil, fish, beef, fajitas chicken

Coffee, snacks, drinking water, pancakes, square meals – fish, chicken, noodles, and other local dishes


  • No spare towels
  • No bad vibes
  • No red meat
  • Spirits can be purchased on board or just bring your own. Beer and soft drinks are kept in ice boxes for your convenience
  • Bring a repair kit, wax, fin, spare leash, and a quiver with 2-3 surfboards: 5’6 to 6’8 surfboard
  • Do not worry about wetsuit as the temperatures are ranging around 27’C / 80’F

5) D’Bora / Indo Satu – Mentawai Daze

The premium in surf charters


Surfing season: April-October
Cost: 3500 3700 AUD / 2400 2500 USD (10% discounts on off-season charters)
Duration: 11 days / 12 nights
Pick Up: Padang Airport

mentawai daze surf charter boats and ideal waves
D’Bora & Indo Satu vessels


mentawai daze surf locations shown on map

The Boat

Two boats: D’Bora and Indo Satu

  • Accommodates 9 to 10 surfers + crew
  • Two private rooms and 16 berths
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Snorkeling and fishing equipment
  • Speedboat

Food & Drinks

Experienced western and Indonesian cuisine chefs onboard offering 3 full meals a day plus fruit and snacks in between. 3 beers per day per person (extra beers available for purchase BEFORE departure), unlimited juice/soda/coffee/tea/drinking water.

Fresh fish is always present on the menu!


  • 2020: Banyak-Nias-Telos charters $150/person fuel surcharge
  • Free transfers to/from Padang airport
  • The charter package does not include:
    • Mentawai Surfer Tax (AUD$100/pax)
    • Flights to Padang
    • Travel insurance (mandatory on all charters)
    • Excess baggage
    • Surfboard or other airline charges
    • Costs incurred by late surfboard arrivals
    • Meals before/after charter
    • Extra nights in Padang
  • A non-refundable deposit is needed when booking the trip
  • Photo/Video packet not included in the price
  • Proof of travel insurance is required before you start your trip (must include medical evacuation)
  • Additional beer is available for purchase in Padang before departure

6) Kuda Laut Surf Charters

The best value for money, 25years of experience


Surfing season:
Cost: 1999 USD / 2900 AUD (late, off-season rates)
Duration: 11 days / 12 nights
Pick Up: Padang airport

surf charter boat, surfer surfing a wave
Image source:


kuda laut surf locations

The Boat

PLM Kuda Laut
58’ft / 17,6m
Refitted in 2018

  • 8 berth cabin
  • Freshwater shower
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Great atmosphere
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Trawling rods
  • Popping gear
  • Plenty of hand fishing lines
  • Stereo
  • Flat-screen TVs to review the pictures from the day’s surf

Food & Drinks

Western and Indonesian cuisine

Free beers (5pp per day), soft drinks, juices, tea, and coffee to refresh you after chasing the waves and getting barreled


  • Photographer (if available and an extra cost) to capture those epic moments deep inside the pit
  • The boat leaves once everyone has arrived and only when the tide is high at the start of the trip

Take the chance of your lifetime and hop on one of those charters that will be the top 5 events in your lifetime, guaranteed!

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