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Best Surf Backpacks for 2021 Reviewed

It’s 2021, and the selection of technically advanced gear comes at our doorsteps at a reasonable price. Not to forget the benefits surfing gives us in the long run. Down here, you’ll find a carefully picked selection of surfing backpacks with the most practical benefits reviewed.

Surfing tends to attract the untamed bunch who prefer to live a bit more adventurous – out of the boundaries kind of lifestyle. Seeking new opportunities and types of waves is on every surfer’s mind. In this article, I will be reviewing the best possible ways to store the essential surf gear on your backpack. Surf backpacks, board backpacks, surfboard carrying bags, surf travel backpacks reviewed right here!

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1. KORALOC Surfboard Carrying Backpack

The most adjustable, comfortable, and best price-value ratio surfboard carrying backpack on the market.

koraloc surf backpack

MSRP: $200

Number one on our list: a perfect backpack by a trusted brand.

Also, it sits at a reasonable price tag for such a practical verse. It’s rather compact when not in use while having a ton of well-thought-out solutions that would fit the needs of even the neediest surf enthusiast.

  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs / 2.7 kg
  • SIZE: 29L

When compared to other ways of transportation – the Koraloc Surfboard Carrying Backpack has great advantages over its alternative ways to transport the surfboard. There are two other comparable options – which would be carrying one surfboard tucked under your shoulder, or using a bicycle surfboard rack.

  • The Koraloc has the best size to practicality ratio. The bicycle surfboard rack might not be the right way for a beginner cyclist on a windy or crowded day.
  • When compared to carrying the surfboard under your shoulder – the Koraloc surf backpack lets you store more accessories hands-free! No stress on the joints as well.
  • Has a ton of features for a simple process like carrying the surfboard.
  • Many side pockets for other gear as well.


  • Stores up to 3 boards – From sizes to 5’6″ – 8′
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Dry Wet Bag
  • Waistbelt
  • Side-Handles
  • Side pockets for wax & fin
  • Velcro Straps
  • Adjustable
  • Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 10 inches

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2. COR Surfing Dry Bag / Backpack

wetsuit dry bag

Another must-have backpack for a water sports enthusiast.

This waterproof surfing backpack is the second-best option for a surfer who travels longer distances and needs the comfort to carry the essential gear with them. A perfect choice to store the wetsuit in a water-tight compartment. The most minimal surf backpack you could ask for. Has enough room to store the essentials, without suffering from the loss of comfort. Easy to use, best for the price!

  • SIZE 25 / 40 Liters
  • COLORS Grey / Green / Blue / Camo / Black

It is a perfect choice when you’d like to paddle to an island: bring some snacks and other gear with you for the day.


  • Double-Stitches seams.
  • New watertight velcro roll-down top.
  • Two bottle net pockets.
  • It floats when closed.
  • Small splash-proof pocket in front.

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3. MARS PRO Waterproof Dry Bag

Slightly more advanced with bungee cords

mars pro waterproof surf backpack

MSRP $47 Amazon

A waterproof backpack designed for sailing, rafting, kayaking – but is a perfect choice for a surfer as well.

Perfect surfing day bag for shorter trips. The red bag on the beach works as a great land-mark when surfing sidewind beach breaks! Plenty of room inside to store the essential surfing accessories: wax, sunscreen, boots, hood, gloves, etc.

  • SIZES 35L / 50L


  • Adjustable top closure
  • Waterproof velcro opening
  • Bungee cord in front for drying or extra storage
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Welded seams
  • Extra waterproof phone bag

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4. DAKINE Point Wet/Dry Backpack

dakine wetsuit backpack

A standard-size wetsuit backpack that has a separated sidewall to organize the wet and dry gear.

Another great product from Dakine. This surf backpack has enough room to store all your surf accessories inside. Soft-padded adjustable shoulder straps, straps on the front to carry a skateboard. Wet and dry sections separately. This bag looks perfect and is an excellent choice for an everyday backpack! Can’t go wrong with Dakine.

  • SIZE 29L
  • MADE OF 600D Polyester

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travel with a surfboard



Which is the surf backpack?

The surf backpack in general terms is a unique gear item that allows the surfer to extend the storage comfortably on the shoulders. As surfing involves the essentials: The surfboard, boardshorts, bikinis and/or a wetsuit – the surf backpack should be somewhat weather, and waterproof as well as the gear is mostly wet after surfing.

Why use a surf backpack after all?

S T O R A G E ! Backpack is a super useful gear, that makes quite a few steps towards our comfort. Sure, nowadays most surfers drive down to the beach, and that’s it, but a backpack comes handy when you are going to an excellent private location, where extra food and drinks are mandatory! Sometimes, it means paddling to an island or simply walking down the track to find the untouched place and uncrowded waves.

Where to use the surf backpack

Paddling to an island – A waterproof surf backpack is a great way to store the food, phone, keys, sunscreen, and more – when paddling to exotic islands or surf breaks to set a camp for the day.

Walking to an exotic destination – Again, storing the essentials to last the whole day at a special surf location.

Different Types of Surf Backpacks

  • Wetsuit dry bag
  • Surfboard backpack


1. The Wetsuit Surf Backpack

The wetsuit backpack is generally waterproof, that is used to store the wetsuit – inside the waterproof compartment. The wetsuit backpacks are usually equipped with a fold-in opening, which is also a perfect way to wash the wetsuit after each session, as the bag itself is generally 100% waterproof. You could fill the whole backpack with water and let the gear soaked in there to get it clean.

Room for:

  • Wetsuit
  • Wax + Comb
  • Keys
  • Sunscreen
  • GoPro
  • Towel
  • Snacks & drinks
  • Phone
  • Wallet

Another great thing I’ve noticed is that a surf backpack at a beach is a perfect landmark when you don’t want to drift away from a great sandbank at a beach break. When you find a good spot, you can memorize if the backpack lines up with a specific tree or a house in the background so that you could remember a certain good sand bank. It is especially handy on light-cross shore winds since the wind itself and swells will be pushing you away from a good spot!

2. Surf Travel Backpack / Surfboard Carrying Backpack

Surf Travel Backpack is the perfect way to travel long distances with a surfboard – hands-free. Sure, it’s fine to walk a fair amount of distance with a surfboard tucked under your shoulder – but going out on those far-away private location surf-sessions – the surf travel backpack comes real handy! Some of my favorite breaks require a long walk down the beach to reach the uncrowded spots. Sometimes walking up to 3 miles and staying for the night.

Room for:

-Wax Comb
-Snacks & drinks
-Surfboard with a sock
-Whatever you can think of

What are the best surfing backpack brands?

    Founded in 1979, Hawaii

A well-known brand that has been making surfing, snow, and bike accessories for a long time. Hard to find boardsports enthusiasts who have never been in contact with Dakine products.

    Founded in 1975, California

Another niche brand that has set its focus on making high-quality performance products, main accessories for board-sports-related activities.

    Founded in 2015, USA

A niche brand that mainly makes surfboard carrying backpacks. The meaning behind /Kor-âh-loke/ in Tibetan means “an arduous journey to a sacred place.”

What is the alternative for a surf backpack? 

A bicycle surfboard rack, or merely a surfboard shoulder cover bag. Check out our articles that cover the pros and cons of having both options:


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