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A Stand-Up Paddleboard is a great way to surf due to its oversized volume that helps to catch small and unbroken waves.

It can also be the preference of not spending the majority of the time in the water or proning on your stomach that SUP surfers

for individuals who like to be on the board standing – rather than lying and paddling on their stomachs. SUP surfing is also a relaxed way of catching small waves on slow or low days plus you can ride the board on completely flat days, or at any other water body. Lakes, rivers, ponds, and so on. Universal watercraft for sure! SUP is also a great full-body workout. Some individuals prefer the stand-up position due to a previous injury, were laying on one’s chest may be difficult. And not to forget the most important part – It’s fun like no other sport out there!


  • The right type of PaddleBoard
  • A Paddle
  • Balance
  • Coil-style Leash

What size SUP should I choose?

The best SUP-board for surfing is usually under 10 feet in length and 30 inches wide.

Compared to the standard wave-riding surfboards where volume plays a huge role, in SUP surfing you don’t need to worry about that since you will not be duck diving under the waves. The bigger the board – the easier it is to catch a wave!

Types of SUP’s for Surfing

SUP’s are one of the largest watercraft you could use for wave surfing. Stand-Up Paddleboards come in two different types:

1.) A solid construction / hard
2.) Inflatable

The solid structure or a “classic” SUP is quite large, and a car with roof racks is probably a must to transport it. There are also SUP trailers available for bicycles!

The inflatable SUP’s are quite compact and come with a carry bag as well. One of the main concerns many people have is about the durability of the Inflatable SUP. Well, those boards are built to be inflated up to around 20PSI, and if ridden on waves only, there’s no reason to worry about its durability. After all – that’s what they are designed, right?

Which type of SUP is meant for Surfing?

There are many types of SUPs: For Example, A SUP for Yoga, Touring, Fitness, Racing, or a Whitewater SUP.  The best SUP for surfing has a round design around the nose and on the bottom curvature. Surf SUP’s are small to medium in height compared to other SUP’s.

FINS for SUP Surfing

  • Single fin – suitable for flat water. A large fin has a minimal drag
  • 3 – fin Thruster set-up: Good control when turning in the surf. Mostly the fins are the same size.
  • 2+1 fin set-up – One large fin in the middle and two small ones on the side. Another set-up for surfing.

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard’s usually have flexible rubber fins that can be attached to the board.

PADDLES for SUP Surfing

Must have a tear-drop shaped blade. The correct length paddle is as long as your up-reached hand from the ground. The lighter the paddle, the more you generally have to pay as well. Adjustable or Fixed length? Due to the lack of mechanisms, a fixed paddle tends to be more durable than the adjustable one, but an adjustable paddle is more versatile.
A large Paddle (120sq inch) is better for surfing, which allows you to make a few powerful strokes.
It would be great if the offset degree would be 7”. Read More About How To Choose The SUP Paddle 

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Which type of leash do you need for stand-up paddleboard surfing?

A heavy-duty coil-style leash is the best option for SUP surfing.

SUP Transportation

Purchasing the board is one thing, but taking it out to the beach is another task. Not all of us surf enthusiasts live right by the sea – but instead, we need to plan to go SUP surfing further out. No problem whatsoever – since once you are committed to taking Stand Up Paddleboarding as your real hobby, you’ll most likely need roof racks or a large car to transport this lengthy watercraft safely and efficiently.

Anyway, If you walk into any specialized store that sells transportation goods, I’m sure there will be the brand Thule represented. Long story short – if you are looking for the best way to transport your beloved SUP on your car – we recommend choosing Thule SUP Taxi and look no further.

Thule specializes in transportation and has done it by ranking at the top of their league for nearly 80 years.

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