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Best Multi-Person Inflatable Paddleboards

What’s more fun than hanging out on the water with the whole crew?

Whether it will be your family, friends, or a pet you want to get on the board with  – we have selected a bunch of trusted, best-selling multi-person paddle boards available online.

Have a look at the selection down below and let us know what do you think.

  • Capacity – On average, a multi-person inflatable paddleboard can hold up to 6 people on board while some boards go as high as 10 persons.
  • Inflation time – It takes about 15minutes to inflate an extra-large board with an electric pump (or two).
  • Two Plugs – XL – XXXL paddle boards usually have two inflation/deflation plugs.
sup kayak inflatable
How about a tandem SUP Kayak? Yep, that’s a thing

Can you use a multi-person SUP as an inflatable dock?

The difference between an oversized SUP and an inflatable dock is that SUPs are designed to move around the water, hence the reason the bundle’s come with fins and paddles.

Although they are both designed to hold large capacities, and you can basically use one for both, each excels best in its own designated field of use.

What to look out for – what do you need?

  • Electric pump
  • At least 2 paddles

family on a 14' freein paddle board





Have a look!

multi person sup comparison


1. Paddle North The Paddle Ship

paddle north ship board

MSRP: $1,499
> PaddleNorth.com/

Recommended for 2-8 paddlers, this huge paddle board accommodates up to 2500lbs (1,100kg) which is basically the weight of a Nissan Micra!

The reason we added the Paddle Ship first is that Paddle North is indeed above others with their value. Have a look at the rest of their product range to get an idea of their determination to the inflation industry. The featured 8-person inflatable SUP is Paddle North’s largest-ever inflatable product, even going above the XL utility dock (2,000lbs) featured on our Inflatable Docks Review.

As much as we’d have to stay unbiased, Paddle North deserves the recognition to be number one.

  • 16′ x 56” x 8”
  • Weight – 60lbs
  • Max – 2500lb
  • Max pressure – 18psi

Availability – PaddleNorth.com


2. Freein 14′

freein giant paddle board
Party Board and Bundle Accessory Pack

MSRP: $900

So far so good – the 6-person inflatable sup by Freein paddle boards has received a score of 5/5 after just 4 ratings, but it’s the specs that speak for the board as well. Although we are not the biggest fan of manual hand-pumps, the good news is that there are two of those which work great as a warm-up. The complete package (61lbs) comes with everything needed, and it is a good quality product at under $1,000.

  • 14′ x 60″ x 6″
  • Capacity – up to 820lbs
  • Board weight – 50lbs

Check Price at Amazon.com


3. ISLE Megalodon

Score: 4.8 / 5 out of 155+ ratings


MSRP: $1,245 – $1,495

One of the most popular searched online – The Megalodon SUP by ISLE package comes with two 3-piece paddles, a nylon center fin and a single manual iSUP hand pump. Available in two different sizes, ISLE paddle boards is a brand one can definitely count on. The larger board can be catogorizes as a 5-person sup (for grown-ups only) and the shorter board is great for 3 adults, or for the whole family!

Due to the positive feedback of over 150+ ratings, it definitely should be taken into account when looking for THAT board for upcoming decades.

  • 12′ x 45″ x 8″ – 584L
    Weight – 34 LBS
    Capacity – 650 LBS
  • 15′ x 56″ x 8″ – 730L
    Weight – 50 LBS
    Capacity -1,050 LBS

Max pressure – 17 PSI

Check Price at Amazon.com


4. Body Glove Crusader

body glove crusader

MSRP: $2,000
> BodyGlove.com

The Body Glove Crusader 6-person paddleboard is matter of fact a board you can actually get some touring done. The sharp nose and stingray-style tail work well together with four fins on the rear end.

The Crusader kind of reminds the Freein 14′ board on its outline, although the good news is that it’s got a slightly higher load capacity, making it an ideal giant paddleboard with a thousand-pound capacity.

Body Glove has nailed the design and features on this board, but at this price range, we’d be really happy to see an electric pump as a standard extra. Other than that, there are plenty of performance and leisurely quantities to the board one would need out of a $2k budget.

  • 15′ x 66″ x 6″
  • Capacity – 1,000lb!
  • Board weight – 80lb
  • Triple-layer stringer
  • 2x Dual-action hand pumps, carry bag, repair kit, cell phone dry bag

Available at – BodyGlove.com


5. Aqua Marina

aqua marina sups

Super Trip

    • 12’2″ x 32″ x 6″ – 400L
    • 25lbs
    • Max – 462lbs
    • Max pressure – 15psi

The Super Trip paddle board is light in weight, and fun in its so-called geometry. An ideal two-person SUP.

Super Trip Tandem

  • 14′ x 34″ x 6″ – 500L
  • 34lbs
  • Max – 507lbs
  • Max pressure – 18psi

Super Trip Tandem is as the name has revealed – a stretched version of Super Trip. Although the max capacity is improved only by 50lbs, it is still 2′ longer, and 2″ wider, giving it slightly more room as the 10’6″ – 11’6″ sizes are quite standard among paddle-boards for single persons. Nevertheless, if you are expecting a stable ride and plan to take your dog on the board with you – the Tandem will serve you well.


  • 18’1″ x 60″ x 8″ – 1400L
  • 61lbs
  • Max – 1433lbs
  • Max pressure – 18psi

The Mega by Aqua Marina is a 6-person paddle board with an outline that’s suitable for open-water touring. Although not as fast as the AirShip Race, it is definitely one of the best-performing boards at this load capacity range. Have a look ‘At what’s inside’ and the features from their page.

8 x 175lb riders
6 x 233lb riders

AirShip Race

  • 22′ x 34″ x 8″
  • 52lbs
  • Max – 1014lbs
  • Max pressure – 18psi

Whether you are looking for a 4-person inflatable paddle board to win races or go to school holidays with, the AirShip Race model will definitely win you the points of style and speed. 22′ feet long, you are definitely going to have fun on this board. This is most likely one of the longest inflatable paddleboards available.

Availability – AquaMarina.com


6. Naish Goliath

naish goliath 6-10

MSRP: $2,589

Who would have thought that the legendary water-sport brand Naish has a more fun and relaxed side to them?

The extra-wide paddle board Goliath is 79″ wide (!!!) making it one of a kind, a Goliath for sure. Categorized as a 6-10 person SUP paddleboard with a max pressure capacity of 21PSI, Naish has definitely a reputation to keep so you can count on the level of features, extras, engineering.

Why haven’t we added it as number one?

Although it is a massive paddleboard by one of the top watersports brands, we couldn’t find an unbiased rating/feedback we could’ve done some research before.

  • 16’8″ x 79″ x 8″ – 1666L
  • Up to 6-10 people
  • Max pressure – 21 PSI


  • 2x windsurf mast inserts
  • 2x inflation points
  • Diamond Diecut EVA Pad with MicroDot Embossing, Fusion drop-stitch, Double Layer Rails

Available at – NaishUSA.com


7. Retrospec Weekender Crew

retrospec weekender

MSRP: $600 / $749
> Retrospec.com/

As the advertisement goes, Retrospec Weekender Crew is an ideal choice for 2-5 persons, and a pup. If you are not quite into extra large inflatable paddle boards, this 4-person SUP will hopefully satisfy your needs. Its got a fair price, and comes equipped with everything one would need to get from 0 to the water with ease.

  • 12′ x 45″ x 8″
    Max – 500lb

Max pressure – 12 PSI

  • 16′ x 52” x 8”
    Max – 1200lb

Available at – RetroSpec.com


8. SOL Fiesta

sol fiesta paddle board

MSRP: $2,099
> SolPaddle.com/

The SOL Fiesta is a party paddle board, to say the least. It stands out from a mile away due to its vibrant design, and relaxed outline. It is as close to an inflatable dock as one board could get, although you (and the whole team) can still do a fair bit of miles on the board!

Comes with a 5-year warranty, the Fiesta accommodates up to 6 persons on the board safe and sound. What we like is that SOL is a water-sport-specific brand so you can trust the fair price, which might be slightly above average compared to other boards in this list.

  • 15’6″ x 66″ x 6″ – 1000L
  • Weight – 69lbs
  • Max  – 1,200lbs

Available at – SOLpaddle.com


9. Xterra Mauna Kea

15' Mauna Kea Inflatable SUP Board

MSRP: $3,000
> Xterraboards.com/

The most expensive family paddle board is this list can hold up to 7 persons on it. The Mauna Kea by Xterra is equipped with all the ‘military-grade’ / ‘heavy-duty’ hokus-pokus one would need to know to trust their whole family on it.

Matter of fact this board has quite interesting technologies used, but it’s a pity Xterra hasn’t featured any of that on their home page. Have a look around on the web to find out more!

  • 15′ x 56″ x 8″
  • Weight – 66lbs

Available at – Xterraboards.com


10. Yolo Grande

Grande Multi-Person Inflatable

MSRP: $2,995
> YoloBoard.com/

The second most expensive board is the Yolo Grande. It is a big paddle board that holds up to 6-8 paddlers on a one go. Unlike most other boards in this list, you can actually get a fair bit of exercise done on the board, and use it as it is first designed for – paddling.

Besides maneuverability, its got a nice design, lightweight yet marine-grade durability, making it a choice to consider for many. We wish it had a little more information we could feature here, but again, have a look around the web to find out more!

  • 18’6″ x 60″ x 8″

Available at – YoloBoard.com



This review is a perfect example of why we like the whole inflatable industry. You can get so much versatility and fun from such a compact product. This is a field where no rigid/hard paddle board could compete on.

We’ll try to update this post as frequently as possible so keep updated!


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