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Best Kids’ Paddle Boards of 2022

The need for kids-specific paddle boards has increased rapidly, therefore we are lucky to be introduced to a nice variety of both inflatable and rigid SUPs online.

The average price for an inflatable kids’ paddleboard varies from 300 to 600 dollars which can get you a great mid-range bundle. While you   CAN GET  a cheaper board, we wouldn’t recommend anything below the $200 mark.

In this review, we have selected the best kids’ paddleboards by the best feedback and ratings online, suitable for both beginner and recreational paddlers alike.

Adults’ vs kids’ paddleboards

At first, it is obviously the length and width of the board. While an average paddleboard for adults is 10’6″ tall, 32″ wide, and 6″ thick that holds up to around 250-300lbs – kids inflatable paddle boards are below 8′ in length and 4′ thick. The width stays around 30″ for all-around types.

We know that stand-up paddleboarding can be difficult for both kids and grown-ups, hence the reason why kids’ inflatable paddle boards are slightly shorter for best stability, maneuverability, and transportation.

What are some of the best kids paddle board brands?

As the kids’ SUP boards are generally a secondary focus, there aren’t any specific brands to point out just yet. The whole iSUP industry has grown so fast that there are many great alternatives for other paddleboard brands with an extensive history.

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  • Lifevest – If the paddler is a competent swimmer there is probably no need for a life vest. But as always, it’s a bonus that adds safety and confidence to the ride.
  • Avoid the surf or windy days on open water. An inflatable paddle board is best used in lakes or in weather conditions with not too much wind.
  • When not in use, keep the board out of direct sunlight as it can expand out of its normal shape, and the UV rays can damage the board in the long run as well.

Recommended Pressure

  • 12PSI – On sunny days.
  • 15PSI – Ideal for cloudy days.
  • *Always check manufacturers’ recommendations.

paddle board with kids

The 6 Best Kids’ Inflatable Paddle Boards

1. Bote Flow Aero $449
2. WowSea $240
3. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana $205
4. DAMA Youth 10′ $240
5. THURSO SURF Prodigy Junior $399
6. Freein $219


1. Bote – Flow Aero

Made by an awesome SUP-specifc brand

bote kids paddle board inflatable bundle

MSRP: $450

  • 8′ x 30′ x 4.25″
  • Weight capacity: 100lbs
  • Weight: 17lbs

This is a perfect example of a kids’ inflatable paddleboard – it’s in the right size, reasonable price tag, and includes everything one would need to get on the water. The package includes the obvious paddleboard, a three-piece adjustable paddle, a set of fins, a pump, and a carry bag.

> Bote Boards Review

There’s also a repair kit for unseen emergencies. Although the board is made of high-quality PVC, it is still an inflatable paddle board so it is better to be safe than sorry, right? There’s also the carry handle which also works great as a center-line to find that perfect placement when standing. At 17lbs the board itself doesn’t weigh that much either for the kiddo to carry it around by themselves. Another great thing is obviously the bungee cord that can be used for storing any other accessory as well such as a life vest, or a water bottle.

*There are different kinds of kids paddle boards available at Bote’s website.

Available at –

Available at –


2. WowSea – Funny P1

Cheap and great

  • 8′ x 30” x 5″
  • Weight Capacity: 158 lbs
  • Weight: 16 lbs

A nice and cheap surfboard-shaped iSUP for kids. At 30″ wide and only 8′ long and 4’5″ thick – this is a stable board that’s stable on flat and slightly messy conditions alike. The WowSea Love has quite a high maximum pressure of 28PSI while it is recommended for 12-15PSI that is reached fast thanks to the dual-action hand pump. The whole package comes at an extremely low price tag which might question its durability, but there’s nothing to worry about since there’s a wide variety of boards at this range. 

Check Price at


3. Bestway – Hydro-Force Oceana

1,000+ ratings

bestway kids stand up paddle board

  • 9′ x 30″ x 6″
  • Capacity: 220lbs
  • Weight: 33lbs

Another awesome deal with quite a good score on Amazon – the Bestway SUP has is a slightly upgraded version of the previous SUP. There are three fins that are great for tracking a straight line, a non-slip deck is another must. It also comes with a safety leash in case one should fall off the board. There’s a carry bag, a pump, and an adjustable paddle to go along with the bundle.

The board also looks great and looking at the specs it can easily be used by adults alike, although the 30″ width is great for both kids and shorter riders, too! For $205 it is most definitely a steal so hurry before the season starts and this deal flies away. You don’t want this board to be the one that got away!

Check Price at


4. DAMA – Youth 10′

282+ ratings

dama youth kids paddle board

  • 10′ x 30″ x 4″
  • Capacity: 210 lbs
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs

DAMA paddle boards have well proved to win trust among many first-timers, and some of them who even reviewed those boards said that they would definitely buy it again, so hands down to their team. The 10′ is ideal for the youth and young ones as it is just 4″ thick and 30″ wide!

This is a rather good-quality bundle deal as it comes also with waterproof bags for a phone and other essentials one would need to protect from the elements. There are also 7x D-rings and a shoulder carry handle for the best convenience!

Check Price at


5. THURSO SURF – Prodigy Junior

Best inflatable paddle board for girls!

pink girls paddle board

  • 7’6 x 30” x 4”
  • Capacity: 165lb

This girl’s two-layer paddle board bundle includes an adjustable carbon-shaft paddle, 3 fins, a leash, and a carry-duffle bag. Notice that there is no pump Included, but the build quality of the board compensates that factor. This is the smallest and most likely one of the best kids beginners inflatable SUP to learn on.

It truly is the above-average board for kids and it shows on Amazon’s core too.

Check Price at


6. Freein’

With an Amazon score of 4.6/5, the Freein is a board that’s worth a mention due to its positive score on Amazon, and the large and user-friendly volume.

  • Size – 7’8″ x 28″ x 6″
  • Capacity – 180lbs

Great paddle board for riders under 5′ tall. The bundle has got everything to get the kids up on the water. Make sure to read more on the feedback section to find out if that’s what you’ve been looking for!

Check Price at

Is paddleboarding safe for kids?

Anyone should take caution when going paddleboarding. Both rigid and inflatable paddle boards have their dangers to the sport, and it is also better to know of some of the dangers such as:

  • Wind – A person on a SUP is basically a sail on a boat, therefore avoid going out on a windy day. Check the weather forecasts for extra safety.
  • Swell – Depending on where you are going to paddle – on a river, lake, or in the ocean – there are always some currents and swells.
  • Punctures – Inflatable paddleboards that are inflated to the recommended range are more durable than ever, but the small risk stays the same.
  • Sun – Intense sun can cause light-headedness and sunburn, therefore make sure to use UV protection and a hat on sunny days. The reflection from the water can get intense.
  • Motorized watercraft – Boats, jet skis, etc.
  • Dehydration

To conclude – Preparation is the key to safety, therefore make sure to wear a coil leash, and bring extra dry clothing or a towel with you in a waterproof bag. An extra life vest doesn’t hurt as well.

Where can you use these SUP boards?

Lakes, rivers, and the ocean – kids paddle boards are best suited for slow-moving and flat water. Although there are around 13 different types available, most of those boards are best for all-around riding.

Can you surf with a kids’ paddle board?

Any type of paddle board is capable to surf small to medium-sized waves, both inflatable and rigid. An adult’s surf sup is characterized by 9′ length with a sharp nose and about 30″ width.

How much is an average kid’s paddle board?

Inflatable paddle boards cost as low as $200 for inflatable bundles and $700 for rigid SUPs.


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