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14 Best Inflatable Paddle Board Brands

Down below we are going to highlight some of the few iSUP brands that specialize in making of iSUPs only.

The 14 best inflatable SUP brands – No hardboards, no modular boards, no epoxy, no fiberglass boards – just the grand iSUP.

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We decided to list the brands  NOT  by the advancements of technologies and higher price tags, but by the total number of different SUPs in their listing.



1. Aqua Marina


One of the most favored and popular brands on the iSUP market – Aqua Marina. Specialized in the making of inflatable paddle boards only – the brand has a bunch of boards for all the possible occasions. Besides SUPs, their dedication to the inflatable market is quite wide – inflatable boats, kayaks, and all kinds of accessories to make your life by the water more accessible.

Aqua Marina is most definitely on of the top three inflatable SUP brands on the market.

aqua marina sup

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Inflatable boats, kayaks
  • Accessories

Aqua Marina inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 8’0″ / 8’8″ / 9’6″ / 9’10” / 10’2″ / 10’4″ / 10’6″ / 10’10” / 11’0″ / 11’2″ / 11’6″ / 12’0″ / 12’2″ / 12’6″ / 14’0″ / 18’1″ / 22″0″
  • TYPES – Race, Kids’, Yoga, All-Around, Tandem, Multi-person, Fishing, Surfing, Whitewater, Touring




2. RED SUP Paddle Co


RED is the name in the game. The UK brand has put out a great number of mid-range and high-end iSUPs since 2008. Their in-house boards are well favored all around the world by their innovation, longevity and though-out and tested technologies.

If you are after a board to maximize your performance, or simply after one of the top models on the market – RED is definitely someone who’s got you covered.

red paddle co website

RED inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 8’10” / 9’4″ / 9’6″ / 9’8″ / 10’6″ / 10’6″ / 10’7″ / 10’8″ / 11’0″ / 11’3″ / 12’0″ / 12’6″ / 13’2″ / 14’0″ / 15’0″ / 17’0″ / 22’0″
  • TYPES – All-round, Touring, Yoga, Racing, Multi-person, Race, Tandem




3. Hala Gear


What makes Hala Gear one of the top inflatable paddle board brands is their dedication for both recreation and fitness boards. You’ll find mid-range SUPs with plenty of technology packed in their somewhat overlook boards. Available in only 9 sizes – for surfing, whitewater, fishing and racing – there’s something good for the active bunch.

hala gear sup website

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Paddles
  • Accessories

Hala inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 6’11” / 7’11” / 8’6″ / 9’6″ / 10′ / 10’6″ / 10’10” / 11′ / 11’3″
  • TYPES – Whitewater, All-water, Touring, Race, Whitewater, Yoga, Fishing, Family, Surf, Whitewater surf




4. NRS


Rafts, tubes, SUPs, and kayaks – all inflatable, and all at an affordable price tag.

NRS is a brand you can definitely count your money on. Once a SUP brand has designed a bunch of fishing and racing SUP‘s, there’s plenty of in-house technology also used on their touring and all-around boards. Since they have basically put out a large number of air-filled products for the beginner and intermediate users – they’ve got more than you could expect.

sup nrs website

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • ISUP gear
  • Whitewater kayaks & full gear
  • Whitewater rafts & full gear
  • Camping gear
  • Fishing gear

NRS inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 7’8″ / 8’4″ / 9’2″ / 9’10” / 10’2″ / 10’3″ / 10’4″ / 10’6″ / 10’8″ / 11’6″ / 12’6″ / 14′
  • TYPES – All around, Touring, Race, Youth, Fishing




5. SOL


When it comes to whitewater paddleboarding, SOL is most definitely the brand you should know. Distinguishable by their vibrant colors – yellow/red/green, there’s actually much more serious going on the technology department. Since their main focus is to design boards to withstand extreme conditions, you’ll find above-average boards for all kinds of leisurely activities as well.

sol sups

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Inflatable ka

SOL inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 5’5″ / 6’6″ / 8’6″ / 9’6″ / 10′ / 10’7″ / 11’4″ / 15’6″
  • TYPES – Youth, Whitewater, All-around, Multi-person, Touring




6. Body Glove


Body Glove might not be one of top-rated inflatable paddle board brands due to their leisurely mid-range boards, but they sure are one of the oldest names in the game! Started out in 1953 by producing the very first surf wetsuits, (Yes, even before O’Neill!)

Their current range is focused on the recreational bunch – multi-person boards, touring, all-around and even the 2in1 stand-up kayak is well represented. We are more than excited to see what their upcoming range in 2023!

body glove website

  • Inflatable paddleboards

Body Glove inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 8′ / 9’6″ / 10′ / 10’6″ / 10’8″ / 11′ / 15′
  • TYPES – Touring, All-around, Stand-up Kayak, Kids’, Multi-person




7. Bluefin


Sold in the USA, Europe and Australia – Bluefin offers a bunch of decent SUPs and all at a reasonable price tag.

What sets them apart from others is advanced all-around class and a few fitness boards, all packed with plenty of technology and a reasonable price tag.

bluefin sup website

  • Inflatable paddleboards

Bluefin inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 10’8″ / 10’10” / 12′ / 14′ / 15′ / 18′
  • TYPES – All-around, Advanced all-around, Touring, Yoga, Mega, Fitness




8. Thurso Surf


You don’t need to make the top product to become a part of the best brands of inflatable paddle boards. Often it is difficult to find a simple solution – and Thurso Surf has happened to do that. Their range of 5 different purpose boards make a great choice for those who are after a brand that makes iSUPs only.

Since they are a rather new company, started out in 2016 – we are most likely going to see more interesting creations by them. Stay tuned and remember the name!

thurso surf website

  • Inflatable paddleboards




9. Xterra


Xterra started out making kickass performance wetsuits, and now they’ve gone over to the SUP world as well. Their range consists of a few boards, but we are more likely going to see surf SUPs by them anytime soon. If you are looking for a SUP board by a brand that’s well-known in the surf community – Xterra is definitely the choice to consider.

xterra sup boards

  • Inflatable paddleboards

Xterra inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 10′ / 10’4″ / 11′ / 12’6″ / 15′
  • TYPES – Multi-person, All-around, Touring, Yoga




10. Nixy


With only four sizes and five disciplines on Nixy’s range – there’s actually more than enough for the beginner and intermediate user. Most popular ranges and types are represented, and the favorite part – Nixy is a iSUP-specific brand that offers everything to go with the one of the most rewarding recreations out there.

nixy sports website

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Paddles
  • Accessories

Nixy inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 9’6″ / 10’6″ / 11’6″ / 12’6″
  • TYPES – All-around, Yoga, Touring, Cruising, Compact




11. Gili


Although Gili headquarters are basically based out in the desert – Las Vegas, Nevada, their brand name is inspired by the Gili Islands in the Indonesia. What a mixture!

Sold all over the world for recreational paddlers – Gili SUPs range can take you touring, fishing, cruising or an adventurous paddling trip with a partner.

gili sport website

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Paddles
  • Accessories & apparel

Gili inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 10’6″ / 12′ / 15′
  • TYPES – Touring, All-Around, Multi-person, Adventure




12. AquaGlide


Waterpark specialist AquaGlide has three SUP disciplines on their list. No more explanation needed.

Focused towards the recreational users – AquaGlide is definitely one of the inflatable paddle board brands to consider when you’re into touring, fishing or all-around paddling.

aquaglide website

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Inflatable kayaks
  • Waterpark equipment

Aqua Glide inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 10’0″ / 11’0″ / 12’6″
  • TYPES – All-around, Fishing, Touring




13. Connely


Another brand that should be on the top of this post – Connelly has been around since 1965. More known by their wakesport, towables and skis – they’ve taken their first steps on the iSUP market by putting out two SUPs in two sizes.

Probably not aimed for the masses – Connelly is a name that goes from word to mouth. Premium brand, mid-range boards.

connely website

  • Inflatable paddleboards

Connelly inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 10’4″ / 10’6″
  • TYPES – All-around, SUP/Kayak




14. Atoll


Lastly, Atoll is a brand with only one board in their list – a choice for those who are after a brand that’s got a buffalo standing on SUP board. That’s kind of a statement for sure.

atoll inflatable SUPs

  • Inflatable paddleboards
  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Gear

Atoll inflatable paddleboards

  • SIZES – 11′
  • TYPES – All-around



To conclude

Why do we want to highlight iSUP-specific brands?

We are big believers that those niche-orientated SUP brands offer a more personalized touch for the specific market. Since their main focus is on creating an air-filled board – you’ll often see some interesting features, and many inventions that go unnoticed by brands that mainly make hardboards.


Are iSUP-specific brands better than other SUP brands?

Most likely not as some of the best SUP brands have been around for far too long. Bigger and older SUP brands have quite the experience whereas they haven’t set their full focus on the inflatables. Although the riding feel is about the same for the recreational user – it’s the small details that make up the bigger picture.




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