Best Hybrid Surfboards

Hybrid surfboards are the corner-stone of every surfer’s quiver. The mixture of both worlds allows us to enjoy the widest variety of conditions, that’s why hybrid surfboards have been among the best-selling on the market or ages.

surfer surfing a super nice wave
The hybrid surfboard can be used both for performance and fun

Reasons To Get a Hybrid Surfboard:

    • Great for various conditions
    • Perfect one-for-all surfboard
    • Different mixtures of types to suit your needs

Hybrid Surfboard Is Characterized By

  • Flatter bottom curvature for early take-offs
  • Easy paddling
  • Plenty of volume
  • Round shape for a relaxed ride

What Size Hybrid Surfboard to Choose?

Refer to the volume recommendation charts down below!

Epoxy or Fiberglass?

  • Epoxy boards – Light, fast, durable, not as prone to dings & dents.
  • Fiberglass surfboards – Better stability and hold in windy/messy conditions. Heavier, thus having a preferred ‘feel’ to the ride. Traditional surfboard material.

Different types of hybrid surfing boards:

  • Fish-tail hybrid – Inspired by Fish surfboards. Great for early take-offs and can handle sharper turns. Semi-performance.
  • Mid-length – Generally ranging from 7′ to 9′ in length, best for mushy & fat conditions. Easy paddling.
  • Funboards – Mixture of various different types of boards that make up a great all-rounder board. Generally more round in shape.

Single, twin, thruster, quad or 5fin hybrid?

  1. Single fin -Longboard style, groovy riding
  2. Twin fin – Original Fish surfboard style – snappy yet light characteristics on smaller boards
  3. Three fin – Thruster, the most used setting on funboards, hybrids and shortboard. Traditional choice.
  4. Quad – Super stable and allows to carve and cruise.
  5. Five fin – Performance-driven, hardly seen on hybrid boards.


Best Hybrid Surfboards of 2021

1. ..Lost Surfboards – Party Crasher $775
2. Solid Surf Co – Pescador $750
3. Torq – Al Merrick X Lite Pod Mod $520
4. SALTY GYPSY – Mid Tide $625
5. KONA – Everyday $600
6. Mod Fun 7’6″ TET-CS $470
7. Ron Jon – 7′ 6″ Veneer $449
8. Ron Jon – 7′ Planet 9 Wide $399
9. Lib Tech – Pickup Stick $750
10. Solid Surf Co – EZ Street $745
11. NSP Elements – Fish $389
12. Catch Surf – Lost Crowd Killer $425


1. ..Lost Surfboards – Party Crasher Funboard

MSRP $775 Jacks Surfboards

The Party Crasher comes in 8 different sizes from 6’0″ to 7’0″ making it an ideal hybrid surfboard for performance-orientated surfers. With a quad/twin fin set-up and a performance shortboard outlines, this board makes an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to have fun on all sorts of waves – whether they are small, big, fast, or slow – the Party Crasher has superb maneuverability, speed and anything else you’d expect from a board made by Lost surfboards.

Note, this is a high-quality hybrid surfboard that’s not as suitable for beginners, instead, it is a perfect one-for-all surfboard for intermediate and advanced surfers alike.

Availability >

Jacks Surfboards


2. Solid Surf Co – Pescador

Solid Surf Co Pescador hybrid Surfboard

MSRP $750

Considering the fact that the process of making an actual surfboard and wetsuit is actually really very unclean for the environment, this is a new-era approach to surfboards. The first quad-fin set-up surfboard in this list has exactly 50% of the world borrowed from longboards, and 50% from shortboards which means that the board works great with any level of surfer and any possible rideable condition out there.

Eco-friendly BIOflex Construction

Made of:

  • Basalt
  • Organic Hemp
  • Recycled Poly
  • Organic Cotton
  • Steam-Blown EPS
  • Plant-Based Resin

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3. Torq – Al Merrick X Lite Pod Mod 5’10”

MSRP $519 Wnd’n’Wvs

You can tell that this board makes a groovy ride on most conditions by simply looking at the outlines. The Pod Mod is great for beginner and intermediate surfers who are looking for a board that works well on slow and small waves but can be carved on more demanding conditions. The round shape with a fishtail is something that makes it forgiving for inexperienced surfers as well.

Easy paddling, plenty of volume

Experienced surfers ride this board 3”- 6” shorter than their height. Although this is below average in length, it can be used on such various conditions making it an ideal hybrid surfboard to buy online.

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4. SALTY GYPSY – Mid Tide

Salt Gypsy - Mid Tide Surfboard - Mustard

MSRP $625 – $665 BackCountry

A mid-length cruiser that works on most conditions. With a pintail, round nose, thruster set-up, and the size range (6’4″ to 7’4″) the Mid Tide is a surfboard designed for mainly female surfers. The board feels light and groovy, an ideal kick-back, chill-out for surfers who are not performance-orientated surfers. What’s great that it comes with a 7″ single, and two FCS II performance fins.


6’4″ x 21″ x 2 1/2 – @37L
6’8″ x 21.25″ x 2 5/8 – @ 41L
7′ x 21.5″ x 2 3/4 – @46L
7’4″ x 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 – @51L

Availability >



5. KONA – Everyday

Everyday Surfboard in Clear

MSRP $600 KonaSurfCo

Another pearl by Kona, who keeps surprising by their super nice looking boards with a reasonable price tag. Especially when it comes with fins and a leash! For $600 there more than enough of a board for beginner to expert surfers. Look, if you are starting out – this is a super nice board to have on a quiver as there’ll be days where you’d just like to take out that cruisy board and enjoy those more relaxed waves.

Midlength hybrid for mellower waves

Squash tail and mid-rocker make it a perfect tool for anyone who’s into longboarding. There’s plenty of features and technology in the board that gives enough confidence for surfers of all levels

Availability >

Kona Surf Co


6. Mod Fun 7’6″ TET-CS

white surfboard with a carbon srtinger

MSRP $470 Wnd’n’Wvs

This is your typical hybrid for beginner surfers who are still ‘learning the trade’ and need a board that would allow them to catch plenty of waves. As it comes in one size only – it is better for bigger guys as it can hold up to 220lb surfer. But, it can be too much to handle for a total beginner weighing under 180 lb. Although this is a rather light board, there’s still plenty of volume to work on super small waves, and paddle early for quite big waves when feeling confident.

Great for bigger surfers

Plenty of rocker and round design makes it a board you can’t go wrong with. Great for beginners or for intermediate surfers who are looking board to go into a bit bigger and fatter waves where you can ride the wave 5-10 seconds before you’ll notice shortboarders looking for their turn.

  • UD Carbon Strip on the base and deck for added strength while allowing the necessary torsional flex
  • Futures Fins Included
  • Length: 7’6″ Width: 21.5″ Thickness: 2 7/8 Volume: 52.4L
  • Suggested Maximum Rider Weight: 220lbs

Availability >



7. Ron Jon – 7′ 6″ Veneer Surfboard

black Ron Jon 7' 6" Veneer hybrid Surfboard

MSRP$449 Ron Jon Surf Shop

This board looks more like something you’d hang on a wall, not go surfing with. Although this board is shaped for nothing else but fun, I’d still put it on a wall – it just looks so good. Recommended for surfers up to 200lbs – it can be your one-for-all board if you are Around 190-200lb and looking for a cruisy board for slower and fat waves.

Piece of art

Although there are some elements borrowed from performance longboards, such as the pulled-in nose and thruster set-up, it’s still a hybrid that works on most conditions out there.

It will deliver in almost all types of surf and conditions. Down railed for speed and a pulled-in nose for easy take-offs on strong offshore days. Great for travel.

  • FCS II removable tri-fin system with a “Performer Starter” fin set
  • 7’6″ x 22-11/16″ x 2-15/16″

Availability >

Ron Jon


8. Ron Jon – 7′ Planet 9 Wide

Ron Jon 7' Planet 9 Wide Funboard Surfboard

MSRP $399 Ron Jon Surf Shop

This is a board that has to work on most conditions, if it doesn’t – there must be something going on. Shortboard inspired midlength funboard for that cheap, and new, wow. It’s got a funky design, again, looks like something you’d hang on a wall but hey – it can be a great hybrid for an occasional surfer who is into sports and is looking to step up their game in the future.

Great for anyone under 200 lb, it’s another hard-to-miss all-inclusive deal by Ron Jon that could be delivered to your door.

  • FCS II Thruster set-up with fins included
  • 7′ x 22-1/4 x 2-3/4 @ 48L

Availability >

Ron Jon


9. Lib Tech – Pickup Stick

Lib Tech Pickup Stick hybrid Surfboard

MSRP from $750

Lib Tech is a snowboard brand that has also shown great dedication to surfing, especially through its elements of technology. It’s got a 5-fin set-up, meaning that you can tune the performance up to a fine degree, and a pintail at a rather flat rocker – meaning you can paddle easy and early for those fat waves where you need that little bit of extra push.

Carbon composite stringer for a lively torsional flex

MBC – Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction – Which blends the best characteristics of epoxy and magnesium with the carbon composite stringer give you the sum you’d really want to get hit within the water. It’s a technological advancement compared to most other classical surfboards out there! It can ride fast and come up with a totally different style of riding. It should be pretty light and snappy with quite a durable construction!

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10. Solid Surf Co – EZ Street

Solid Surf Co EZ Street Surfboard five fin

MSRP $745
Another eco-friendly alternative to traditional surfboards – this time a longboard-focused surfboard with all the imaginable fun you can imagine. The board performs as nice as it looks on those high-tide fat waves where most shortboarders have given up.
  • 7’6″ – Great all-rounder for under 180lb riders – female surfers
  • 7’8″ – 180lb
  • 7’10” – 190lb+ surfers

Choose either a single fin or a quad – there’s plenty of customization to do regards performance. This is a great deal as even the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Availability >



11. NSP Elements – Fish

nsp elements fish surfboard

MSRP $389

Comes in three different designs, or colors – the NSP Fish is yet another popular surfboard you can buy online. There are more similar boards by the NSP you should look into, as they do perform well for that kind of money. NSP in general has a large variety of different boards to choose from.

Ideal for 1-6ft waves

Fishtail and a round pulled in nose offer two of the different worlds when it comes to riding styles.

Availability >



12. Catch Surf – Lost Crowd Killer

MSRP $425 Wnd’n’Wvs

Own your local spot or piss off locals with this wave catching Crowd Killing machine!

7’2” x 21.75” x 3.0” @ 53L
Shape by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, the

  • Relaxed & fast central rocker
  • Round tail with tri-fin setup (Fins included)
  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
  • Durable HDPE Bottom with Bumper-Tail
  • Hi-Performance Removable Fin System with Leash Plug

Availability >


Size Recommendation

190lb surfer
Advanced = 30L (+/- 3L)
Intermediate  = 34L (+/- 5L)
Beginner = 52L (+/- 10L)



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