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11 Best Fishing SUP Brands

Down below we’ll overview some of the best fishing SUP brands that have taken a bold responsibility to provide an alternative for boats and kayaks.

Although paddleboarding is quite new, it is a rapidly growing field for many good reasons. In terms of fishing – stand up paddleboards offer an ideal alternative for small boats (with trailers) and kayaks alike. There’s also a decent selection of both inflatable and rigid boards available by a numerous great SUP brands out there.

Anyway, we’ve done the research for you and brought out a selection of some of the more known brands – have a look!




#1 Bote

2009 – Destin, Florida

Widest selection of boards for anglers

bote fishing sups


Bote offers premium fishing SUPs in both solid and inflatable forms. They also have one of the largest selections of sizes, designs, and accessories to choose from. Definitely number one on this list due to the number of features, selection, and value.

Solid Fishing SUPs by Bote

  • Gatorshell
  • HD
  • Rackham

Inflatable Fishing SUPs by Bote

  • HD Aero
  • Flood Aero
  • Traveller Aero

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#2 Dragonfly

1950s – Florida

Handmade – Premium Choice!

dragonfly website

A choice for those who don’t really want to give up the idea of owning a boat, or at least a premium vessel that glides like a dream. Every aspect of the Dragonfly standup paddleboards is very well thought out for a specific reason – every curve, material, fin size, and more. Available in sizes and features that have stayed as favorites, Dragonfly is definitely a brand every paddleboard angler should be aware of. Once you have owned a bunch of boards and are looking for THE ONE to create memories and “collect luck” onboard – this is the right investment for sure.


10’0″ / 11’6″ / 13’6″



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#3 BadFish

2009 – Colorado, US

badfish fishing boards

With two boards and the word “fish” in their brand name – BadFish is definitely one of the best fishing SUP brands on this list. At just over the thousand-dollar mark, you’ll find two great inflatable paddle boards – the BadFisher and Wayfarer that are ideal fishing platforms for anyone. The brand also offers a 3-year warranty against defects, patented features, and many more conveniences to go make your chances of reeling that fish on board comfortable.


11’6” x 31″ x 5.6″


11’ 6” x 36” x 6”

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#4 AquaGlide

1995 – Bend, Oregon

aquaglide fishing sups

Around the thousand-dollar mark, AquaGlide has only all-around, fishing and touring on their fleet. That is quite a specific selection that speaks for the brand. The Blackfoot Angler 11′ looks more like a hunting paddle board than a fishing SUP, but it’s got the tech-spec to pack up the sturdy look.

Blackfoot Angler

11’0″ x 36″ x 6″
Weight: 29lbs / 2year warranty / 450lb capacity

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#5 Aqua Marina

1991 – Shanghai, China

aqua marina sups

Founded in 1991, Shanghai China – Aqua Marina is one of the biggest SUP brands by the total number of board types and sizes. Their current range consists of 1 fishing board which has got some nice features and extras. Definitely worth consideration if you are looking for a board that’s widely used all around the world.

Drift 10’10” (Inflatable)

> VISIT Aqua Marina




#6 NRS

1972 – Moscow, Idaho

nrs fishing sups

NRS is another known brand in the SUP league. Their Osprey and Heron boards are mid to high-end with plenty to offer. Both boards share many features borrowed from touring boards, yet made for angling – moving around the board and casting to each direction freely. Their Heron is quite noticeable by the 8″ dual side chambers that act like outriggers, creating an extremely stable platform for fishing. Heron also features three accessory mounts, bow and stern bungee deck rigging plus bow and stern daisy-chain rigging.


10′ 8″ L x 36″ W x 6″ D
34 lbs / 370 liters / 100-275 lbs / 20 PSI


11’0″ x
30 lbs / 326 liters





#7 High Society Freeride

2003 – Aspen, Colorado

highsociety fishing paddleboard

High Society definitely deserves to be on this list mainly because they produce two board types only, and fishing is one of them. The Shadowcaster is also one of the widest boards that’s out there!


11’0″ x 44″ x 6″
Weight: 32lbs / Package weight: 52.5lbs / Max capacity: 400lbs

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#8 Pau Hana

2006 – Santa Clarita, California

pau hana fishing sups

Pau Hana is a premium brand with super nice solid and inflatable boards on their fleet. Their brand has come up with some super awesome boards like the SUP/Kayak with a see-through window and SUP for Digital Nomads. They also have the 15′ Bimini multi-person SUP that has an outboard engine mount on the rear!

Big EZ Angler

11’0″ x 36″ x 5″
Max weight 366lbs / 260L

> VISIT Pau Hana




#9 Tahoe

2008 – Lake Tahoe / Nevada California

tahoe fishing sups

Tahoe is another premium selection with two catamaran-type fishing iSUPs. Mid to high-end boards that offer plenty of customization from rod-, cup- and cell phone holders to a full transom motor mount. The catamaran hull offers extra stability and decent glide even when loaded to max capacity (which is 500 lbs!)

Weighing in at 40 pounds, Tahoma and Fish Stalker are an ideal choice for families who are looking for a compact board for their travels.

Tahoma (Inflatable)

11’0″ x 34″

Fish Stalker (Inflatable)

12’0″ x 38″

> VISIT Tahoe




#10 Glide

2008 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Awesome value!

glide fishing paddleboards


With only one board for anglers by Glide SUP – the O2 is still a decent board with a lot to offer. Single fin with an ultra-wide outline is ideal for touring on choppy seas or fishing at your special secret spots. At well under a thousand dollars you’ll get a nice-looking board with pretty realistic wood imitation, a decent pump, paddle, and all that to fit into a large backpack. It costs about as much to get an average boat maintained for the season, filled up with petrol and all the other unseen expenses. Save more money for lures and get a solid workout in the most affordable possible way.


11’0″ x 36″ x 6″
Volume – 400L / Capacity – 500lbs
25PSI rating

> VISIT Glide




#11 Hala Gear

2011 – Yampa River, Colorado

hala gear fishing boards

Founded in 2011 by the Yampa River in Colorado, Hala has a broad range of both inflatable and solid boards available. For fishermen – Hala Gear has a selection of slightly larger touring boards that they recommend for fishing. Although not specifically designed for anglers, one can still use the larger platform to store the gear and expect a stable vessel ideal for flat and moderate conditions.


10’10” x 35″ x 6″


10′ X 33″ X 6″


10’6″ x 34″ x 6″

> VISIT Hala Gear




Fishing paddleboard vs kayak

  • You can stand up and change position faster
  • Full access to the gear
  • You can lie down on the board and let your feet soak in the water
  • There are inflatable fishing SUPs available (no need for roof racks)
  • Easier to launch

Fishing SUP vs boat

  • Quiet
  • Way cheaper
  • No need for a trailer
  • No extra maintenance costs
  • No need to have more people on board to catch your fish
  • Easier to launch

Touring vs Fishing SUP

These two board types share more similarities in their outline and build quality, yet a few differences in terms of special features suitable for each occasion. While touring boards have a slightly smaller width, they excel better in longer distances by having a better


The selection of brands is based on the 44 Best SUP Brands post.


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