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10 Best Electric Paddleboard Brands

Electric gadgets have made a big leap in the past decade – and the slowly booming paddleboard industry has grabbed its stake as well.

For those who might not be as aware of the point of adding an electric motor to a seemingly relaxing silent sport – it is the assistance needed in windy or rough conditions to lure in new people.

Anyway, down below we are going to overlook some of the best electric SUP paddleboard brands on the market. If you are interested to read more about the different types of electric paddleboards – go check out our Electric Paddleboard 101 Guide.

The 10 Best Electric SUP Brands

  • Scubajet
  • Bixpy
  • Sipaboards
  • Aqua Marina’s BlueDive
  • Jobe
  • Torque
  • Onean
  • E-Propulsion
  • Wavejet
  • Current Drives




The Scubajet brand started out making diving instruments for – yes, you guessed it, for scuba divers. As an important difference – they claim to make the world’s smallest & most versatile water jet systems on the market.

Their main product – the Scubajet, is designed for freedivers to reach deeper depths and glide through the deep blue with speeds up to 6ft p/s. Everything’s controlled by a handheld smart gadget that you can wear on your wrist, or place it on the paddle. By today, they have carried their technology over to kayaking and paddleboarding as well.

scubajet for paddle boards

One device, multiple uses

Their overwater Rudder Scubajet kit for SUPs is controlled by a wristwatch, making it surprisingly convenient for paddleboarders in need. With speeds from 5 to 7ft per second and battery runtimes from 1h up to 4 hours, there’s a lot more going on for the brand that’s worth checking out.

  • 500W Power | fully airline-compliant
  • 1000W Power | non-airline-compliant
  • Prices starting: 2,000USD

Conclusions: ScubaJet is a premium brand with quite innovative solutions that every true waterman and water woman should know of. They are doing the right thing for the right purpose, which means we are definitely going to discover more of their features in the future.

VISIT ScubaJet.com





Bixpy is an expert in the battery-powered watercraft industry. Their main focus is on kayakers and outboard engines, battery packs, and even solar chargers which makes them a throughout brand worth mentioning.

bixpy jet propelled engine

Designed and optimized for personal water propulsion and small watercrafts such as kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and etc.

The prices for their jet-propelled motors start as low as $649 for the engine and only $1,199 for the whole kit. There’s a variety of spare parts and related information to be found. Definitely worth checking out. As an extra – they also offer a 2-extra-year warranty on their 1-year warranty for only $2oo!

VISIT Bixpy.com





Sipa claims to be the first electric paddleboard maker on the market, and as an exception to almost all other brands on this list – they make the board and the motor all by themselves!

These two statements put a lot of expectations that we can actually trust. Any extra element outside the board changes the board’s outline and character – but luckily the engineers in Sipa know what they are doing. They are not just putting an engine to a SUP – they’ve created the paddleboard around the motor.

sipa sup boards

Four electric paddleboards!

Their inflatable jet-powered paddleboard is indeed built for the ultimate ride as they claim. Besides battery-powered standup paddleboards, they have also a range of self-inflating boards – the Neo Air, Cruiser Air, All-Rounder Air, and Balance Air.

  • E-Drive series (Battery-powered)
  • Self-inflating system (Air-series boards)
  • Starting from: $1,990

Their current range of electric paddleboards consists of All-Around Drive (11′ x 35.4″ x 6″), Neo Drive (11′ x 30″ x 6″), Tourer Drive (12′ x 32″ x 6″), Fisherman Drive (11′ x 35.4″ x 6″).

VISIT SIPAboards.com




Aqua Marina’s BlueDive

Aqua Marina is featured in almost all of our SUP Brands reviews. They make one of the widest variety of types and sizes for the widest variety of SUPs. When speaking of electric, battery-powered paddleboards, they have also made a brave step with their BlueDive water propulsion device.

aquamarina bluedrive system

Fits almost all watercraft that have a fin box – it’s there to help paddlers on longer trips or rough conditions. Their BlueDrive S system is featured with an automatic shut-off leash for extra convenience.

  • Speeds – up to 6km/h
  • Weight – 6kg
  • Battery runtime – Up to 1 hour
  • 240W motor
  • 11.1V 8.8Ah – 97Wh battery
  • Allowed to carry on airplanes

Head over to their website to check out the video reviews and more.

VISIT AquaMarina.com





Jobe offers a 3-year warranty on their integrated electric motor that can also be used as an inflator.

jobe sup

Their nearly forty-pound 11’6″ E-Duna inflatable electric paddle board has an integrated motor and battery, which can both be removed for regular use. The €2,500 bundle also features a 3-piece carbon paddle, a 3-speed motor with a remote controller, and a self-inflating system. We couldn’t find extra information regards the motor on battery specs, but there are some good overviewing video reviews on their site worth checking out.

VISIT JobeSports.com





Gold Coast-based Australian brand is serious about tech. Torque has a series of electric paddleboards for fishing and all-around touring.

torque jet powered paddleboards

  • Top speeds of 6 to 11km/h
  • Weight with battery 27.2kg (19kg w/a)
  • Volume 407L
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Average battery range: 2 hours (1km/h at full speed, 5 hours at lowest speed)

VISIT TorqueJETboards.com





Motorized surfboards and jet boards, Onean is not specifically an e-SUP manufacturer, but they do offer something next level that’s in a similar field. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the world of paddle boards, Onean is definitely a premium brand to bookmark. Hopefully, sooner or later, we are expecting to see an electric SUP by them!

onean sup

VISIT onean.com





A world-renowned brand that has firmly set its foot on the outboard engine market has finally offered a great solution for paddleboarders.

vaquita by epropulsion

Their lightweight fin-kit style has two fin box adapters (US fin / SUP fin) and a universal adapter that takes no more than 2 minutes to install. With 8 speeds (unlike the 3-speed for most brands) and a safety leash to stop the motor – their one and only model Vaquita has a lot to offer. An interesting read for sure.

  • Ride time from 70min at full speed to 5 hours at an average speed
  • 4kg
  • 8-speeds
  • 4-LED battery indicator
  • 324Wh battery

VISIT E-Propulsion





Electric surfboards, electric kayaks, electric paddleboards – Wavejet is specialized in their specific field.

wavejet website

WaveJet Propulsion system can also be found on Pau Hana boards – the famous premium SUP maker with some awesome innovative solutions in their list. Wavejet also builds their own boards from the ground up.

  • Electric surfboards
  • Electric kayaks
  • Electric paddleboards – Starting from $4,199

VISIT wavejet.com




Current Drives

Current Drives is a SUP manufacturer with some electric boards in their list. Their Electrfin propeller-powered paddle board is definitely worth mentioning thanks to its low price and easy use.

currentdrives electric paddle boards

Although not the most advanced, the Electrafin system works great on

  • Electrafin
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • Safety rings for extra protection

VISIT CurrentDrives.com




What else?

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