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Best Electric Paddle Board Pumps

Most cheap inflatable paddle boards these days come with a pretty basic pump. Sure, it does the trick and works as a slight pre-paddling workout, but its time, convenience and energy why frequent paddle boarders turn for electric pumps.

  • Multiple boards.
  • Inflatable docks & kayaks.
  • Save on time & energy.
  • Can be used for other inflatables at home, or on the weekend by the water.

Electric Paddle Board Pump = Electric Air Pump

Sure, a manual pump is easy to use, and you can basically use it anywhere you want (non-electric), but it is the time and energy most people choose to get an electric pump, specially designed for paddle boards and inflatables.

First and foremost, you can save a bunch of time and energy by inflating the paddle board with an electric pump designed for. It is convenient to use, and it allows you to prepare for the trip  The pump comes real handy when you are going head out for the weekend, and need something else to inflate on the way – whether its the sleep mattress, two person paddleboard, inflatable docks, kayaks, etc.

An electric pump comes really useful when paddle boarding has become a serious hobby of yours, and you’d really like to save that precious time and energy for SUPing.

What to look for?

  • 12V/220V inlet
  • Auto-Off feature
    Prevents the pump overinflating
  • Cooling system
    Useful when there’s more than one board to be inflated
  • Inflation & deflation
    Getting the air out is another crucial part to roll up the board neatly!

Safety & Precautions

  • Leave the car running while inflating to save the battery.
  • Make sure the pump gets cooled down properly at fresh air
  • It’s not a bad idea to bring a manual pump with you, just in case!


The Best Electric Pumps down below are ideal for –

Inflatable Paddle Boards  //  Inflatable Boats  //  Inflatable Kayaks  //  Mattresses  //  Swim Platforms




Score 4.4 / 5 out of 2,000+ ratings

outdoormaster inflatable electric pump

The Outdoor Master electric pump has become the pump to look up. It has the best ratings in the world of inflatable paddle board electric pumps. Its got all the features and wattage to totally get your inflatables to the right . This board allows to pump up to 3 paddle boards in a row, 20PSI (which is not recommended) per board!

  • Active cooling system
  • Dual-stage & auto-off
  • Full nozzle set
  • Digital display
  • Pressure monitoring

The pump can work at the first stadium at a maximum speed of 350L per minute, and finish off the second stage at 70L per minute. After that, the pump automatically shuts down. We’d recommend looking into the reviews to get a better idea of the pump!


 “Good for two boards. Best for one only. 15 min fill time.
Great for SUPs
works great!

Check Price at Amazon.com


Advanced Elements – 12 Volt Electric Pump

12v electric air pump

MSRP: $28
REI Co-op

This cheap and rather basic electric pump is quite a useful tool to chuck in the trunk and bring it with you on a camping trip. It doesn’t cost much and ticks the rather basic boxes, but if used properly, it can be a lifesaver when needed. It is powered by the 12V DV outlet and comes with three different size nozzles. It can be used both for inflation and deflation.

Available at – REI.com


SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor

Score – 4.2/5 out of 1,600 ratings

serenelife electric air pump

SereneLife is a well-known SUP brand known for its inflatable paddleboards and accessories to go along with it. This pump has become an obvious favorite at its price range, and there are more than enough ratings and feedback to rely on.

  • Preset PSI
  • Auto shut-off
  • Detachable air hose
  • Digital display & multi-unit
  • Max pressure: 16PSI
  • 12V DC Car Connection


Check Price at Amazon.com




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